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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply and sorry for the late contact...I was busy at works last days. Please post your participation to our forum, so we'll reserve you a flight. Probably you will tasket A-A but specify your preference. We meet at 20:00 GMT but we are not usually ready until 21:00 because there always is someone on delay. Thanks again. Unfortunately I will not be available because that day is my wife's birthday and I cannot miss my engagements.... See you later. Regards
  2. Good morning and be ready for a new event with BMS 4.33 64 bit. AMVI - Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana would like to invite you to join the mix which will be carried out on: 21 Dec 2015, 20:00 Z (UTC) / 21:00 A (Italy) We consider a number of pilots around 20 units, organized as follows: 14 BLU (4xstrike 2xescort 4xstrike 2xescort 2xsead) 4/6 RED (2xdca 2xdca 2xdca) You can check for more details and update on AMVI forum, External Group Area (register for free) http://www.amvi.it/forum/topic20466.html Just some details: - sim F4BMS 4.33 64 bit - Korea defaul
  3. Hi, I'll keep you informed about our activity and hope to see you nex time. Kind Regards Hawk
  4. Hi DRAKKO, me too am very happy to get the opportunity to meet you and yous friends. About the mix, we consider a number of pilots around 20 units, organized as follows: 14 BLU (4xstrike 2xescort 4xstrike 2xescort 2xsead) 4/6 RED (2xdca 2xdca 2xdca) We appreciate your contact on our forum. Kind regards ti all of you. Hawk
  5. Good evening and Hi! to all my old friends. It is a long time since my last contact; job committments took me away for a long time but I am back again with AMVI. We are now testing BMS 4.33 in order to organize our usual "campaign" with foreign groups. So, we would like to invite your pilots to a mix which will be carried out on: 30 Nov 2015, 20:00 Z (UTC) / 21:00 A (Italy) You can check for more details and update on AMVI forum, External Group Area (register for free) http://www.amvi.it/forum/external-groups-area-f128.html) Some details: a) sim F4BMS 4.33 64 bit b ) Korea default theater
  6. Hi, This is a reminder for the mix which will be carried out in the date in subject. About 60 pilots, from AMVI and other foreign groups, are expected to fly on that night, with human Awacs and ATC For the purpose of mission planning, please post at our External Group Area, on this thread http://www.amvi.it/forum/viewtopic.php?f=128&t=16352 the pilots which will be available on that date. No limits. Hope to meet you Kind regards Hawk
  7. Ola gente Is anybody available for the flight of monday the 28th of november? We are planning the last flights and we need to know how many pilots will be online that day. Have a nice weekend Hawk
  8. Hi Daniel, If some pilots want to recuperate the flight, on our nex mission, which is planned for the 28th of november, there will be some free slots. Check with your friends and tell me something. Ciao Hawk
  9. Gentlemen, maybe the was a misunderstanding. I did not received any information about your pilots and thought that you were not available. Nobody jumped in our TS3 for information. In that case, we had flights available for you. Anyway, take note about the big mix open to all groups on 12th of december. Kind regards Hawk
  10. Drakko, don't stress your pilots. Save the people for the 12 of december. On monday 14-11-2011 we will have enough pilots to fly the mission without problem. Keep in touch. Hawk
  11. Drakko, can you confirm if some pilots will be present?
  12. Hi Drakko, Don't be disappointed, sometimes things happen. It was Halloween date; maybe someone forgot about dinner with friends or sons and daughters . Anyway, take serious about 14th or next event, because we had much fun yesterday. Falcon BMS is a great sim and you're always wellome on our event. Ciao Hawk
  13. Hi Friends Can you join the mix on the date in subject? Four pilots will be wellcome. Ciao Hawk
  14. Team Speak 3 Server Address: Password: amvi Nickname: Groupname_Callsign (example: AMVI_Catu)
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