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La base de Nellis (Nevada) será la demo de Fighterops


Este desarrollo, del que venimos hablando desde que G2 Interactive rompiera su acuerdo con Ubi Soft para publicar el fallido Falcon 4 Gold, se encuentra en una fase de desarrollo desconocida, ya que no se ha publicado ni una sola imagen del producto, aunque se nos promete que va a ser más rompedor en calidad que cualquier otro simulador de la historia, incluido LOMAC y Falcon 4.


Poco a poco se van conociendo noticias, como la que nos ocupa, en la que se indica que la demo, que precederá a la salida del producto, permitirá emular las tareas de un piloto desde que comienza su singladura hasta que es asignado a un escuadrón de combate. El piloto no estará solo, sino que dispondrá de un instructor que le irá guiando paso a paso en todos los aspectos del vuelo, aviónica, combate, etc, hasta lograr el nivel de apto para el combate. Lo que sí se puede destacar son tres puntos:



1.- El desarrollo del grupo BMS para Falcon 4 pertenece a G2 Interactive, por lo que no parten de cero. Ahí está el as en la manga que todos pensábamos debía salir en cualquier momento.



2.- La demo en la base de Nellis será muy sencilla comparada con el resto del producto. Es decir, será como una base en la base, valga la redundancia.



3.- El producto irá creciendo desde su salida, no se limitará a ser publicado, sino que recibirá constantes mejoras.


Es evidente, sobre todo por el tercer punto, que el software desarrollado por BMS es una pieza clave. Ahora la pregunta es: ¿está BMS detrás de todo esto, aunque algún miembro ya lo haya negado? Todo es posible, y no sería descabellado pensar que así es.


Esperaremos a conocer más datos de este producto para iros informando detalladamente. Mientras, os dejamos con el texto original en la web de Fighterops. Ah, y no dejéis de echarle un vistazo a la

Base Aérea de Nellis.





For Everyone,



I just wanted to pass along that we have decided to include a Training Area of Operations in Fighter Ops, based out of Nellis Air Force Base Nevada.



Here pilots will report for duty, learn basic and advanced flying techniques and weapon(s) employment in several different aircraft before joining a squadron and being sent out for Combat Operations.



During your tour at Nellis you'll fly the T-6 for basic aircraft skills, the T-37 for basic "JET" skills to include entry level navigation, formation flying and basic advanced aircraft handling. From here you'll move to the T-38 for advanced aircraft skills then on to the AT-38 for basic combat flying skills. Finally you'll choose your squadron aircraft from the A-10, F-15 or F-16 and ship out to your squadrons Area of Operations for Campaign Combat Flying.



Also during your tour at Nellis AFB you'll learn how to employ your aircraft as an effective combat weapon and learn how to work together with other wingmen and your entire flight as a package.



During this training you will not be alone as Fighter Ops will assign you an instructor who will help you through the training process through several different means:



He will in certain situations take control of the aircraft and "Show You"

He will in certain situations "Tell You"

He will in certain situations "Guide You" through additional visuals

He will also offer Briefing and De-Briefing advice to assist and teach you



Our current plan is use the Nellis AFB Area of Operation for the DEMO as well to give you a good sense of what Fighter Ops will be capable of.



Stick around as I will be posting more information in the coming weeks!



Its going to be AWESOME!




Hi Guys,



Please remember this, we are working hard to produce the most REALISTIC combat flight simulator on the planet for the A-10, F-15 & F-16... & also their counterparts, the SU-25, SU27 & the Mig 29.



Our goal is for all of these "initial" aircraft to have the ultimate level of completeness;...that means fully working, "clickable" high resolution cockpits, accurate Flight Models, accurate Symbology and accurate Sounds. We also want to have the best most unique Campaign and Training engines done to date.



This is no small task but we are blessed to have the work that came from SP1 forward as a basis to get stated with. Remember everything in SP1, SP2, SP3 and all the BMS work through OIR belongs to G2Interactive. We are not starting from scratch nor are we working without knowing where we've been and where we're going. With this said, its going to take some time to get Fighter Ops exactly where everybody wants it but the good news is, WE OWN IT. We do not have to worry about time limits, contracts expiring or getting permission from another organization to do what the community wants. This is HUGH PLUS!



Currently there are no high fidelity ultra realistic combat flight simulators in the works (other than Fighter Ops) as the major publishers know that the market for them is too small and unprofitable. We do not have the same burdens as those publishers, or the deadlines, or the red tape.



Fighter Ops is a simulation that will continue to grow and get better and bigger year after year... based on what the community wants not what some large company bureaucrat in another country, who hates flight sims anyway, ...wants.



So relax and enjoy the freedom of knowing that we love hard core realistic flight sims as much as you guys and we want it to be as great as you want it to be. Ultimately the "proof is in the pudding" and for that we’ll just have to wait for the pudding to get done. Will it be totally complete in next few months...no way! If this community gets it’s way, Fighter Ops will never be done. It will constantly grow and get better with new things added;...that’s what makes Fighter Ops so unique.



Let me lay out some simple information for everybody so that there is no confusion.



(1) The Demo of Fighter Ops that will get released prior to the full sim getting released will be VERY SIMPLE! It will be based out of Nellis AFB Nevada (Training Area of Operations). It will have one flyable aircraft. It WILL NOT have the full campaign engine in it and maybe no campaign elements at all. The purpose of the demo will be to give the community a look at the terrain, the flyable aircraft and some basic elements of how Fighter Ops will function (UI Screens, Setting, etc) This way we can get the communities input on how we're doing, what works and what we need to fix or add to the release version. This also gives the community a chance to "Beta Test" the sim and give us you personal feedback. This is something we really value.



(2) When the sim ships as a sellable product it will still be in its infancy. It WILL NOT have a totally complete Campaign (most likely the Campaign will be limited to 1 or 2 Areas or Operations plus the Training Area of Operations) It will also most likely not have all of the aircraft we want in it totally complete. It will not contain the Naval, Bomber or other additional mods.



So you can see Fighter Ops has to have a beginning and this is the start of something that will get better and grow more and more each year.



I encourage each and every one of you to get involved. This is your simulation so help make it just the way you want. If you would like to get involved just send me an email to stang@g2interactive.com and we'll see where we can fit you in. If you have no "production" skills but you still want to be involved, just let me know what & how you think you could help and we'll figure something out.



Ultimately this is it...lets all be a part of the solution and make Fighter Ops the best it can be.



Let me know what questions you got and I'll do my best to get to them.



Stang out



Tejay Beauparlant


VP Operations


G2Interactive Inc.




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