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  1. 320 vSQ Debrief We flew as flight group Garbo 1 with a Deep Strike role at the Hamhung nuclear factory. We manned 3 out of the 4 Mirages in our flight. The take off was uneventful and the navigation to the target area was made at high altitude, angels 30, to preserve fuel. At the IP we proceeded to a combat decent and attacked our target from two sides, from the east and west. Our target sustained heavy damage and was completely destroyed. We took out all power plants (4 of them) and as bonus damage we hit the cooling towers as well. Our bombing run took place in 1 pass with 100% efficiency. Unfortunately, one of our pilots took bomb frags due to low level flying and bailed out south of our target. The remaining 3 airplanes (2 human controlled and 1 AI) made the way home uneventful. We arrived at our home plate, the Seoul airbase and the AI and 1 human pilot landed without any problems. Myself was the victim of a peculiar event. While on the final, with the landing gear down and locked, a few feet above the center of the runway, with the correct speed and AoA, instead of landing my airplane, I just exploded... :o No hard landing, no landing gears bending and tail of the plane thrushing to the runway, just exploding with a big Kaboom ! Note that earlier, during our navigation to our target and before we hit the target, my DED just stopped working... Dont know what happened, it was a sign of whats was about to happen I guess ! Dont know if this should be considered as ground kill, do as you please ! Was sure great to fly with you guys, thank you very much for organising this great event and keep up the good work ! See you next time and up until then... CHECK SIX ! Propelas out
  2. Can you please show me the location of the tac file for Bravo Operation ? We need to give this to our pilots, to run it before flying online !
  3. Thanks for your support ! Finally it worked, sorry for the mess in the thread !
  4. I follow the above procedure to the letter, but unfortunately it does not work ! In the first tab of the Rl, in the theaters' drop-down menu does not appear any theater! It is left blank !
  5. I do not know if what I am about to post should be posted here, but I could not find a more suitable place to post this. I am experiencing a problem when I try to set up the RL for the Bravo Operation. Each time I try to insert the escuadron69config.txt to I get the following error... Note that I am running a fresh install of OF 4.5 and the latest version of the RL (9.90) Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance !
  6. Greetings all, I am propelas from e-HAF and I help Greg organize the flights as far as it concerns our part ! You are welcome to yell if you need anything and Greg is not reachable... Looking forward to fly with you ! Check Six ! 320 vSQN 2nd Flight Group Leader