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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear friends! I just posted info about AoE/AoP servers updates on Aces over Europe webpage. But I will post it also here, I hope you don't mind ? I would like to say big thanks to admins 310_Podrs and 2/JG26_Achilleus who both agreed to allow me to make updates on maps of the servers. After weeks of work in fmb AoP is back online with new updates. Big thanks to 2/JG26 Achilleus who reboot server. AoE is also online but I made mistake in FBDj Il-2 server directory path, so maps can't load there yet. It is my bad. I'm really sorry for inconvenience. (Update, AoE works OK now) Achilleus will fix that when he will have a free time. Also stats page have some error. Sortie list of players is not visible. Achilleus will look at it. Wy must be patient a bit. Here is list of updates: AoE UPDATES: Skin download is ON, You can use skin on your plane. Updated maplist: Maps will run on server in chronological way, so it will be like flying a campaign, and players can experience the chronological course of battles such as occurred in history. List of maps: 16 May 40 - Battle of Sedan 25 May 40 - Dunkerque 13 August 40 - Battle of Britain 11 November 40 - Operation 8 Cinzano 6 April 41 - Operation 25 (updated map with less targets) 15 April 41 - Operation Marita (new map made by me, MTO, Italy-Africa map, German, Italian, Bulgarian offensive against Grecce) 29 April 41 - Operation Demon (updated map with less targets) 26 June 41- Desert Rats 28 June 41 - Channel 8 July 41 - Operation Munchen (new map made be me, eastern front, Bessarabia Map, German, Ruminia, Slovakia offensive against USRR) 30 July 41 - Operation EF 12 February 42 - Channel Dash 1 May 42 - Rodeo 8 May 42 - Operation Trappenjagd (updated map with less targets) 19 August 42 - Operation Jubilee 15 September 42 - Convoy_PQ18 2 November 42 - Operation Supercharge 2 December 42 - Battle of Skerki Bank 5 December 42 - Hit n Run February 43 - Leningrad 21 April 43 - Battle_of_Tunisia 27 May 43 - Ramrod 7 July 43 - Operation Zitadelle 10 July 43 - Operation Husky 9 September 43 - Operation Avalanche 15 November 43 - Circus 1 February 44 - Operation Shingle 23 May 44 - Fortress Europe 18 June 44 - Operation Diver 8 July 44 - Operation Charnwood 17 August - Operation Tractable 14 September 44 - Operation Outing One (updated map with less targets) 25 September 44 - Dukla Pass October 44 - Battle of the Scheldt 1 November 44 - Operation Infatuate 16 November 44 - Operation Queen 24 December 44 - Christmas in Bastogne January 45 - Netherlands_Winter 1 March 45 - Operation Veritable 15 April 45 - The Last Resistance 27 April 45 - Operation Grapeshot April 45 - Double Star 02 May 45 - Brenner Pass New AoE Maps in progress: 2 December 1941- Rostov Offensive Operation, USSR offensive against Germans near Rostov. Donbass winter map. 4 April 1942 - Operation Eisstoss - Luftwaffe operation against Soviet warships near Leningrad, Gulf of Finland map 13 August 1942 - Operation Pedestal, Famous Malta convoy, Tunisia Africa map Spring 1944 (precise date not decided yet) - Battle of Targu Frumos, Bessarabia. Battle between Germans, Romania and USSR, (also US planes will be in the area from Air start) 1948 (precise date not decided yet) - Operation Horev, Map Sinai. It is about large scale Israeli offensive against the Egyptian army at the end of the Arab–Israeli War. I will make more AoE updates similair to AoP when I will have a free time. (less targets on maps for example) AoP UPDATES: Skin download is ON, You can use skin on your plane. Updated maplist: These maps will run on server in chronological way, so it will be like flying a campaign, and players can experience the chronological course of battles such as occurred in history. (temporarily they run alphabetically). List of maps: 06 September 1938 - Battle of Wuhan 20 August 1939 - Battle of Khalkin Gol 13 September 1940 - Bombing of Chongqing 23 January 1942 - Fall of Singapore 01 February 1942 - TF8 strike Kwajalein 03 March 1942 - Fall of Rangoon 05 April 1942 - Operation C 4 June 1942 - Battle of Midway 24 August 1942 - Operation Ka 11 September 1942 - Battle of Ioribaiwa 13 November 1942 - TF16 strike Hiei (new map made be me, Solomons Nov 1942 map, US try to sink demaged IJN Battleship. IJN light carrier protect it. Also first P-38 squadron in Solomons) 02 May 1943 - Bombing of Darwin 06 May 1943 - Operation Cannibal 15 July 1943 - Operation Toneails 5 October 1943 - TF14 strike Wake (new map made be me, US carrier strike, it was first time in history when Hellcat fighters fought against Zero in the air, mission starts at 05:15 A.M. Darknes before Sunrise, also cloud level (500m) is historically acurrate. 27 October 1943 - Operation Goodtime 20 November 1943 - Battle of Makin 27 November 1943 - Battle of Western Yunnan 24 January 1944 - Bombing of Mili (new map made be me, US bombing offensive against Mili Atol, Mili base is created from scratch in FMB, Makin Isl. Map) 17 February 1944 - Operation Hailstone 08 March 1944 - Operation TA 09 March 1944 - Operation U-go 11 November 1944 - Operation TA-4 2 December 1944 - Operation TA-7 (new map made be me, first night map on server. Mission starts at 23:00 P.M. Philippines, US destroyers intercept IJN destroyers in Ormoc bay. Only night fighters & bombers avaiable for both sides) 06 January 1945 - Operation Mike One 31 January 1945 - Operation Matador (new map made be me, British/US offensive against Southern Burma, Including 1 british escort carrier with Hellcats MK.II on board) 18 March 1945 - TF58 strike Kyushu 1 April 1945 - Operation Iceberg 19 July 1945 - Operation Oboe 6 (this map have a bug made by me by mistake, There is static plane in spaw point in nothern blue base it will be fixed. (thanks to StarVenger for report!) 24 July 1945 - TF38 strike Honshu 10 August 1945 - Operation August Storm 15 September 1950 - Battle of Inchon 06 December 1950 - Battle of Chosin Reservoir 28 February 1951 - Operation Killer 13 July 1953 - Battle of Kumsong New AoP Maps in progress: December 1941 (precise date not decided yet) - Fall of Philippines, Japanese offensive against Luzon. Philippines map. 4 June 1942 - Operation AL, IJN 2 light carriers strike against Dutch Harbour, Aleutains map. 7 August 1942 - Operation Watchtower, US invasion of Guadalcanal and Tulagi. Solomons map 24 january 1944 - Operation Meridian One, British carrier strike against Sumatra, Palembang map. 30 March 1944 - TF58 strike Peleliu, US carrier strike against Peleliu. 19 June 1944 - Battle of The Philippines Sea, big carrier to carrier battle, famous Turkey Shot, it represent phase when IJN attacked US ships. Marianas expanded map 25 July 1944 - TF58 Strike Ulithi, US carriers strike against IJN airbase and harbour, Western_Carolines_Mid_1944 map and more... OTHER AoP UPDATES: Added historical generic skins on most static and AI airplanes. If you want to see skins in static and AI planes much faster, feel free to download skinpack for AoP server from this link (from my OneDrive account): AoP skinpack zip OneDrive and place it inside your Paintshemes folder, allow to overvwrite. Added more AI bomber flights on some maps. AI skill setting updated. On Late 43/44 maps Japanese AI planes have more rookie skills, US AI more average and veteran. In other hand on early 42/43 maps Japanese AI have more average, veteran skills and US AI more rookie skills. Tourbulences removed from all maps. Japanese float planes on Battle of Makin_43 and on TF38 Strike Honshu_45 can take off from water now (it was air start before) Added catapult carrier boost on Korea maps, now F9F-Panther can takeoff with 100% fuel with all weapons now. Reduced number of targets on all maps, it will be easier to win a map now. Added some airbases closer to the front line on Fall of Singapore_42, Fall of Rangoon_42, TF-38 strike Honshu_45, Battle of Chosin Reservoir_50, Battle of Kumsong_53, Battle of wuhan_38 maps. Added static cameras on all targets, red cameras on blue targets and vice versa, so you can watch your attacks from the ground perspective on recorded tracks. Friction on airfields reduced to 1.0, so now ground is less bumpy. Updated briefings, corrected grammar mistakes (Big thanks to -MAILMAN) and added historically correct days of the week in briefing for more immersion. For example: "Friday, 11 September 1942" instead of "11 September 1942" only - it was created using "online Weekday Calculator" from Updated planeset and weapon loadaut on some maps. (removed Ki-44_II from Fall of Singapore_42, Fall of Rangoon_42, no bombs avaiable for F4U Corsairs on maps Operation Toenails_43, Operation Goodtime_43 (Big thanks to -MAILMAN for historical research!) Corrected in FBDj problem with moving target ships on few maps, before when ship was sunk it showed 50% demaged instead of 100%. All AAA guns on the ground and on the ships have skill Rookie, all ships have ROF set to 5. Please report any bugs you find on servers, here or send me an email: My kind regards, 200th_Taro