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Sistemas de aviónica del Black Shark


Black Shark SystemsIn and of itself, an interactive cockpit is more complex than a non-interactive one specifically because of the ‘clickability’ function, which has to work properly in any camera position inside the cockpit. That, however, is not the main point.In the Ka-50, we are modeling all of the main helicopter systems, which may not be apparent at first glance, but are present and functioning nevertheless.I will not go into the AFM, as that could become lengthy. I’ll only say that, unlike all other helicopter sims, we are modeling real forces and moments exerted onto the rotor blades, from which in fact all of the dynamics evolve.For the engines, the entire thermodynamic process and fuel system is modeled.When adding power, the system adds fuel to the combustion chamber, raising the temperature and pressure in the chamber and increasing the force on the free turbine accordingly (this is a basic simplification, as everything is actually more complex). The fuel system is analogous to the real helicopter’s system, with two main and four optional external tanks, all of the fuel pumps and lines with their consumptions and pressures. Consequently, when taking damage to the fuel system, we achieve results as “IRL.”The hydraulic system includes its own pumps, line circuit, accumulators and a set of mechanisms (control actuators, gear, cannon, etc), which utilize the system’s pressure. In case of pressure loss in any of the hydraulic systems due to failure or damage, it immediately affects the mechanisms in a natural fashion (the cannon ceases to move, control becomes increasingly difficult until full failure, etc).The electric system also has its set of mechanisms connected to an appropriate bus.The FCS functions as the real one, inputting commands onto the control surfaces. Control input logic is an entirely separate discussion.The air gauge system has its own instrumentation for measuring pressure, local slip angles and angles of attack on the pitot tube. Flight data is calculated according to these measurements (which can be quite naturally inaccurate).The Doppler speed and drift indicator (“DISS” in Russian) functions as a specialized radar emitting toward the surface and receiving the returns. It measures speed and drift according to Doppler shift and under large bank and pitch angles becomes inaccurate – everything as “IRL.”The navigation system has its own gyro-stabilized platform (with accumulating error probability) and correction methodology implemented in the real aircraft (‘on the fly’ or via the targeting system).The ABRIS is a ‘thing’ in and of itself, essentially an independent computer tied into the satellite navigation system and the air gauge system to calculate the helicopter’s position in space. Toward its functionality, we modeled GPS and GLONASS satellites with individual orbits and signal parameters. The helicopter’s satellite navigation system determines its coordinates according to the logic and error characteristics of the real system, because mathematical calculations of the real system are used.Radio stations function on individual frequencies that can be adjusted. Also, all radio NAVAIDs on the map (beacons, transmitters) now utilize specific frequencies. Furthermore, the model accounts for signal strength/noise depending on distance from and power of the transmitter, as well as terrain masking.For the fire extinguisher system, we plan on implementing a series of sensors that will monitor the temperature of various compartments and utilize the contents of the extinguisher tanks.Whew…

This isn’t everything, of course.

I just wanted to say that a ‘clickable’ pit is like the tip of an iceberg, which is invisible to the user at first - until he begins to explore the nuances of the various systems, for the modeling of which we have committed a great deal of effort. 

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