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Error Al Actualizar A 1.11.0


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Mi problema es el siguiente:


He instalado el EECH desde el Cd original, al ejecutarlo me aparece la versión 1.3.0.C, hasta aquí todo correcto.


Me he descargado el archivo "eech-allMods-1.11.exe" para actualizar el juego y dejarlo listo para volar.


Al encerderlo me aparece como la versión 1.11.0 y WUT:gwt1110.csv por lo que deduzco que lo he actualizado.


Cuando me pongo a pilotar al cabo de unos segundos me da un error y me echa del programa.


¿Sabéis por que? ¿Me he saltado alguna actualización previa? Agradecería cualquier consejo.


Un saludo.

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no me as entendido


solo tienes que cambiar el ini y ya te funcionara


de todos modos si vuelas mucho a esto y queres volar con migo on-line mandame un mp con tu msn y asi ademas te paso ese archivo si es que lo encuentro



Estaré encantado, déjame que pruebe un par de dias para coger de nuevo el truquillo y me pongo en contacto contigo.


Muchas gracias de nuevo.

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Ayer desinstalé el EECH y volví a instalarlo pero sin llegar a actualizarlo.


El problema es que luego no encontré el archivo "ini". ¿Alguien sabe por que?


Al actualizarlo a la última versión me sigue dando el error y ya aparece el "ini".


Una pequeña ayuda por favor.

Edited by HTCTD
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sustitue esto en el archivo eech.ini

C:\Program Files\Razorworks\cohokum\eech.ini


esta config es bastante realista para los helicopteros rusos como ka-52 y ka-50


[Enemy Engaged - Comanche Hokum commandline options]


chaff=1.0 # Effectivness of chaff where n = 0.0 (ineffective) to 1.0 (fully effective - default)

flare=1.0 # Effectivness of flares where n = 0.0 (ineffective) to 1.0 (fully effective - default)

smoke=1.0 # Effectivness of smoke where n = 0.0 (ineffective) to 1.0 (fully effective - default)

fog=14400 # Sets the time (sec) taken for the "fog of war" to reshroud enemy sector info (def 4 hours).

cpac=1 # capture aircraft: aircraft landed at captured bases or FARPS become usable by your side.

uit=5.0 # user invulnerable time (default 5 sec), when starting mission



cbar=500 # distance in meters that city blocks resolve

fs=1 # Switch for turning off the default FULL SCREEN video mode, (def = 1, full screen)

mfr=30 # Max visual frame rate, (defaults = 30)

32bit=1 # Activates 32bit rendering if your video card supports it

nrt=0 # Turns off rendering to texture in case of visual problems with MFDs or TADS

notnl=0 # Turns off GeForce "TnL" support for troubleshooting

3dreset=0 # Reset screen resolution to 640x480 (def = 0)

dxtm=0 # directx texture management, should fix "unable to allocate hardware slot" error (def = 0)

cg=0 # clean graphics, re-installs graphics files (def = 0)

palette=1 # allow to use textures.pal if videocard supports it. Default is 1. Recommended is 0.



maxplayers=4 # maximum number of players in a multiplayer game, def = 4

ipa= # ip address = TCPIP address to connect to. A HOST can leave out the value.

usemaster=1 # Report game to internet masterserver (0 for private games)

pss=hoxdna.org # primary masterserver setting (server internet address)

sss=eech.dhs.org # secondary masterserver setting (server internet address)

ccrs=214800 # connection receive size, initial guess of campaign data size (default = 210k)

cdrs=214800 # data record size, similar to above…

cpbs=214800 # pack buffer size, similar to above…

cpds=512 # packet data size (def = 512)

cgs=0 # force the comms to use DirectPlay guaranteed send instead of its own (def=0).

crls=1000 # packet history list size, increase if client keeps getting kicked out by server (default = 1000)

crl=10 # number of times a client can re-request the same packet, increase for poor connections (def=10)

cpt=5 # time delay in seconds the comms will wait for a packet before re-requesting it. (default = 5s)

crto=2 # time comms will wait before assuming re-requested packets was lost (default = 2s)

mur=5 # max update framerate for a server, na for a client (default = 5fps for TCPIP, 15fps for IPX)

cig=1 # interpolate helicopter position for smoother visuals

cvc=1 # validate connection, removes dead player husks when client crashes

cptl=10 # packet throttle limit, mainly for modems, governs the flow rate of packets

cto=15 # timeout, the amount of time to wait before removing dead player husks

eufr=2 # client server entity update framerate, no. of iterations

css=0 # show communication stats (def = 0)

cist=500 # comms initial sleep time

servlog= # filename for server log

pauseserv=0 # pause server if no clients connected

dedicated=0 # active server mode, off by default.

game_type=0 # Valid game_types are: 1 = Freeflight, 2 = Campaign, 3 = Skirmish (def = 0)

gunship_type=8 # Gunship_types are, 0 = Apache, 1 = Havoc, 2 = Comanche, 3 = Hokum

path= # Path to map, campaign, skirmish



advancedfm=1 # advanced (more complex) flight model, off by default.

enginerealism=1 # realistic engine workload simulation model, on by default.

enginestartup=1 # manual engine start up, off by default.

drbs=1.0 # retreating blade stall, floating point scaling factor for RBS effect (default = 1.0)

drv=1.0 # rudder value, scaling factor for drag on tail rotation (default = 1.0)

dra=0.8 # rudder acceleration, scaling factor for tail rotation acceleration (default = 0.8)

drd=1.0 # main rotor drag, scaling factor for drag caused by main rotor (default = 1.0)

dmrl=1.0 # main rotor lift, scaling factor for lift of main rotor (default = 1.0)

dtrd=1.0 # tail rotor drag, scaling factor for drag caused by tail in forward flight (default = 1.0)

dzd=0.0 # cyclic dead zone, percentage deadzone for the cyclic (default = 0.0)

dyal=5.0 # yaw altitude loss (default = 5.0)

debug_show_force_vectors=0 # show force vectors on own helicopter for debuging purposes



goto=0 # Activates "GOTO" teleport button on the campaign map.

vfm=0 # vector flight model, activates viewer or "UFO" flight mode.

psr=0 # player start rank for new pilots

ns=0 # Bypass soundcard, useful for tracking hardware conflicts

hdwrbuf=0 # Number of hardware buffers to use for sound (0 to use software only)

mta=4 # The maximum multiplier allowed for time acceleration (default - 4)

nomcm=0 # no mission complete music




wut=gwut180.csv # supply a filename of a wut text file here



g-force_head_movement=0.0 # g-forces move head in wideview (default 0.0, off = 0.0, normal = 1.0, other values adjust amount of head movement)

comanche_pilot=0.000,0.105,0.180,0.000 #wideview pilot position

comanche_co-pilot=0.000,0.105,0.180,0.000 #wideview co-pilot position

hokum_pilot=0.000,0.000,0.200,0.000 #wideview pilot position

hokum_co-pilot=0.000,0.000,0.200,0.000 #wideview co-pilot position

apache_pilot=0.000,0.050,0.200,-7.000 #wideview pilot position

havoc_pilot=0.000,0.050,0.200,-5.000 #wideview pilot position

hud_code=0,0,10,3,0,10,0,0,10,1,0,10 #hud code for 4 gunships



faa=1 # fligh any aircraft, def = 1 (on)

radarinf=1 # infantry no longer visible on radar, def = 1 (on)

grstab=1 # ground stabilisation of FLIR, def = 1 (on)

manual_laser/radar=1 # have to manually enable and disable radar and laser, def = 0 (off)

camcom=1 # Activates the Campaign Commander

destgt=1 # Activates designated target list

cannontrack=2 # Cannon tracking boresight (def=1, 0 = no tracking, 1 = track if no acq, 2 = track in IHADSS/HIDSS/HMS


[Joysticks and TIR]

eopann=-1 # joystick no. used for FLIR panning

eopanv=7 # joystick DirectX axis used for vertical FLIR panning

eopanh=9 # joystick DirectX axis used for horizontal FLIR panning

eozoomn=-1 # joystick no. used for FLIR zoom

eozoomax=8 # joystick DirextX axis used for FLIR zoom

cyclicn=0 # Joystick no. for the cyclic

cyclich=1 # Joystick DirectX axis for cyclic horizontal

cyclicv=2 # Joystick DirectX axis for cyclic vertical

collectiven=0 # Joystick no. for the collective

collectiveax=7 # Joystick DirectX acis for the collective

ruddern=0 # Joystick no. for the rudder

rudderax=6 # Joystick DirectX axis for the rudder

joylookn=-1 # joystick no. used for joystick look

joylookh=2 # joystick DirectX axis used for horizontal joystick look

joylookv=3 # joystick DirectX axis used for vertical joystick look

joylookst=30 # joystick look step (min=1,def=30,max=100)

reverse_pedal=0 # reversed pedal input

external_trackir=0 # if TrackIR is active, let it control external view too

external_trackir_dir=0 # Can be used to invert the view direction of the external TIR

msl=0 # activates mouselook, and TrackIR when present. '0' is OFF, '1' is internal-only, '2' is external-only, '3' is both.

msls=10 # mouselook speed when activated (def=15, must be > 0) otherwise POV speed (min=1,def=13,max=20)

TIR_6DOF=0 # Enables support for TrackIR vector in the hokum and comanche


[Graphics and textures]

minfov=20 # general field of view minimum, linked to key '7', normal fov (60) = key '8'

maxfov0=80 # general field of view maximum for Apache pits, linked to key '9'

maxfov1=80 # general field of view maximum for Havoc pits, linked to key '9'

maxfov2=80 # general field of view maximum for Comanche pits, linked to key '9'

maxfov3=80 # general field of view maximum for Hokum-B pits, linked to key '9'

high_lod_hack=1 # EXPERIMENTAL! Enables highest level-of-detail models at far distances. Nice for higher FOVs, bad for FPS (esp. near cities)

dwash=0 # visible rotor downwash (dust), def = 1 (on)

restricted_nvg_fov=1 # restrict night vision field of view by shading edge of screen, def = 1 (on)

highreshud=1 # high resolution HUD, def = 1 (on)

greenmfd=1 # mfd's are green (def = 1 (off), 1 = on)

colourmfd=1 # mfd's use colours (only Apache currently)) (def = 1 (off), 1 = on)

tsdrender=0 # TSD render options (0-4) def = 0 (contours only)

tsdpalette=0 # TSD palette options (0-2) def = 0

tsdenemy=0 # TSD showing enemy colours (red, blue) def = 0 (off)

tsddetail=1 # TSD in high detail, def = 0 (off)

3d_cockpit=0 # EXPERIMENTAL! Draws a 3d apache cockpit (wide_view and MFD close-up (F3 and F4) disabled)

texture_colour=1 # Use texture colours directly. WARNING: only use with correct texture packs (def=0)

texture_filtering=1 # Texture blending, reacts to Anisotropic filter setting. EXPERIMENTAL (def=0)

mipmapping=1 # Use mipmnapped textures (dds files). WARNING: only use with correct texture packs (def=0)

dynamic_water=1 # Use dynamic water textures (def=0)

night_light=0.9 # Make night light levels darker (fraction 0 dark to 1 default light)



filter=1 # Turns on session filtering

autosave=0 # Autosave every n minutes or 0 for not to autosave

dfr=0 # display framerate, 0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = log to file "framerate.txt"

[end of file]

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Por fin, ya está. Os cuento como lo he hecho.


Al instalar el EECH me aparecía la versión 1.3.0C y yo ejecutába el instalador

de 511Mb que te actualiza hasta la más reciente.


Me descargué de EECH Central uno por uno todos los parches y los fui instalando.


A la hora de arrancar no tuve problemas pero en una de las campañas me daba

un error de texturas por lo que instalé todas las texturas habidas y por haber. Sin problema.


La cuestión es que en las fotos que subís, los terrenos me parecen a mi con mejor calidad.


¿Hay por ahí algún archivo que sea entero de texturas? ¿Será cuestión de cambiar esto?


The textures looks weird


Change the following settings in eech.ini to 1:






De nuevo muchas gracias por la atención.

Edited by HTCTD
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¿Hay por ahí algún archivo que sea entero de texturas? ¿Será cuestión de cambiar esto?


The textures looks weird


Change the following settings in eech.ini to 1:






De nuevo muchas gracias por la atención.



Pues si, era eso.

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