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Canal para comunicaciones con la Patrulla Vespidae

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Hola amigos Vespidae. Aqui organizaremos parte de los entrenamientos conjuntos.


Вы можете написать на русском языке, мы переводим.


Мы ставим форум, вы положили водку. :drinks:


Un saludo.

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Dear participants of the Patrulla Acrobática Helibélula, now I understand the difficulties you are facing by going to Russian forum Vespidae. :)

I figured out a little bit with the Spanish forum. I think that the question of understanding is a start, and this is important!

X-Oso, and all those who influenced the decision to provide an opportunity to communicate with you - thank you so much!

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Nice to see you here. If you have any other problem, please tell us to resolve it.


And tell the others Vespidae how to write here. If you want another login (Shadow or Angel or somedody else), please do the same and I will create more ones. Only need email and login; password will be the same as Werewolf.


See you soon.

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Okay, make fun of my but I speak three languages: T google translator, www.Tran and ImTranslator :baeh_2:


And spanish of course B)


Si pero al final he tenido que poner en google translator detectar idioma, lo tenia configurado para traducir ingles y se me estaba volviendo loco pues esto parece la ONU, pasais del español al ruso y luego al aleman y yo quese mas. :locob1::blink::o:angry::lol: :lol: :lol:

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Dear participants of the Patrulla Acrobatica Helibelula, due to four day holidays in our country related to the celebration "International Women's Day" Patrulla Vespidae not be able to attend the joint training of our teams.

We apologize.

If possible, let's move to the next drill weekend.

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Hello dear participants Patrulla Helibelulla!

To conduct the following training we decided to create a plan of joint aerobatic flights.

For this purpose we have prepared:

1. Flight scheme http://4put.ru/pictu.../282/869089.jpg

2. Positions in flight group http://4put.ru/pictu.../282/869090.jpg

3. Leader position in wingman's windows. http://4put.ru/pictu.../282/869094.jpg and http://4put.ru/pictu.../282/869097.jpg

4. The demonstration flight with an external camera, on Youtube:

5. Demonstration flight of inferior quality, but the internal and external camera: http://www.livestream.com/owwe_osa/


Description of the flight program:

0 - Start. Lift off.

1 - rotate on the hill at 180 deg.

2 - To the Hill, Dive.

3 - "Destruction".

4 - Rejoin Formation.

5 - Braking with rotating at 180 deg. without stoping.

6 - To the Hill, Dive.

7 - "Destruction" in diving.

8 - Landing.


Particular attention should be paid to:

1. Respect for distance meet the following flights.

2. Slight use of Collective Stick, you can see in Rotor Pitch Indicator when maneuvering

"rotate on the hill", applied for a minor correction provisions for the leader's helicopter.

3. Angles of pitch and roll, at the start and end of maneuvers.

4. Speed ​​when performing maneuvers.


Regards, Patrulla Vespidae.

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