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  1. Alcor


    En el museo del aire , ya tenemos otro, de la Luftwaffe creo...Lo suyo seria que si como parece este, estuviera en condiciones optimas, lo mantuvieran listo para volar y lo sacaran de cuando en cuando a dar un paseito tipo exibicion de la FIO o algo del estilo. Eso si que seria un bombazo... Pero quiza sea pedir demasiado. S!
  2. Alcor


    Así q restaurado . Guay. Me encanta. Pero ... ¿¿operativo al 100%??, o sea ..¿apto para el vuelo?, xq eso sería la Ostia y la Pera liimonera. S!
  3. Alcor

    ¿Qué ocurre aquí?

    ¿¿Pues en cual va a ser??? Vuelve a leer con calma lo q has es escrito, y m lo cuentas. lol Se te va, se te va... S!
  4. Alcor

    Salida del nuevo IES v3.3

    Era eso. Grcs
  5. Alcor

    Salida del nuevo IES v3.3

    Siguiendo las instrucciones que propones para iniciar el vuelo desde el editor de mision rapida, con el modo scramble, ocurre lo siguiente: El avion se materializa a escasa altura, sobre la pista, cae sobre esta y se destruye. Me pregunto si tb le pasa a alguien mas. S!
  6. Alcor

    Salida del nuevo IES v3.3

    Fantastico, me gusta, Gcrs Pero.. Se puede usar el editor de misiones rapidas, por que, por mas que lo intento, no lo consigo; el avion siempre me aparece en el aire con el motor apagado. Por cierto , el mod del 109 E3·, Sublime..Grcs otra vez. S!
  7. Alcor

    ATAG Server 4.312

    Mesita de Tè.. mmmm.... Hans eres una cachonda Igual , le doy un uso mas digno y me paso al venerable Il2, o me dedico a otros menesteres, ya veremos... lo q si qda claro, que x mi , el Clod se acabó , sniff, sniff. S!
  8. Alcor

    ATAG Server 4.312

    Como tb dicen por ahi.."la muerte no es el final" Hasta siempre compis S!
  9. Alcor

    ATAG Server 4.312

    Parece, q ya no nos queda ni este... S!
  10. Alcor

    ATAG Server 4.312

    Hay un server x la 4.312, que mientras los de ATAG se piensan lo de volver a implementar el suyo, puede servir para salir del paso. De hecho; yo lo estoy volando bastante ultimamente (tb es verdad q no hay otra cosa) y tiene su puntito.. S!
  11. Alcor

    Un F-18 de la US NAVY filma un ovni

    O sea, q no era una inocentada.. Me quedo "muerta" Slds
  12. Alcor

    ATAG Server 4.312

    La respuesta: hmmm...well here goes... My first thought when I began reading "please give us an ATAG 4.312 server" was something along the lines of "and are you currently contributing to the running to even ask?" but then three ghosts visited me over three nights and ive had a change of heart (plus its irrelevant anyhow) Of course the world moves on and its right and proper that Blitz utilises 64bit for the greater progression. But Clod isn't just a game. It a community. Its largely the community that is the reason its still here. And ATAG. Without ATAG what do we have? .............Exactly......... and you are welcome to join those viperous nests if you wish. And so the point of all this sentimental tosh. Some wont move to 64 bit cos of other games, Ive little time for them. Sorry. Some wont because they are cavemen who still kill furry things when the sun comes up. No time for them either. Some want 4.312 back cos there are impatient of 4.5 settling in or because they don't like this that or the other. No time. But some cant because of cost. Upgrading a PC these is no small matter especially if you live outside of the larger economies and certainly if the rig was creaking along as it was. Likely then that some people have found homes here and on the ATAG servers because of circumstances not choice. Likely that some once could afford to game once but live in changed circumstances now. Likely that a good number feel or are unable to ask for this so will slip away silently. Cos that's the crapper with circumstances. They are difficult things to explain to people who are not in them. And circumstances can be horrible places. And sometimes the best cure for being in a "circumstance" is feeling like your sharing the planet with someone else with whome you have something, however odd, in common. Even if your trying to kill the B@5tard and hes trying to kill you. And its not just the 64bit thing.. If it wont run reasonably well then it just serves to remind you of your situation, helping nothing. And Blitz wont run well on old kit especially with the shadows now being permanently hardwired on. There is no getting around that at this time even though I'm sure TFS would change it if they could. So anyhow - I get that things move on but the thought of just one individual being denied the companionship or just the escapism of a few hours transported away from whatever crap they face in RL really upsets me. Doubly so when I think that there will more than likely be a second server sitting largely unpopulated for most of the time and especially when perhaps (rightly or wrongly) they may have been looking forward to blitz only to have it all pulled from under them. And I get it costs, and I get if we donated a thousand dollars a month for the next forever it probably wouldn't pay back the bill payer for all the times the donations ran up short. Anyhow - I know ATAG isn't a charity. And I know I'm not ATAG and never will be. And I know others could sort it out themselves with their own server. But look. People are asking ATAG. Why? Well perhaps they just dig the way you fellas roll. Or perhaps it cos they look to ATAG as the "Big One" (yes I know each and every server provider is important to Clod - I mean in terms of being a central hub for the many) And that's quite sommat isn't it? Finally - of course I realise if this happened it dilutes the community to a degree and yes I know the server will be full of ingrates who can, but choose not to play 4.5 for the most petty of reasons. And yes I know anyone can pick holes all of this. But, there might just be one or two players out there who wont feel as if they have been cut off from something they have grown to love . And that might just be something worthwhile. S! BOO Conclusion. A lo mejor tenemos server