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  1. 21 de septiembre, vamos con apaños varios y la novedad de poder cambiar de asiento en el Apache y el HInd en multipuesto. Asimismo podemos poner estos helos en el editor para que no sean multipuesto. DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics Added change of seats in the cockpit by a player in multiplayer. Added: Disable Multicrew feature for “client” helicopter mission editor slots. When ON in a particular slot it disables any multicrew capability for that helicopter. In multiplayer role selection screen this helicopter will show only one available slot for a client (player still able to change seats) Added option to Disable George AI subtitles Adjust the health of the AH-64 elements THRT SHOW page corrections George AI. Added cyclic scrolling of the target list menu Fixed: NVS Norm queued commands issue Fixed:George doesn't fire cannon on some occasions Fixed: Missing LIMITS Indication on Sight Status Field Fixed: Ground speed should be displayed in HMD and TEDAC if WP is not present Fixed: Multi Crew - CPG NVG Gain resets when pilot toggles goggles Fixed: LHG Cursor Display Select (L/R) not correctly working for CPG in multicrew Fixed: CPG laser range is mirrored in Pilot's symbology when laser is firing Fixed: Co-pilot gunners head can be seen glitching into the seat Fixed: ACQ TRN may be set as ACQ TXX Fixed: Spawns in with left rudder input (high torque) Fixed: TSD Points not displaying correctly Fixed: George cannot track targets on side of helicopter Fixed: George should not lose target if you fly by upon the target Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Error Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS UNSTOW - Laser Power Off Error Fixed: TADS: Slew Limit Error Fixed: WP and TG numbers are not displayed when stored Fixed: WP/TG stored using the NOW button becomes the destination DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics Added: change of seats in the cockpit by a player in multiplayer Added: Disable Multicrew feature for “client” helicopter mission editor slots. When ON in a particular slot it disables any multicrew capability for that helicopter. In multiplayer role selection screen this helicopter will show only one available slot for a client (player still able to change seats) Added: Petrovich AI voice language setting (auto by default looking at the avionics language setting) Added: Russian voices for Petrovich AI Added: function to Disable Petrovich AI subtitles (will respond to global subtitles setting) Added: ability for windshield wipers to affect raindrops textures (WIP) Added: Cyclic scrolling of the target list menu for Petrovich AI Added: Addition of mechanism 100% margin control of autopilot in SAS YAW channel Improved: Petrovich AI split voice overs for “Observe ON” and “Searching”. Now Petrovich says “Observe on” only when he engages Observe. Improved: added new English voice overs for two situations and overhaul of some of previously added ones Improved: Rearranged additional properties of the aircraft in the mission editor Fixed: Initial fix for pitch oscillations in flight on medium speeds Fixed: Kord gunner does not fire consistently in some cases Fixed: Petrovich AI Menu closes when commanding to turn on weapons Fixed: Petrovich AI trying to shoot ATGM missile even if weapon system is not ready yet Fixed: VR View position is shifted if sight is selected before power on Fixed: Petrovich AI can't launch missile in some cases Fixed: Mi-24P - Empty rack is missing from warehouse Fixed: Petrovich AI Incorrect target tracking point for ATGM sight (was resulting in lower accuracy at terminal phase and sometime hitting ground in front of vehicle) Fixed: Petrovich AI flight controls in active pause Fixed: Ability to change seats while looking at the ATGM sight ocular Fixed: ASO-2V bugs of logic during selection between sets Fixed: Kord gun is not moving inside when rear cargo bay doors are closed Fixed: Symbology error in ATGM sight net Fixed: Petrovich AI. Flares/Chaff texture switch bug at the ASO panel mode Fixed: Default bind for “Radiation reset” of 9K113 (LALT+R) Fixed: S-8 rockets do not work properly when different types of them are in same loadout simultaneously Fixed: Changing seats in multicrew (multiplayer) with hotkeys
  2. DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics Fixed: glitches and double switches Refined Lod 0 and added Lod 1 and Lod 2. Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals Fixed: Damaged engine 2 will not work even after a repair Fixed: AIrcraft “ORIGINATOR” PAGE behaviour Fixed: TADS Shut Down Errors Fixed: Bezel Button Options and Sub-Pages Fixed: FREEZE TEDAC/TDU Function Fixed: Viewport error - pilot seat Fixed: Cued LOS dot in the Field-Of-Regard box should always be visible on the TADS Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point. Fixed: Multi monitor setup - AH-64D Displays remain active even after full shut down Fixed: Can slave to deleted target point Fixed: BRU’s should not function If the IHADSS is turned off Fixed: Underlay selection should remain when returning to the VID page Fixed: No radio presets Fixed: Friendly Patriot site showing as threat on TSD even when hidden on MFD selected Fixed: Desync Between Pilot and Gunner in the Ah-64 on the Engine Page Fixed: Some training missions load in game mode when launched from training menu Fixed: M Button functionality for XPDR, COM and COM PRESET Fixed: Wrong vertical speed reading (all displays) Fixed: COORD page behaviour when expanded ACQ source is selected Fixed: TGT/THRT points added during mission are missing threat rings Fixed: ENG page issues Fixed: DTV WFOV Slew rate too high Fixed: Crosshairs on TADS don't align with units when George points Fixed: Tbilisi Guard mission wingman will not engage Fixed: REMOTE logic/messages in High Action Display Fixed: Desync issue between server missile and client (Hellfire) Fixed: SA-19 Grison/Tunguska is shown as "GU" in TSD Fixed: When using PAN on TSD, ASE deltas hover almost above targets Fixed: Altitude fluctuations when turning on Alt Hold at speeds above 100 knots Fixed: Flashing icons and black square of ASE threats in TSD Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Barrier Error Fixed: TEDAC Grayscale (G/S) Button Errors Fixed: TADS: Limit Indication Error Fixed: Screen Save Mode Fixed: Discrepancy in cockpit temperature status Fixed: Maximum digital readout of Engine Torques should be 255%. Fixed: The windshield wiper knob behaves incorrectly with no generator power DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics Added. First wave of voice-overs for Petrovich AI. Same amount as in AH-64D, more coming with future updates. Added. New ATGM sight texturing and FOV changes, adjusting it closer to real specs. Added. New routine for Petrovich AI, when S-5 rockets used with bombs Petrovich will choose appropriate mode with bomb/pods switch (for this system to work bombs should be on racks 1 and 4) Added. Kord gun iron sights deployed Added. New ATGM and empty rack icon for weapon payload manager Fixed. Weapon Selector control mapping duplicates Fixed. R-60 missile panel hints and control buttons remain when R-60 equipment is disabled Fixed. Client camera not moving to Kord gun place if Kord is added after rearm Fixed. Petrovich AI "Designate target/open fire" button function bugged Fixed. Petrovich AI NATO AI target list color scheme works as Coalition AI color scheme Apaños varios (cientos) al 64 y primeras voces para Petrovich en el 24.
  3. Otra duda para subsanar. EL RFI es un subsistema del FCR en el apartado de guerra electrónica; indica desde donde un radar está pintando al helicóptero, permitiendo mediante un botón del TEDAC, esclavizar bien el TADS o bien el propio FCR a ese punto detectado por el RFI.
  4. Desde luego es el meollo de la cuestión tener claro los conceptos que indicas. Sobre 2 puntos que has puesto en rojo, los mas sencillos de aclarar pienso. PNVS: está diseñado como su nombre indica para su uso por el piloto (PILOT NIGHT VISION SYSTEM) ya que es el único sistema de visión nocturna de los 2 que puede manejar el piloto al mover su cabeza, dicho en prosaico plano. El TADS como sistema de visión nocturna indica la utilización de la cámara FLIR del sistema. Para saber como sale reflejado su uso, no hay una indicación como tal, salvo que el TADS tiene obviamente mayor información en el IHADSS. C-HMS/GHS: sistema IHADSS definido como ACQ. Puede estar activo sin el IHADSS "colocado" ya que como indicas se basa en el movimiento del casco sobre los sensores de la cabina. P-HMS/PHS: lo mismo que para el piloto. No es tanto el punto al que mira sino la utilización del sistema IHADSS como acq.
  5. 4 cosas del día 28 de julio para el Apache. DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics Fixed crash in avionics. Fixed: No radio gui presets. Added GUI HF-radio settings. Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point. Fixed: Multi Monitor configuration: displays doesn;t rendered on additional monitors after cold start. Fixed: Exported MFDs not synced on pilot seat (CPG works). Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals. Fixed: Incorrect logic of pylons articulation with activated SAL missiles. Fixed: Hellfire training lesson. Nada para el resto. Como ya decíamos, el 24 se da por casi acabado, excepto ajustes varios y terminar el tema del Course mode y que hagan un manual de una santa vez (va por el mismo camino que el del Mi-8 que tardó varios años, solo que esta vez no tenemos documentación para investigar)
  6. En tiempos veraniegos, montón de apaños para el 64 sin nada nuevo que reseñar. Del 24, introducción del artillero lateral y por fin parece ser arreglado algún sistema (ARK en multi). Yo diría que a falta de un manual y el subsistema "Course" del pilot automático casi se puede dar por acabado (dudo que pongan la actualización manual del plotter del mapa y quiten el GPS este cheto). DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics George as CP/G Target Identification System. Please see link on forum. Rocket avionics adjustments. Fixed: Potential of APU not starting on cold start. Fixed: MP. Engines stop for CP/G. Fixed: MP. Laser rangefinder desync. Fixed: LMC incorrect behaviour when measuring range. Fixed: LMC could cause strange TADS behaviour. Fixed: Range source should be maintained to Point when PLT changes ACQ from a Point (B5) to TADS. Fixed: TADS image desync after C/PG using gun. Fixed: Previous radio frequency not stored. Fixed: Radio presets set in ME are ignored for all radios. Fixed: Unable to use the cursor to give coordinates when using EDIT. Fixed: A/C Fixed Action Button behaviour on MFD. Fixed: Incorrect TADS behaviour in multicrew. Fixed: COORD page shows incorrect distance to WP until set DIR TO. Fixed: CP/G head movement on client connect. Fixed: Point saving via HMD using MAN range can be incorrect. Fixed: George set safe after every Hellfire shot. Fixed: The NVS Sensor Select switch should only be functional in NORM or FIXED mode. Fixed: After switching MFD for cursor PAN mode move cursor to top right corner. Fixed: MPD behaviour when ENG Start is pressed. Fixed: No radar alt tape on FLT page. Fixed: VID page TADS double cross. Fixed: Multicrew parking brake not working. Fixed: ZSU-23-4 Shilka does not spike. Fixed: ASE page is lacking several items. Fixed: Gun jiggling. Fixed: FLIR Polarity not correctly working in multicrew. Fixed: External tank advisory. Fixed: Missing advisory message when internal auxiliary fuel tank is empty. Fixed: Tooltips of comms volume knobs incomplete/wrong. Fixed: MSL NOT RDY and dashed constraints box erroneous behaviours. Fixed: Fuel XFER issues with C AUX. Fixed: Flicker Pipes R AUX or L AUX when turned on if AUX GALLONS EXT. Fixed: Fuel can't be pumped from external tanks. Added: TSD route leg animation. Fixed: TSD Artillery Fire Points Error. Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL page incorrect FCR indications. Fixed: WPN-BORESIGHT OUTFRONT error. Fixed: Missile indications errors. Fixed: When the TADS FLIR is turned off on the WPN UTIL page, with the TADS as the selected sight, "FLIR OFF" should display in the Sight Status field of the High Action Display. Fixed: Keyboard unit - “A” key behaves differently than other keys. Fixed: FLT Page behaviour if already active on right MPD. Fixed: Check ASE autopaging behaviour when ENG and FLT pages are displayed. Fixed: Check MPD video underlay and ASE autopaging behaviour with TSD. Fixed: Check MPD when EMER HYD switch on the EMERGENCY panel is pressed. Fixed: C AUX on A/C FUEL page is not cursor selectable. Fixed: INT Fuel QTY should turn yellow when low fuel state is reached. Fixed: ASE/ASE UTIL pages. Fixed: TADS stores waypoints in NAV phase. Fixed: Manual page 333 creates confusion about ROE state Fixed: Canopy errors in the cockpit DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics Added: Rear cabin Kord machine gun place multicrew and AI gunner capable. Improved: Petrovich AI target identification system. Improved: Mirrors third state for "mirrors" button. Third press removes mirrors from the cockpit. Improved: Petrovich AI interface refactoring. Improved: Petrovich AI notifying that target is in range even if it was in range when was locked. Fixed: No missile launch after rearming in Multiplayer. Fixed: Rearming disables countermeasures. Fixed: Some dial positions off on electrical panel. Fixed: R-60 indicator panel 3d model collision with ASP. Fixed: Pilot clock indicator bug: (forum.dcs.world/topic/282111-achs-1-shows-the-mode-indicator-in-the-wrong-order/) Fixed: ARK-15 compass mode discrepancy between single player and multicrew. Known issue: Multicrew Kord gunner client will desync if aircraft will rearm and change Kord gun mounting side.
  7. DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics Added Target State Estimator (TSE). Added Altitude Hold mode. Added dashboard covers (sunvisors) animation Main rotor VRS state implementation (W.I.P) Improvements in definition of preplaned threats. Also HSI is now locked to the Ghostship when the MPD TSD page is in FRZ. Added intervisibility rings for Ghostship on MPD TSD pages Improved : SCAS behavior. LMC Control. When any of the ENG, FLT, FUEL, PERF, or UTIL pages is selected via the MENU page or by using the Favorites function, that page becomes the originator page for the remainder of the AIRCRAFT pages. The Torque readout in the HDU symbology should become boxed at 98% The NVS Sensor Select switch should only be functional in NORM or FIXED mode After blanking above 200 feet, the radar altimeter tape should come back on 180 feet Cued LOS Dot should always be displayed FPV, Head Tracker, Cued LOS, except Bob-Up Box should disappear outside of the safe zone The grayscale image currently displays an opaque white overlay MPD in MONO mode overrides color of the symbology or white video underlay Video underlay showing TADS should also show the TADS LOS crosshairs With PNV selected, TDU FLIR will always be the currently selected NVS FLIR sensor for the Pilot Flight symbology on an MPD VID page uses some colored elements similar to the FLT page When the TDU PNV button is selected "OWNER CUE" should not be displayed Fixed: Laser rangefinder desync Fixed: Radios allow invalid frequencies to be entered. Fixed: TADS range value is incorrect if exceeds maximum range Fixed: LASE # TRGT LOAL message error Fixed: Rapid LRFD operations produce issue Fixed: TADS STOW - LMC ERROR Fixed: WPN -> ASE -> unASE = TSD, should be WPN Note: The next big, new items planned for the AH-64d will be the Image Auto-Tracker (IAT) set of functions that allow the TADS to lock on to a target with sufficient contrast rather than having to manually track it with the thumb force controller. Following the inclusion of IAT, we plan to add DCS: AH-64D to the free trial period program. DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics Improved: Sensitivity of pedals controlled by buttons changed and is adjustable in special settings now Improved: Anti-Ice system finished Improved: Special settings menu reformatted Fixed: APU-60-I (single missile launcher) is ejecting missile instead of launching it from rail Fixed: The axis elevation of the machine gun barrels in the GUV containers, AUTO aiming mode correction Fixed: R-60M does not lock the sun in Mi-24P Fixed: Ammo counter showing wrong amount in some cases on mission start Fixed: Multicrew - Pilot sees copilot door being opened as soon as Copilot switches 'Assume Trimmer' up Fixed: Input. TrackIR command assignment cells are blocked Siguen puliendo el Apache y tocan el SCAS. Introducción del TSE y del modo de mantenimiento de altitud. Para el mes que viene el IAT parece ser. Para el HInd han acabado el sistema anitihielo y van cerrando bugs del muiltipuesto. Yo creo que para otoño lo finniquitan.
  8. Pues continúan las mejoras ahora con el modelado del motor y sus regímenes operacionales y demás. Como dice Ama, los franceses lo han cogido y creo que no lo van a soltar hasta que quede como al AdA y a Dassult quieran: Mirage 2000C 06/2022 update presentation - M-2000 - ED Forums (dcs.world) Y nuevo manual: M-2000C Manual 2.2.0.pdf
  9. Cosas del 8-6-22 DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics Added Hellfire RIPL Mode. Added key in battery switch. VKB input for pilot and operator. Added two separate missions: Lesson 8 is Rolling Landing; Lesson 9 is Hover Landing. Added B to the controls indicator for the parking brake. Improved threat updates on ASE and TSD pages. Fixed: TADS: Incorrect Target or Waypoint Stored Indication. Fixed: ASE Desync in multicrew. Fixed: Diamond symbology on IHADS in VR moves with head. Fixed: Incorrect network synchronisation of Weapon Action Switch. Fixed: Central Position Trimmer Mode implementation. Fixed: Return from ENG WVN Page Error. Fixed: Laser Range Finding Errors. Fixed: Inverted text is barely visible on screens. Fixed: ADF beacons page presets hardcoded to Caucasus. Fixed: Cockpit 3D Model PLT Station - ADF/CMDS Knobs. Fixed: External model TEDAC handles misaligned. Fixed: Wiper park should be spring loaded to off. Fixed: Squelch switches should spring load to centre. Fixed: Door handle latch animation wrong. Fixed: Instant action Tbilisi guard radio frequencies. Fixed: TSD should not automatically assign point type based on IDENT. Fixed: Dashed LOS cross starts too high. Fixed: Delay on missile warning sound. Fixed: Wind direction on TSD reporting wrong. Fixed: Fire test repeats each warning. Fixed: Missing Cyclic Arrows in both front and rear cockpits. Fixed: HDU / FLT page displaying ground-speed not true airspeed under 30kts. Fixed: AI Wingmen will not engage - Red Flag Day 3 mission Nevada. Fixed: LRFD first detent sets range 9999. Fixed: Check ability to rearm with weapon station missing. Fixed: Bezel Option Barrier Error. Fixed: FLT Page - Delay Error When Changing Units. DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics Added: R-60M missile. To be able to use this missile you need to check the "R-60 equipment" box for Mi-24P aircraft slot additional properties in the mission editor (it is checked by default). R-60M missile launchers can be mounted only on racks 1 and 4. DCS WORLD: MI-24P || R-60M Air to Air Missile. Additional points: If R-60M launcher present at least on one of those racks it blocks usage of any other weapon on its symmetric rack If current loadout have R-60M and ATGM, then Petrovich AI ATGM launch command shortcut on cyclic weapon release button is disabled if R-60M launcher is engaged. If you untick the "R-60 equipment" box in additional parameters of the Mi-24P aircraft slot in the mission editor it will automatically restrict R-60M for this particular aircraft using loadout restriction system. Although if you tick this box again in the same aircraft it won't remove the restriction automatically, it can be removed manually at any time. Usage of R-60M blocking release of bombs from inner racks. Added: VKB input preset for pilot Added: New liveries Improved: Adjust controls menu now minds in which cockpit you are currently placed and opens menu for that cockpit respectively by default Improved: Anti-Icing system overall refactoring WIP. Indication and electrical consumption fixed. Plan to finish for the next update. Fixed: Client aircraft rotors have no blur in multiplayer Fixed: Nose Wheel is rotated in well when viewed by other clients in multiplayer Fixed: Troops amount for embarking Fixed: Wrong label for TAXI lights switch for Pilot-Operator Fixed: Textures collision on RWR day and night switch Básicamente poner a tono el 64, añadir el R60M para el 24P (gracias a Mathias Rust) y empiezan a meterle mano al consumo eléctrico y al anitihielo del 24. Al 24P le queda muy poco para acabarlo, diría que un par de cosas a lo sumo.
  10. Los Viper tienen una uhf y una vhf. Edito: llevan la ARC-222 o sea que es Vhf en FM y AM
  11. Zaz0, por la distribución de radios del 64 (de los Helos del US Army en general), la radio interna de Uzi debe ser una VHF FM. De lo contrario estarían sin capacidad de contactar ya que sólo tienen una VHF AM, una UHF y una HF (mando superior) y en cambio poseen 2 VHF FM
  12. No había visto la hora. Imposible estar a las 2130. Edit2 Nada imposible. Otro día será.
  13. Cierto, se llama Antimicro v2.23. Mapeas la tecla que quieres usar en el gatillo y pones esa tecla en DCS. En mi caso, gatillo izquierdo, disparo, letra q, gatillo derecho, segunda pulsación de láser, letra L.
  14. MIniparche del 25/5 Versión openbeta 2.714.24228 DCS: SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations Fixed: Double keybindings. Fixed: VCB normal / IR button was moving VCB selector as well. Fixed: Possible crashing due to RWR logic. Fixed: In multicrew, the pilot did not have rudder authority in auto hover. Fixed: Community liveries were not working. Fixed crash on RWR system when launched missile SAM destroyed. Fixed: When in asservi mode the camera jumped in the external animation. Notes: Due to the new rockets and Telson 8 launcher on the SA-342L, as well as the ability to load/unload the launcher, missions made prior to this patch need to be updated using the new weapon loadouts. Many keybinds have changed due to the new multicrew method implemented. Make sure to review your keybinds. DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics Fixed: Cold start - gun buried in concrete Y una cosa que va bien a los helos con capacidad de transporte: Fixed: crash on death of a unit during embarkment procedure. Curiosamente los de Polychop siguen arreglando el Gazelle, llevan 3 actualizaciones seguidas. Por lo demás solamente el tema de ajuste gráfico del Apache y lo del bloqueo por muerte de un infante durante la carga de tropas, interesante para los helos por el movimiento extraño que realizan durante el embarque y descenso de las tropas de infantería.
  15. Sin problemas. En la página de DCS, en tu cuenta, vincula tu usuario de Steam y problema solventado.
  16. Copiloto de Lasecum. Cobaya para probar el paso de controles.
  17. Si hay tripulaciones completas podemos probar la toma y cesión de controles.
  18. Ahora falta que le metan mano a los SAM/AAA con una IADS y un SHORAD decente.
  19. Uno de los motivos por los cuales el NGAD costará "varios cientos de millones" según el próximo presupuesto de la USAF y que implicaría comprar pocos NGAD (menos que los Raptor incluso) y tener varios "Loyal Wingman" como enjambres de cada NGAD.
  20. Por lo visto es bastante habitual que el TEDAC la gente lo mapee en un mando de video consola, ya sea XBOX, PS5 o similar. Voy a poner aquí las asignaciones provisionales que estoy usando. así como un pequeño programa que permite usar los gatillos del mando de la XBOX como pulsadores en lugar de como ejes. Versión inicial (sin controles del radar o de funciones no implementadas) Xbox Y:FCR A:LINK X:HMD B:TADS Gatillo derecho: láser Gatillo izquierdo: Disparo Botón sobre gatillo derecho: Modificador Botón sobre gatillo izquierdo: Esclavizar ACQ Seta derecha: Ejes TADS Seta Izquierda: Cursor, pulsación "cursor enter". OJO la pulsación de la seta es la misma función que el botón "enter" del RHG. Pad izquierdo: Arriba: cañón Abajo: ATA Izquierda: Cohetes Derecha: Misiles Con Modificador: niveles de zoom del TADS (Z/N/M/W) Botón izquierdo: TV Botón izquierdo + modificador: FLIR El programa en cuestión, Antimicro v2.23.
  21. La sesión de ayer fue bastante interesante y comprobamos algunos conceptos básicos relativos a: Mapeo del TEDAC con un mando XBOX (luego como indicó @Macaci abriré post al respecto) VIsor y sensor de adquisición. Combinaciones. Canales, códigos y frecuencias. Diferencias. Introducción de puntos TGT vía MTADS. Introducción de puntos recibidos vía TSD y teclado. Ajuste del MGRS para 8 caracteres. Disparo LOBL. Disparo LOAL con iluminación propia / Rapid fire Uso del JTAC en disparo sin LOS. Creo que fue bastante instructiva y sirvió para pulir cosas. Si hay interesados podemos repetirla o bien @Paquete puede encargarse de otra similar. Como dijo @Paquete otra cosa es hacerlo en vuelo. Y como todos coincidimos, ir en tripulación completa hace mayor del disfrute del módulo. Gracias por la paciencia.
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