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Almost Five Years Of The 69th Squadron

Guest Darkness

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Guest Darkness

Five years... Since this journey began... Much to say, many things to remember, many people came, and many people gone. But we´re still alive, and we´re thinking of a new future for all of us. Let´s talk about it just for a moment.


Once upon a time...


Well I can´t believe it´s gonna be five years since we started this (August 1st 2003), how to say, this crazy wonderful world of simulators, friends, even what we could say "a family", known as the 69th Squadron. Not knowing exactly if we are brothers, cousins, a mix, and where are the parents (they might have be gone for a long time I suspect). On august 1st 2003, the E-69 was opened. Since then, my life has changed in so many ways...


A Virtual Squadron was born... or something...


What have we learnt from this? What I have learnt? So much I think. I couldn´t even imagine five years ago, when I was trying to understand that strange stuff called phpnuke, that is, the "CMS", the software that made possible the first portal and the first forum. I can say, and it is very clear for me, that I was just trying to create a page to talk to some people about my way of seeing this amazing world of simulators. Then there was the forum, right, it is very clear we had to have a forum for this, and man, if you could see how it started... Well, you know, there are so many subforums in here now, but I started with... ¿Six, seven, even eight? Yeah that´s right, why to start with one or two if you can have a plenty set of empty forums to let people know you´re ambicious and no one will write there anytime anywhere? That´s the same story, and I, of course, did the same mistakes every one does.


Then, people came to offer some help. One of them said "well Darkness", if you´re going to have some empty forums, it is time we can start talking about something inside every one of them! So yes, we started one or two posts in every forum we had, but, surprise! There were answers for all of them! Flight Simulator, Falcon, a general forum, X-Plane, and IL2. No LOMAC (it was sold later), no english forum, no 69 style... But I must say, that was an example of what no to do when you start something... But it worked!!


Some help we shouldn´t forget...


I have to say, Hardgame was so important for the beginning, I had quite a lot of help from them. That´s for sure. You know, I broke relations with them in summer 05. Well it was hard and it was really a pity, things went wrong in many ways, I think people got confused and nervous, so do I. Then I left, and we started to walk alone. But I´ll always remember their help, as it was very important at the beginnings of this web.


And some help we have had throught all those years...


I can´t talk of E-69 as it is today without talking of the too many people that have made this web the way it is. The administrators, Juanoscar, Korrea, DDTang, the Wings, the Wing Commanders (hey that sounds brilliant in english), the pilots, the instructors, the Academy, and all the people that write and read every day, even Donetes and Nesher. Many thanks to all of them, it´s you that this forum was created for, and it´s you that have changed this project into a living community. You´re simply the best!


Association Inc, building better worlds.


Now we have the EVA Association, we have the servers, the ftp server, and even we´re thinking of the future. We have people entering into the forum every day, and all kind of activities for everybody. Well it´s summer and we´re taking some rest and flights are less than normal at the moment of writing this, but in september we´ll start it again. On september 27th we´ll have the dinner to celebrate the fifth E-69 Anniversary, I hope to see you there!


The future, that unknown country (Star Trek dixit).


What about the future? Who knows. I didn´t was supposed to know what was going to happen five years ago, and you can bet I don´t know what´s gonna happen in the next five years. More movements, more activities, more people to know, more flights, more airplanes, more cars, more tactics, more uboats, more F-22 versus Su-27, more what the hell you´re saying about the Mirage and the F/A-18..... I don´t really know. The truth is that we can be sure no one´s gonna be boried here, that´s not a promise, that´s the way this squadron has been for the last five years.


Someone we´ll miss forever.


Just some final few words to remember, once more, our friend and colleague Misha. He died just some days ago when I am writing this, and it has been very hard for all of us. May he rest in peace, and fly forever in the skies and the mountains he loved so. We will never forget you.


Well it´s time you shut up man, they´re almost slept.


Ok ok. I´m gonna shut up right now. And that is. Five years, hundreds of people, thousand of virtual flights, races, and much more to come. Are you going to lose it? Don´t be mad, we are here waiting. Take your seat, fasten seat belts, and give it a try. You´re not going to forget the experience of being a 69th Lover. At least, not while the sky is there. Let´s rock!


Happy birthday!


69th Squadron.

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