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  1. Holà! briefing 21h, mission 21h15. les skins seront sur le TS.
  2. Puedes hacer su inscritpions a qui: https://escadre-ms.vraiforum.com/t3264-Prenez-part-a-l-aventure-Inscrivez-vous-ici-et-vivez-une-experience-inoubliable.htm?start=15#27854 j’ai bien avancé sur la construction des missions, elle sera prête dans peu de temps... venez nombreux!
  3. Holà sombreros y sombreras! j'espère que les vacances furent bonnes pour vous tous! je viens écrire ici pour vous informer que j’ai malheureusement du retard sur ma campagne Baa Baa Black sheep. en effet, le planning d’un papa pour la seconde fois n’est pas si docile que cela...! de plus, une nouvelle version d’IES est disponible, la 3.6, avec un avantage majeur: une installation facilitée ! lexpression « en un clic et c’est joué » n’est pas si loin de la vérité. Bref, je ne vais donc pas commencer ma campagne ce mois-ci, il me f
  4. Hi guys ! I think we will begin the campaign right after the summer holidays, as so we’ll have a max of participant! stay tuned!
  5. 15 F, eventually we ingress with only 3 rocketters + 5 bombers Nav as fragged, our rocketers VID 3 contacts north of Cairo West, but they eventually think they are US (mistake), and they finish overflying Cairo West. I ask'em to pursue to our target. They destroy 5 AAA et clear us to come and strike our targets, despite the meteors overflying us - they take care of them. We kill lot of ground targets, finishing myself in a hangar 😞 Boba: 2 hangars - 2 migs - 3 il28 Crash KIA Bec: 3 airplane - 4 ground units kerlir: 4 migs - 1 il28 - 1 citern thorg: 1 vhl - 6
  6. Muy bien! Espéro que otros companieros will Côme! juanpato, Haukka will help you to install IES I guess; it’s donwloadable from scratch, just follow through the pdf and everything works fine!
  7. Holà todos! venga aqui para proposar usted de participetir a una campaña que está en preparación; pero voy a hablar in inglés, no soy muy bueno en espagnol. so after some very nice exchanges in flight with you guys, I really would like to go on a bit mas, and it’s why I’d like to invite you flying in the Solomon’s island in the next weeks (after your campaign, maybe some rehearsal if you need). let me present it: we all love pappy Boyington stories, the 80’s série, but I’m more interested in the comics that are more following the historical event
  8. hola todos! Debrief for us: Take off, navigation: as fragged, thanks for being aft us We split our flight and ingress toward amiyra for a first section, encountering 2 spit: Jag+ thorg kill one Arsenal kill one Then they attack their airbase For the second section, we attack the airbase and kill some ground targets. Rejoin over roseta, my #4 dies from a AAA bullet, then rejoin with you return to carriers, we manage to land. Boba: 1 ground airplane + 2 hangars Cricri: nothing
  9. Débrief for the 15F Should have been ~12 pilots, due to different technical pbm we're only 10 on the deck, and 9 airborne, taking off some time after you not to melte too much in the carriers skies. gathering very low level OK, in trail on you at the ingress, coming to your right flanck but still low level. Surprised to keep a 195° and you medium altitude, but anyway we get to the target. You call Geronimo, and when i see all the flak, i prefer to attack directly behind you to separate the DCA fires. we sink 4-5 ships, lose 1 or 2 planes, an
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