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Estrategia Por Turnos, O Sesuda

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Bueno, hace ya un tiempo, que compré Hearts of Iron II y estoy por volverlo a instalar (miento de echo ya está instalandose xD) porqué me ha dado el mono.


Pero pregunto por que estoy totalmente desconectado del mundillo (si llevo apenas 4 meses reenganchado a lo de la simulación imaginaos el resto de juegos): ¿hay algun juego de este tipo mas moderno? ¿Algún Hearts of Iron III? Otro que sea del estilo de HoI pero sobre cualquier otro tema o época de la historia.


Enga, gracias que seguro que sabeis alguno! :)


Y los Battlefront, por cual van ya? Hace mucho tiempo que salió el último.


P. D. Yo como siempre, pregunto y luego busco, ahora mismo me pongo a usar Google, pero si alguno puede poner cosas... agradecido se está jeje.

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El Hearts of Iron II me acab de venir de regalo con un juego que pille en Play.com (Frontline:Fields of Thunders , en tiempo real, muy parecido al blitzkrieg 2)


Por turnos nuevo no se que hay...como te comento en otro post te recomiendo el Silent Storm, al estilo de Jagged alliance 2, por turnos pero misiones tipo comandos... tiene unos añitos asi que estara barato... si consigues encontrarlo claro.


Rebusca por aqui a ver que encuentras http://www.strategyinformer.com/all/strategy/

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Guest Darkness

Acaba de salir el Europa Universalis III, que mola mazo.


En cuanto a turnos, por supuesto Civilization IV + Expansión Warlords. Yo llevo jugando a esta saga 12 años desde 1995 con la segunda parte, y esta cuarta es simplemente GENIAL.







aias.gifAIAS 2005 Interactive Achievement Award

Strategy Game of the Year Civilization IV has been awarded for being at the forefront of gaming achievement in 2005 by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Firaxis and 2K would like to thank the AIAS and its voters for bestowing this prestigious honor upon Civ IV.




1x1_tr.gifgamespot_bic.gif GameSpot Best of 2005 Award

Best PC Game "There are many reasons that Civilization IV is a fantastic game and just as many reasons that GameSpot selected it as its PC game of the year. Civilization IV presents a more-streamlined version of the classic strategy formula that designer Sid Meier helped create at MicroProse so many years ago. However, the new game includes a powerful 3D engine, as well as a new design focused on multiplayer play."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifgamespot_bic.gif GameSpot Best of 2005 Award

Best Strategy Game "What more can we say about Civilization IV at this point? This is easily one of the most addictive games of the year, thanks to its clever reworking of the tried-and-true Civilization formula. Sure, the basic idea is still the same as ever: Guide a Stone Age civilization to the Space Age and beyond. However, Firaxis took this opportunity to rewrite many of the game's underlying ideas, and the result is a new Civilization with lots of cool new features and very little of the annoying micromanagement fat of past installments."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifign-beststrat-ovr.gif IGN 2005 Game of the Year Award

Best Overall Strategy Game "Simply put, if you played this game, you loved it. The basic concepts of the celebrated empire-building game have all been retained but they've been made more convenient and comprehensible. Better still, the developers have managed to maintain the depth and flexibility that's made the series so addictive."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifign-goty-2.gif IGN 2005 Game of the Year Award

Best PC Game "Put simply, we haven't stopped playing this game since we got our hands on it. We encourage each other to finish work early and blow off our social engagements just so we can squeeze in a few more hours of play here and there. Given the amazing depth of the design and the convenience of the interface, it's no wonder that the empire-building joy of Civilization IV has so dominated our playing time this year."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifign-beststrat.gif IGN 2005 Game of the Year Award

Best PC Strategy Game "Civilization IV is a fundamental reinvention of the game. Though the developers have adhered to the basic concepts that made the franchise so successful in the past, they've taken an ax to the interface concepts that have dominated the game since 1991. With a much more efficient, readable interface, gamers are now free to spend their time actually worrying about their overall strategy."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifign-bestonline-2.gif IGN 2005 Game of the Year Award

Best PC Online Game "Firaxis took this brilliant game and built it from the ground up as a multiplayer game, adding in all sorts of features and options to provide a terrific platform for online gameplay including great features such as one that allows players dropped out to simply jump back in without much of a hiccup. Whether you're playing by email, hotseat, or taking simultaneous turns against other humans or teamed up against computer opponents, there's very little to complain about here."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifgamespy-pc-goty.gif GameSpy 2005 Game of the Year Award

PC Game of the Year "Get this: Civilization IV has a built-in alarm clock feature, which will ding when you've spent X number of hours playing. It's there to remind you that you should sleep, eat, or perhaps go to work. The fact that you would forsake all of the above -- to such an extent that you might need a reminder or you wouldn't even notice -- is a testament to just how addictive and engrossing this game is."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifgamespy-tbs-2.gif GameSpy 2005 Game of the Year Award

PC Turn-Based Strategy Game of the Year "The flexibility of the game really stands out. Want a fast game with a lot of cutthroat fighting right from the stone age? Pick a tiny landlocked map and crowd it with a half-dozen civilizations. Perhaps you'd prefer an epic struggle, stretched out over thousands of years? Pick a large map, with separate continents, so that civilizations have to discover advanced sailing technologies before they come in contact with one another. Either type of game is fun, and each one will play out completely differently. "


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gif1up-awards.gif 1UP 2005 Award

Best Strategy/Simulation Game "From the mellow sounds of Leonard Nimoy's narration to the polished world view that allows you to smoothly scroll from satellite view to up-close and personal, this is the consummate update of a classic." "


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifve-beststrat.gif Voodoo Extreme Best of 2005 Award

Best Strategy Game "Civ IV is one of the most addictive games ever released. From the new 3D graphics, to having Spock do the technology voice overs, Civ IV rocks the ages. Taking over the Earth was never so much fun."


Read the full article


1x1_tr.gifg-dad-goty15.gif GamerDad Game of the Year 2005 Award

Game of the Year - Ages 14+ "Civ IV is one of the most addictive games ever released. From the new 3D graphics, to having Spock do the technology voice overs, Civ IV rocks the ages. Taking over the Earth was never so much fun."


Read the full article

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Por cierto un aviso, aunque algo tarde, con la micromania del mes de Febrero venia de regalo el silent Storm (3,95 €), lo que no se es si se pueden conseguir estos numeros atrasados..., pero vamos que es/fue un chollo.


La mayor pega de este juego es que no tiene multijugador,

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¿estrategia? ¿turnos?


¿Has probado el ajedrez?

hay diplomacia en el ajedrez?


Depende como te lo tomes...le puedes dar pataditas por debajo de la mesa, escupirle, guiñarle un ojo... :D

que ojo? que mesa? los del ordenador?


Aún así le puede meter viajes a la torre mientras le susurras...Vamos a llevarnos bien :D

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