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F4BMS AMVI invitation 14th of november 2011

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Hi Hawk, I do not know what could have happened, but I have understood that my people did not fly yesterday. I will research that has happened since I am very angry with the actions of my people. At this point and seeing the seriousness of my drivers, I can assure anyone involved.


I am embarrassed by the lack of seriousness that have proven my drivers during the last flight dates we have agreed with you.

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Hi Drakko,

Don't be disappointed, sometimes things happen.

It was Halloween date; maybe someone forgot about dinner with friends or sons and daughters .

Anyway, take serious about 14th or next event, because we had much fun yesterday.

Falcon BMS is a great sim and you're always wellome on our event.



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Gentlemen, maybe the was a misunderstanding.

I did not received any information about your pilots and thought that you were not available.

Nobody jumped in our TS3 for information.

In that case, we had flights available for you.

Anyway, take note about the big mix open to all groups on 12th of december.

Kind regards


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