Interceptación de A380 de Lufthansa

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Ejercicio rutinario, pero no dejan de estar chulas las imagenes - interceptación de un A380 alemán, por EFAS austriacos sobre los Alpes, hay algo más europeo? :icon_mrgreen:







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La noti:


Austria: Eurofighter Typhoon on QRA interception training with new Lufthansa A380 “Wien”


On Monday the 22nd of August, after Vienna's Mayor Dr. Häupl christened the new Lufthansa A380 “Wien” at the hub of Austrian Airlines, two Austrian Eurofighters conducted a QRA training interception of the new Airbus on its flight through Austrian airspace. The Eurofighters, scrambling from their base in Zeltweg/Styria, intercepted and flew in formation with the A380.


Austrian Eurofighter pilot Major Günter Taschler said: “The challenge was how to approach the big wing span of the civil aircraft, in order to make eye contact with the pilot. It is also not that easy to approach the aircraft from below, since the airflow generated by the large surfaces of the aircraft can become difficult for the Eurofighter.”

This mission confirmed the excellent readiness of the Austrian Eurofighter fleet, always ready to provide the best air sovereignty in Austrian airspace.

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Yo creo que todos pagariamos para que nuestro avion sea interceptado por 2 eurofighters...que gozada poder verlo en directo (bueno, sabiendo que son maniobras simuladas, no una intercepcion real xDDD)

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