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Jets of Air force Colombian Land in Runway of Cars

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Guest Darkness

Air Force Colombian? (??????)

Que yo sepa allá hablan castellano y se llaman Fuerzas Aéreas Colombianas...o si quieres ponerlo en ingles: Colombian Air Force. No?


Well it´s Colombian Air Force yes, but as it is related to a spanish force, it can be said in spanish. But try to remember please that this is our english forum, so everybody here writes plain and texan english :lol:


I have seen the same in Switzerland, they also train their pilots in landing on roads.

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In Germany, they tried to land a F-104 in a motorway... and yes they could, but not before putting the Starfighter in the mud, or what's the same, out of the road :xd:


There's a video of that in the tube... :rolleyes:


PD: Wasn't it in Switzerland where fighters were parked near the roads in tunnels, or caves (I don't remember that exactly right now) hanging from the roof? Just like our plastic models in our rooms :xd:

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Guest Darkness

In Switzerland highroads are made without any object in the middle so they can be used as airports, with some equipment to maintain the fighters ready to lunch. That´s the way they have to avoid their airbases being destroyed in a first attack and with no air response. They also train hard in knowing their mountains to play with enemy fighters around the valleys, it´s quite impressive.



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