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  1. Hey guys! For most pilots it was very exciting adventure on Dance over Port Moresby event. Of course waiting on CAP or escorting over New Guinea it was not so exciting, but it was realistic in its duration. Maybe not all pilots was so happy, but we did what we can to make it good for all. We are starting work on another event. I will be in touch with you to inform about that mission. If everything goes well than we will stay in Pacific but few years later that Dance over Port Moresby.
  2. Yeah, there is updated P-39 cockpit by WxTech from SAS. And updated P-40E cockpit by dr.strangelove and greif11 from Free modding. P-40 uses new rounded canopy framing , new textures and uses two fuel gauges working (in original/hsfx game it uses only one gauge -- on the other hand in reality it uses three gauges 😁 and opening canopies for P-40 too. In P-40E is improved WxTechs gunsight added by dr.strangelove. P-40 update was created on my request for this event. A6Ms are updated in hsfx so they do not need update. Skins included in modpack. Historical of course.
  3. Hey PILILI Yeah, it is too hurry and late invite pilots. I know that. I n our czech/slovak community there was a lack of interest. I tried ask other squads I met on virtual sky... DBS... VARP... Some pilots joined, but just few. I understand that you have no or little time to train. But in fact if you join reds or blues you will fly planes you flew grizzlion times before. My wife is pregnant so we need lil bit hurry until baby comes here (maybe days maybe weeks) with mission 🤓 I understand if it is too hurry on you. Very important for me is that there is st
  4. Hey guys, I am Kukulo. I am from Slovakia and I fly for Letka 13 virtual squadron (some of our members and their friends made official Slovakia add on to il2 1946 - Slovakia map, Avia B-534 ad many others things and some our pilots were founding members of Daidalos team years ago). Just to introduce me and my squad. As Taro wrote, Algy is taking part of upcoming mission as our forum admin and pilot. I am creator of this event based on Saburo Sakais book Winged Samurai! Event will have two phases. Simply because Betty bombers need some time to fly from Rabaul to New Guin
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