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Parche 1.2b para Forgotten Battles


Añadidos y modificaciones del parche 1.2b:

Note : This is the Public Beta version of the 1.2 patch. Please make sure to back-up your IL-2 directory and before applying the patch. To install, simply unzip the files to your IL-2 directory.



Changes in 1.2b



1. Decreased durability of I-16 and FW-190 in a really visible conditions. Some other - too but not too much.



2. Corrected bugs that was found for that time (it doesn't means that all)



3. We did more "rare" palms on the pacific online map for better FPS. So we would like to know your opinion about this decreasing is it enough?



4. Reduced the drag in "radiator open" program modules in a sim. It was wrong last time due to fact that we forgot to change it in 1.11 with the common changes of FM calculations. Sorry for that. Please remember that the term radiator open used not only for the visible radiator cowls, but for internal devices as well, that have also the drag increasing due to increasing the air flow across them inside the fuselage.



5. For those who fly the Me-262 high, we corrected the characteristics of the jet engine on altitudes higher than 7-8,000 meters. That was bug that we never received to our il2beta@1c.ru address.



6. Bug in climb rate of Las also corrected.



7. Changed the textures of Pacific map.



8. Many more that we will try to list in final readme.



9. There are two sound dlls, test both and select which one is better for you currently. About these DLLs do not write us. Speak in Oleg's Ready room please.


When our sound programmer gets back from vacation we will think what to do for these that hear loud on a great distance....


Probably we will organize series of test with these guys and will try to get from them the right info, that we can't duplicate on any of our PCs and sound cards with right settings for them. Oleg Maddox will let you know on the forum when we should start with this test.



Note.1 You Dynamic campaign will not work 100% before final release of 1.2 version. With final release will be released the corrections for DGen - decreased ability to be captured. It will depends on wich distance you are from front line and on which distance you are for closest enemy units.


There also will be some other modifications that use the new features of the sim.



The last report we will accept on Thursday and then we will compile final version and we will not return back with any fixes untill release of Expansion Pack were we plan the new features and some possible fixes.



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