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  1. Hi everybody, and spécial thanks to E69 for this night, especially Drakko. My appologies for the VEAF late, and missing pilots.. So we are the 3955 package with 4 F16 in sead (Dbair, Breizh and Rollei + 1 IA) and 2 M2000D (Wacco + 1 IA) Our target was Hwangsuwon AB, and AAA bataillon near. Hwangsuwon AB was destroyed No technicals problem, all the mission was very fluid. About comms, we have encounter some troubles, but i think it's our fault. Iwas obliged to switchTssimcomms chanel 10 to contact Awacs, may be my ts wisper to chanel was bad. I fact, we have follow our fpl, then afte
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