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  1. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Hi everyone!This week we plan to migrate the current Open Beta to the Release version. We've put this off for the past two weeks as we worked on some Hornet and other items.For next week's Open Beta, we plan (not promise):1- GBU-10, 12, and 16 laser-guided bombs with off-board designation.2- Bullseye (A/A Waypoint) and BRA indications.3- Improved IR Maverick axis slew and other Maverick fixes/additions like improved ship attack, longer ship lock ranges, range indications when slaved, and others.4- Fixed DUD cue.5- New radar defaults based on SME feedback.6- Fixed cockpit art like left DDI error.7- JHMCS updates like look-up reticles.8- Air show smoke.9- Fixed ACM HUD mode indications.10- L&S target heading on attack format.I'll have some Bulls/BRA and LGB videos coming by the weekend.In parallel, the team is hard at work on the HARM, datalink (SA page, MIDS, Link-16), FLIR rendering tech, and A/G rendering tech.All of this will be part of 2.5.4.Thanks! LINK de la noticia.
  2. lucifer5626

    El post oficial de noticias de las terceras fiestas

    ¿Pero acaso la tuviste en el momento de su anuncio? Yo desde luego que ya me lo imaginaba despues de ver el trato con el Harrier. La última gran novedad fue poder ajustar el volumen del AIM-9 y Sidearm.
  3. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Lo del tema del tdc para que sea más suave su movimiento, en el A-10 te permitía introducir un valor de velocidad de desplazamiento para los Mavericks. Para los que no tenemos tdc analógico estaba bien, no se si el Hornet permitirá tal opción.
  4. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Buenas noticias.
  5. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Pues yo el FC lo utilizaba mucho contra SAM's de medio rango y apoyándome con el TGP a gran distancia.
  6. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Dicen que no encontraron nada sobre el empleo de la versión G en la Marina y que lo cambiarán por la versión F. Seguiremos teniendo un Maverick IR optimizado para ataque antibuque.
  7. lucifer5626

    El post oficial de noticias de las terceras fiestas

    Pues yo lo digo, ¡¡¡¡MAS DE LO MISMO!!!! Que se espabilen y empiecen a enseñar chicha de la buena, en vez de tanta cinemática. Saludos.
  8. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    El Harrier puede lasear al A-10 y viceversa. Y con el 18 será más de lo mismo.
  9. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Seguro. Entre A-10 y Harrier no hay problema.
  10. lucifer5626

    El post oficial de noticias de las terceras fiestas

    Y si encima tira pepinos y reposta en el aire pues pa que queremos más.
  11. lucifer5626

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Va a ser dificil aguantarse.
  12. lucifer5626

    El post oficial de noticias de las terceras fiestas

    Será que en 2018 lo dejan abandonado.
  13. lucifer5626

    DCS: World 2.5

    DCS World 2.5 UpdateThis week we moved the Open Beta version of DCS World to the Release version. Highlights include: Improvements to the new MiG-29 flight model, engine performance, new pylons, and corrected M1.6 engine stall Corrected FAB-250 pylon position F-4E and C-130 Iranian skins Numerous AJS-37 Viggen improvements, including landing gear and wheel brake adjustments DCS: MiG-21bis and DCS: C-101 improvements You can read the complete change log on the dedicated DCS forum threadFor next week's Open Beta update, we plan new Hornet features and fixes like the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), FPAS page, laser Maverick, and corrected air-to-air radar B-sweep.DCS World War II Assets Pack UpdateThe WWII assets pack continues to grow, and the next ground unit will be the M10 "Wolverine" tank destroyer. Based on a modified M4A2 Sherman tank chassis, it includes an open-turret with a 76.2 mm cannon. Produced by the US starting in September 1942, the M10 was the most important US tank destroyer of the war. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x1080. More screenshotsAir-to-Air Missile Development UpdateA key aspect of modern air warfare is correct modeling of air-to-air missiles. We take this very seriously and have devoted new resources to further improving this. There are four fundamental aspects we are working on: New missile flight dynamics New autopilot roll, pitch, yaw damper and stabilization New autopilot guidance and trajectory calculations Modified seeker logic We are using the AIM-7 as a "test bed" from which we will then move these improvements to other air-to-air missiles once we feel the technology is mature. We are currently testing AIM-7M with: New missile flight model foundation using updated and more detailed aerodynamic data Autopilot navigation system model Missile guidance section and seeker Here is a video that demonstrates the AIM 7 autopilot in a vertical test Missile Flight DynamicsThis video demonstrates a new feature of the missile autopilot and flight model: stability and control implementation. High altitudes and low air speeds provide low aerodynamic damping moments, and you can see missile motion in detail. Note the control surface deflections. The missile's autopilot dampens oscillations more quickly than with autopilot turned off.This is just a test thought of the autopilot and aerodynamics of the missile. Naturally, air-to-air missiles are not designed for such low air speeds. In fact, the minimal IAS at intercept for an AIM-7 is about 700 km/h. At this speed, it's capable to reaching 5g's in less than a second.Tasks in this area we're still working on includes the supporting math for thrust vectoring and refactoring/optimization. Missile AutopilotIn regards to control systems and autopilot, we're working on: Mathematical model of torque balance system (AIM-9-like missiles) Inertial navigation system + data link for modern missiles Сorresponding aircraft weapon systems Almost every new missile needs its own autopilot type (based on common model) Missile SeekerFor the guidance systems and seekers, there is a lot of work for the future. Building from the common math model, we will create detailed models for many seeker types.When this effort is complete, we believe we'll have the most detailed air-to-air missile simulation in an entertainment product.