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UT2 - Cómo añadir mipmapping


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Revisando el foro de soporte de UT2, me he encontrado este post sobre cómo añadir mipmapping a las texturas de los aviones. Las ventajas son obvias:


1) Mejora del rendimiento

2) Mejora de la calidad visual


El post es fijo, por lo que lo han aprobado los desarrolladores de UT2.




Here's an easy way to batch convert UT2 aircraft to DXT5 with mipmaps.

Because this is a fast and easy way to convert files, this method converts ALL the aircraft files to DXT5 with mipmaps. However, it also preserves all the properties of the original files, so you get both the benefit of crystal clear textures and mipmaps which eliminate the flickering on both DAY and NIGHT textures. (I know some do not see the value of converting night textures, but the flickering does bother some of us. If you are one of those persons who does not agree with this, please ignore this post.) Although DXT1 creates smaller files, I detected no difference in FPS between the smaller vs. larger file formats. (I was getting 34 FPS at KLAX with 100% AI regardless of the file format). There is no discernible loss in quality from the original to the converted files with this method. Be prepared for your original file size of 2.77GB to grow to 4.20GB. The mipmaps add approximately 1/3 more to the file size. However, they look MUCH better, and there is no performance hit.

I have compared both the original files and the newly converted files in action, and I have not found any difference in the functionality other than the fact that the flickering has disappeared on night and day textures.

To set up the process:

1) Create a new folder and name it something like "DXT batch converter".

2) Copy "ImageTool.exe" into this folder. (It can be found online if it did not come with the SDK in your FSX version.)

3) Create a text document with the following text:

imagetool.exe -r -DXT5 -e bmp -batch *.bmp

4) Save the text document as "dxt5.bat"

5) Copy your "UT2 Aircraft" folder into the "DXT batch converter" folder. (After it is copied, add "Backup" to the end of your "original" folder location so that you can revert to it if you need to.)

6) Double-click the "dxt5.bat" file, and within about 20 minutes your files will be converted.

7) Copy the "UT2 Aircraft" folder back to its original location and go flying.

If you want to try the DXT1 or DXT3 formats, just substitute those texts for "DXT5" in the batch file.





Tras varias pruebas recomiendan usar el modo DXT3.


Lo acabo de probar y funciona perfectamente, al menos con la instalación original de UT2.




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