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Ya Ha Salido El Eech 1.9.0!!

Sir Crashalot

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Anunciado por arneh en SimHQ:


The time has come, I've now deemed 1.9 ready for release!


What's new in 1.9?


First of all, if you haven't seen it, there is a 10 minute video showing some of the new features.


Among the new features are new weapons modelling where rockets and bullets now are affected by gravity, drag and dispersion:




Spiraling flightpath and depressable launchers for the Vikhr missiles:




Relief shaded, topographical campaign maps:




Colour MFDs for Alligator and Comanche:




A new HUD for the Comanche:





Proper colour or monochrome TV cameras, not just IR cameras.





Full changelog

Weapons modelling


* Gun projectiles and unguided rockets are now affected by gravity, drag and dispersion. As a result rounds take longer to reach their target and with less accuracy.

* Vikhr missiles now follow a spiral flight path

* Vikhr launch racks will depress up to 12 degrees to align with target direction. This helps as the Vikhr now has very narrow launch restrictions for weapon launch.

* Rockets and missiles will now only create smoke for as long as the rocket engine is burning.

* Rockets adjusted to have shorter burn time and faster acceleration.

* Muzzle velocity adjusted for many weapons to better match real world values.

* New values for GWUT file for changing weapons drag, spiral path and seeker limits. These are included in gwut190.csv, but note that the GWUT editor (version 1.3) is not yet capable of editing these values, and will delete them from any file which contains them. So you will have to edit the file with a text editor until a new version of the GWUT editor comes out



Avionics changes


* New weapons aiming avionics for ballistic weapons. See wiki article for details.

* New flight MFD page, revised TADS page and added colour to many other MFD pages for Comanche.

* New HUD for Comanche

* New flight, TSD, radar and engine pages for Alligator. Added colour to several other pages.

* DTV/LLLTV will now show a full-colour(for Comanche) or monochrome (for the others) TV view, not a IR-view.

* DTV/LLLTV in Comanche and Ka-52 is now capable changing zoom level.

* EO zoom level can now be changed even if EO is not active targeting system. Use CTRL + keypad +/- for this (only when manual laser/radar is enabled in eech.ini)

* EO camera can now be changed even if EO is not active targeting system. Use Shift + END for this.



Campaign map changes


* New relief shaded topographical campaign map

* Hi-res campaign map and alternative map palette also available (campaign_map_mode and campaign_map_palette in eech.ini)

* Adjustable how often enemy units update. By default the position of known enemy units are updated once every 2 minutes. Configurable by map_update_interval in eech.ini.

* Fixed bug where undiscovered enemy units would show up if you just zoomed the map enough.

* Campaign map in free flight mode now allows adding and moving waypoints.



External cameras


* New free camera mode. Press F9 when already in chase or weapons camera view. Use mouse to pan, arrow keys or mouse wheel to move camera.

* New wobbly camera option (wobbly-camera in eech.ini) for chase and weapons camera. Gives the impression of the camera being mounted in a chase plane/helicopter which is not always able to keep perfect view of object.

* Chase camera allows a limited amount of movement from object being chased. Use arrow keys for this.



Smoke fixes


* You can now disable the persistent smoke (persistent_smoke=0 in eech.ini). With it enabled smoke will only be created for about 10 seconds, instead of minutes.

* Rockets and missiles only generate smoke as long as the rocket engine is burning.

* Slightly adjusted smoke colour.

* Fixed a crash which would sometimes happen with smoke.



Other changes


* Fixed a problem for multiplayer/saved games where data would get corrupted

* Trim does no longer affect helicopter attitude in hover hold mode.

* ... and probably some more changes I've forgotten to mention, and numerous bugs I haven't discovered yet \:\)







* To get the new weapons ballistic you must use the new gwut190.csv file. Since it contains some new values it can't be edited with the GWUT editor, if you want to change it you have to use a text editor.

* Your game.cfg file will be reset, so make sure you go into the options menu and set your options the way you want them after first start

* All previous save games will be invalid, so finish any campaigns before updating.

* Since there is a lot of changes, and this is a .0 release, don't expect it to be completely bug free yet. I'm sure there are still some undiscovered bugs. But there is always .1 to fix things again \:\)





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¿Cual es el archivo ese que hay que editar para que se activen la nueva dinamica del armamento?. :icon_mrgreen: Que yo estoy como mas de uno con el ingles :icon_mrgreen: .


Tengo un pequeño problema con la grafica nueva. las imagen me da pequeños tironcitos de vez en cuando y luego se estaviliza asta que al momento se vuelva a desestavilizar con los dichosos tironcitos.


Me he pillado una nvidia 8600GT y un Dual Core 6000.


Que cozas, oye. <_<

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de momento estan genial todas las novedades


recordar que hay que cambiar el fichero WUT para que muchas de las nuevas caracteristicas se activen como la dinamica de los proyectiles y la verdad que da gusto ver los vikhrs dando vueltas y el cañon ahora parece lo que tendria que ser.


el fichero gwut190.scv ya se graba en la instalacion del nuevo parche pero hay que activarlo tambien en el ini, concretamente en esta linea:




wut=gwut190.csv # supply a filename of a wut text file here


si no seguira cogiendo el que se tenia antes


otra modificacion al ini que esta muy intersante es la de la duracion del humo de los objetivos destruidos


si se configura asi:

persistent_smoke=0 # Make smoke from burning targets keep burning for a long time (CPU intensive)


desaparece al cabo de unos 10 segundos y para los FPS va genial , lo malo es a la hora de localizar los objetivos pero eso añade un poco mas de dificultad.

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mmmmmmmmmm lo he provao pero si que tengo el gwut el 190 pero al probarlo de los cohetes pues me van rectos sin dar vueltas?!!!! :angry: creo que lo tengo bien


yo lo tengo asi



wut=gwut190.csv "y esto separao" # supply a filename of a wut text file here

no hace falta que este asi no

wut=gwut190.csv# supply a filename of a wut text file here


Edited by ave
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¿Y aparte de este parche es recomendable instalar alguno más para mejora de texturas, efectos y cosas así?

Yo tengo varios parches de texturas, además de las diferentes versiones que han ido saliendo, y como hace tiempo que lo tengo desinstalado no se qué hacer ahora.

Recuerdo que había un programa que te buscaba él solo las actualizaciones que había y luego las iba instalando, pero no sé si con este último parche es necesario.


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