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Solución a Problemas Iniciales

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Permitidme que abra este hilo, ya que Ilya de Maddox Games ha colgado algunas sugerencias que pueden ayudar a solucionar muchos de los problemas que tenemos. Además, se ha comprometido a irlo actualizando, cosa que es de agradecer.


Os pongo el link, así como el texto. Lo siento pero no tengo ahora tiempo para traducirlo.



Cliffs of Dover Technical FAQ




Thank you for purchasing Cliffs of Dover! If you have previously purchased our sims, you should know that they are a constant work in progress. We as a team are proud of the fact that we continuously support, expand and improve on our releases. We hope, with your support, to continue this tradition and to help the series grow in the coming years.

Here are some common issues encountered by players with the initial release, and how to resolve them.


1. Q: I have low FPS.



A. Please consider disabling the anti-epilepsy filter (Options – Video – Anti-Epilepsy Filter). WARNING: disabling this filter may induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. Please read the complete warning on the game’s splash screen.

Disabling the filter will add up to 10 FPS to your game, depending on your hardware configuration.


B. If your machine does not exceed the recommended system requirements, consider turning down some graphic settings. The two options that cause the most performance gain are Forest and Building Amount (Options – Video – Show Advanced). You should not need to turn down other settings if your computer meets the recommended requirements.


C. If your computer is well below the recommended system requirements, please also consider turning down Land Detail and Land Shading, and turning off Grass.


D. The options that cause the least performance gain for the largest decrease in visual quality are Model Detail and Shadows. We only recommend turning these off if your computer is right at the edge of the minimum requirements.


E. NOTE: DirectX 9 offers slower performance and lower graphic fidelity. If your system meets Recommended system requirements, upgrading to a DX10-capable operating system will offer better performance boost in Cliffs of Dover than perhaps any hardware upgrade.


2. Q: I have an above-recommended SLI video card set up and my FPS is very low.

A: At some point in the very hectic pre-release rush, we have broken SLI support and we have not yet been able to discover the reason for it. We are working very hard to re-enable it. In the meantime, disabling SLI will significantly boost your FPS.


3. Q: I see a black screen when launching the game.

A: You are most likely running an Nvidia card with 266.xx drivers. There's a problem with that particular driver version.

It can be resolved by either rolling back to a previous driver version, such as 257.21, or upgrading to the just-released 270.51.

The issue can also be resolved by manually adjusting one of the driver parameters in the registry. This is for more advanced users. Please modify the registry at your own risk.


Start - Run


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\GraphicsDrivers

Edit - New - DWord

Name = TdrDelay

Value Data = 12


4. Q: I am experiencing periodic FPS hic-ups when flying low over terrain.


A: The issue is apparently caused by our extensive vegetation. We are feverishly working on a solution, which should be available in a matter of days.


5. Q: I am seeing a gray rectangle in the upper left corner of the screen.


A: You have created a new Info window. These highly customizable windows allow you to set up your own user interface in-game. Due to the fact that the game also features clickable cockpits, our solution to having distinct clickable elements that possibly overlay each other is making the cockpit elements selectable with a regular left-click, and the interface overlay windows selectable with an alt-click.

So, simply alt-click the grey rectangle to select it, and then either move it and resize it, right-click to customize it, or right-click to close it.

This can also be done with all standard interface elements, including no-cockpit gauge overlays. Or you can right-click anywhere on your screen and add new Info windows to your interface layout.


6. Q: I have turned down Model Detail and now strange things are sticking through the cockpit of my Hurricane.


A: The external model of the Hurricane wasn’t designed with decreased graphic settings in mind, so lower-detail portions of it began to stick through the cockpit. We are working to have this addressed ASAP – in the meantime please consider turning Model Detail up as it does not offer significant performance gain on anything but the slowest machines.


7. Q: I am running Windows Vista / 7, and my game constantly crashes.


A: You have most likely manually reset your render to use DX9. Cliffs of Dover only supports DX9 on Windows XP. Please use DX10 on DX10-capable operating systems, as switching to DX9 actually reduces performance, in addition to leading to unexpected crashes.


8. Q: I cannot see propellers on any planes!


A: Rotating propellers were causing the game to fail epilepsy tests, and so drastic changes were made to the propellers in addition to the Anti-Epilepsy filter. If we can be perfectly frank, there is a chance that this will never change back.


9. Q: I see two small black vertical lines on my screen.


A: These are cursors in the Info windows (see #5 above). A very annoying, nasty, despicable bug that we've been hunting down for months and those damned cursors are still there. Grrr! They are on our hit list.


10. Q: I can fly through trees without receiving any damage.


A: Since Cliffs of Dover has more shrubbery in it than perhaps any other flight sim developed so far - hundreds of thousands of trees around the player - enabling collision for the trees grinds the game to a complete halt, especially as they need to be tracked around every plane on the map and not just the player's. Making collisions less precise leads to equally poor results, when planes may fly through a tree but crash into seemingly empty space.

We know this is extremely important. The solution is there, but it still eludes us.


11. Q: Your game does not support multi-core processors! How dare you, sir!


A: Cliffs of Dover does support multiple cores. However, additional cores are not used constantly, but in spikes. Expanded multicore support is in the works, but at this time the game taxes the 1st core constantly, while only delegating additional tasks to the other cores when needed.

Depending on your hardware configuration, you can play with manually setting the ProcessAffinityMask parameter of your conf.ini (WARNING: this is an UNSUPPORTED FEATURE for advanced users only). The parameter can be used to manually force all processes to a single core, for example ProcessAffinityMask=3 to have the entire game process on the 3rd core. The actual effect of this setting will vary greatly based on your individual hardware and software configuration.


12. Q: I am an old-time fan of the series and I can no longer manually edit my conf.ini.


A: By default, your config is now stored in the steam cloud. This allows you to log into steam on a new machine, and carry over your entire config including keyboard layout etc.

This also means that manual edits to the config files are automatically overwritten by the server when the game is launched.

NOTE: editing conf.ini is an UNSUPPORTED FEATURE for advanced users only. ALWAYS back up last working version of the conf.ini.

To disable cloud config storage, go through these simple steps:

* Right-click the game in the game list in your steam Library.

* Go to the Updates tab of the Properties window.

* Uncheck "Enable steam cloud..."

* Press Close

* You can now manually edit your config file!

NOTE: (once again) some of the settings in the conf.ini are legacy settings left over from when some features were not yet set in stone, so you WILL horribly break the game if you begin to randomly reset random settings to see what they do.


13. Q: I am running Windows XP. All missions stop loading at 95% and never complete.


A: Your memory is too low to fully load landscape with grass. Please go to Options - Video - Show Advanced and uncheck Grass. This will allow the game to fully load.

(automatic fix is on the way)


[to be expanded]



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"You should not need to turn down other settings if your computer meets the recommended requirements."


Mira mi "maquina" supera los requisitos recomendados y el juego va lento, esto es una tomadura de pelo. Que pasa que nos han vendido una beta y la llaman 1.0. Prefiero a los de DCS que al menos te dicen que estabas comprando una beta.

Me voy a volar al ROF a ver si se me quita el enfado.... <_<

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Nuevo comentario de Ilya. Pues eso, que parafraseando a no recuerdo quién... :D ... "estamos trabajando en ello...!"


Os dejo el link, y os pongo el texto en inglés.




Today, 09:34 AM


Senior Member Join Date: Dec 2007

Location: Moscow, Russia

Posts: 182


Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Roadmap




Hi everyone. I’m very sorry to see that some of you are having technical difficulties with the game. It pains me personally to see that these problems are preventing you from enjoying everything the game has to offer.


The team has been working at a frantic pace since mid-summer. I personally have been working 12+ hour days 7 days a week pretty much non-stop, with only a short breather around Christmas. Optimization has always been our top priority; for example, the game you are playing now is roughly twice as fast as the version shown at Igromir.


We are continuing to work at the same pace now, after the release – no weekends in sight. We are working very hard to make the game better, and we hope that even those of you who are unhappy with the state of the game are still able to see that it is worth the wait, and that you have faith in our ability to improve on your experience.


Here’s what we are working on at the moment:


1. Performance increase. Over terrain, the two things that slow things down the most are trees and buildings. We are currently in final stages of testing optimized buildings that almost double the FPS over London on a test machine.

Tree optimization is a little farther away. You will probably see changes in how trees are rendered, they’ll take longer to appear over terrain, but once again, performance increase should be significant.

If everything tests correctly over the weekend, both of these should be released by early to mid next week.


2. Enhanced multicore support. The mode that we unfortunately were not able to finish in time is sending all render to a dedicated CPU core. The mode is working but somewhat buggy. It easily doubles the FPS, and the performance boost is especially noticeable in larger missions with lots of stuff going on.

This is probably at least two to three weeks away, and we will probably do a short public beta of this major change before it’s made live to everyone.


3. Multiplayer. There is something in steam filters that prevents game servers from being found. This is only happening with live retail versions of the game. This apparently isn’t caused by us – hopefully it’s just a simple oversight somewhere and the fix will be a simple flick of a switch.


4. FM and ballistics. We have already addressed the issue where rounds appeared to leave aircraft sideways. This was caused by the difference between physical and rendered position of the aircraft, i.e. the rendered position lagged behind the actual aircraft position.

Our aircraft programmer has a huge bucket list of things to check, which he’s going over at a rather brisk pace.


5. Resurrecting SLI support. This is our next biggest priority; it’s done by the same programmer now in final stages of optimizing buildings. We are really hoping this will be a quick task, but I don’t have an ETA at this point. It’ll either be a couple of days, or a much longer undetermined amount of time if we have to submit versions to card manufacturers and ask for their input.


6. Bug fixes and support. We are reading this forum a lot and some Russian-language forums, and working very hard to address all issues as they are being reported.


7. New stuff – larger online maps, some new aircraft such as the 109E1 and E4 etc – are all in the pipeline too, but obviously we need to solve the bigger issues first and then deal with the freebies.



Thank you all for your continuing support! Just FYI, I’m constantly doing 20 things at once, so if I don’t respond to your question it doesn’t mean I didn’t read it! I’d love to spend more time on the forums talking to the community and answering questions, but unfortunately I just cannot do it as much as I should at the moment. Please bear with us, we do really want to make all of you very happy!

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Bueeeeeno, parece que la cosa está bién encarrilada. Esperemos que las optimizaciones lleguen antes de la presentación del simulador por Darkness en la Biblioteca Jaume Fuster de Barcelona. Sería cojonudo poder decir algo como "después de un mal comienzo, parece que las cosas se están arreglando..."

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En fin, que los rusos y nosotros estamos siendo los beta-testers, el 19 de abril los americanos van a tener un simu mucho más pulido... a ver si es verdad que a lo largo de la semana tenemos la optimización de los edificios, que tiene muy buena pinta pero, sobre todo, que le metan caña al soporte multicore.

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Buff!! paciencia, pero llevamos mucho tiempo esperando el simu y ahora hay que esperar mas a que lo optimicen, y no creo que con un par de parches en dos semanas arreglen todo, supongo que les va a costar mas. Pero eso no nos lo dicen ;) tambien creo que acabara siendo cojonudo. :D

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Son buenas noticias... pero y cito:


tío...nos'han tangao



(como a los pollos de la isla esa del anuncio de Mahou).


Yo estoy contento con la compra, porque se nota que con este simu tenemos bastante chicha y seguro que lo van a solucionar...

pero nos deberían de haber avisado que el producto no está terminado...

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Son buenas noticias... pero y cito:


tío...nos'han tangao



(como a los pollos de la isla esa del anuncio de Mahou).


Yo estoy contento con la compra, porque se nota que con este simu tenemos bastante chicha y seguro que lo van a solucionar...

pero nos deberían de haber avisado que el producto no está terminado...


100% +1

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Son buenas noticias... pero y cito:


tío...nos'han tangao



(como a los pollos de la isla esa del anuncio de Mahou).


Yo estoy contento con la compra, porque se nota que con este simu tenemos bastante chicha y seguro que lo van a solucionar...

pero nos deberían de haber avisado que el producto no está terminado...


100% +1

Pues sí, si hubiesen hecho lo de DCS de "vender" una beta (no es del todo así, pero ya me entendéis ;) ), se hubiese vendido igual y todos seríamos más felices, y lo mejor de todo, que no me sentiría engañado... por muchos parches que salgan, que por supuesto deben salir, solo faltaría eso. Es que cuando anoche terminé de "intentar" hacer la primera misión de entrenamiento por distraerme un rato, con los mismos stutters, me dio por mirar lo de los vestiditos del piloto y me dije.. ¿Pero en qué cojones estabais pensando, perdiendo tiempo en esta memez con un motor gráfico que pulir?... entonces vi de casualidad lo del "spitty" rompecorazones, y fue la gota que colmó el vaso; acabé echando una partidita al wings of prey :D.

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Que les a dado con los epilecticos ahora a estos,si los epilecticos no creo que jueguen a ningun juego,ahora se cren que se compraran un pc todos los que no lo tenian y atraeran a todos los epilecticos a jugar a un simulador o como va.

Que alguien me lo explique.Deben ser leyes nuevas que salieron o algo.

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Guest Darkness
Optimization has always been our top priority; for example, the game you are playing now is roughly twice as fast as the version shown at Igromir.


Es decir, volaban con frames negativos, sino no me lo imagino.

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Los epilépticos no les pillan ataques por os efectos tan curiosos del simulador, si no por le pedazo de Stuttering que tiene el puñetero!!! si es que seguro que a mas de uno de aquí le a pasado que después de un par de horas volando sale del simulador con la sensacion de haber hecho una maraton!! al menos a mi me pasa, cuando plegó, tengo la sensacion de levitar!! como si los ojos estuvieran en otra orbita!!jajajajaja


Edito configuracion del PC que estoy usando


ASUS P5Q Deluxe

Intel core 2 QUAD Q9550 E0 2.86GHz Overclocking @3.60GHz 425x8.5

4x2Gb RAM Kingston HyperX 1066 5-5-5-15 1.65v

he quitado el Raid 0 y he dejado un solo HDD seagate de 1Tb 7200 Barracuda

y aquí la diferencia mas notable, en estos 3 días he probado 3 graficas distintas.

1ª Gráfica con la que empecé a volar GTX260, un rendimiento bastante bueno, dentro de las posibilidades del simulador, eso si, editando el Conf.ini y dejándolo casi seco en configuracion gráfica y bajando la resolucion nativa de 1920x1080 a 1600x900.. encima el mar la media era de 45 a50Fps con algún tirón a 25FPS..el conf.ini lo tenéis en un vídeo que tengo colgado en YouTube..

2ª Grafica fue una GTX470 de ASUS, un rendimiento con una resolucion nativa de 1920x1080 muy aceptable, sin tocar nada en el panel de control de Nvidia, ya que con todas la pruebas que he hecho con mi PC, al tocar el panel de control, dejabas el simulador hecho una piltrafa..sobre el mar combatiendo con grandes cantidades de aviones la media era de 55 a 62FPS algún pequeño bajón a 35, pero poca cosa..

Combate sobre Londres entre 25FPS y 16...

3ªGrafica probada una Point of View GTX 480, hoy mismo, el rendimiento a sido Bestial!!! no me lo podía creer, encima el mar con la resolucion nativa de 1920x1080 estaba en 60FPS lineales, con una max de 124...Sobre Londres no he bajado de 30Fps, conf.ini editado, y el filtro epiléptico apagado..


He hecho otras pruebas, muy interesantes también, como volar en modo ventana, os puedo asegurar que aun que es un poco pequeño el tema, con la resolucion máxima que te deja escoger.. no la recuerdo, no tenia ni una gotita de stuttering..así que creó que este simulador poco a poco se va a ir transformando en un digno sucesor del il-2 1946


En una semana are ciertas pruebas con una muy buen equipo, allí veremos si merece la pena gastarse dinero para un equipo potente potente, o mejor quedarse tal y como estamos..


Luego subiré el ultimo vídeo hecho mientras volava con la GTX480 sobre Londres combatiendo.. aun que me han jodido al piloto, al final me he resignado ha irme hacia la base mas cercana, pues un BF109 que a venido a por mi lo he mandado al suelo...


Me esta gustando mas de lo que esperaba, incluso con sus problemas..


PD: a nadie se le a colgado el Launcher.exe después de cambiar las resoluciones o editar los graficos??

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PD: a nadie se le a colgado el Launcher.exe después de cambiar las resoluciones o editar los graficos??

Sí, varias veces, cuando se cambian opciones que te obligan a reiniciar.


Por cierto, después de leer por el foro de 1c que parece ser que el mayor problema está en los edificios más que en los árboles, pues cierta razón llevan; dejando al mínimo los edificios, el detalle de edificios, quitando las carreteras y con todo lo demás a tope, he conseguido volar en tierra firme sin casi stutters. Y es verdad lo que dicen, si me voy a una zona donde casi no hay cúmulos de edificios, el tema va muy fluido, pero es empezar a aparecer edificios, y ahí empiezan los problemas, por no decir los popups, que manda huevos, parece que los edificios salgan de la tierra de repente, ya podrían haberse currado un difuminado o algo que no fuese tan abrupto.


Lo malo es que aun con opciones bajas, los edificios siguen apareciendo, y muchos; llegados a este punto, y hasta el próximo parche, preferiría una opción buildings=0 y que no saliese ni un solo edificio, me conformaría con esos prados tan bonitos :P por el momento.

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