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Here are the links for the correct configuration for the essential programs to fly our international missions. ;)



  2. E69 RL configuration and Validator connection by E69_Ender.
  3. Escuadrón 69 "Falcon4.cfg" Download link.
  4. Archivo de configuración "OF4.5 falconbms.cfg" Forum Thread
  5. Download TeamSpeak 3 and follow the instructions to connect with E69 server.



Connect to new TS3 E69 Team Speak server:


- Create a New Server (E69 for example)

- Use server address: http://www.escuadron69.net

- Port: 9987

- As Nickname please use “SQUAD_Nickname” (for example E69_Naima)

- Server Password: mustang

- Hit connect!!!

- Be patient, now you need rights to move for channels.


Please, config TS Keys following the Briefing instructions. Comming up new settings for new TS3.

Configure RL and run the Validator (download link number #1).


Our Falcon server IP:

Aegean Teather for the new "Liberation exercise 2011".



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