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F4BMS AMVI invitation - monday 3rd of october 2011

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Dear friends,

We have not yet received informations about how many pilots, from E69, will be present on the date in subject.

CATU told me that you have accepted our call.

So, we need that detail to plan the flights.

Please provide such information with a post on our External Group Area or with a private message, directly to CATU or me.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Many greetings to Drakko and company.



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Hi Hawk!! Sorry for delay... Yes, I accept your invitation but we have no time to contact with my guys...


I dont know if we can participate tomorrow... I dont say anything to my guys, my week end was terrible and a lot of poepole goes to to Barcelona to "festa del cel" exhibition... maybe next time my friend. Sorry. :(


Next time, if is possible, post your invitation here, in our international forum because, if I dont read, someone can tell me or post directly on your forum...

Edited by Drakko
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