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Belsimtek: UH-1H

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Pregunta para los peritos en la materia.....se puede volar este aparato con rotor en cola sin pedales de forma medianamete descente?....es imperativo tenerlos?




Yo estoy como tú. El Take On Helicopters lo manejo sin pedales, solo con el eje rotatorio del Hotas. Al principio cuesta algo, pero te acabas acostumbrado. Con el Black Shark lo mismo.

Yo creo que unos pedales serán mejores, pero puedes volarlo decentemente con un joystick decente.

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Sin pedales hay cosas que es imposible hacer, deberias buscar algun joy con eje de rotacion, veras como cambia la cosa, hay muchos y no son muy caros, Logitech tiene varios modelos, yo tengo el Freedom 2.4 Cordless hace 8 años y sigue funcionando perfecto, y consigues alguno parecido por no mas de €45.

Puedes buscar en segundamano y a lo mejor consigues en buen estado y mas economicos, te lo aconsejo y mas si quieres volar esta preciosura!

Ya me cuentas luego

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Hay rumores de que es la salida de 1.2.4 puede ser este lunes.
Mientras, Deleror, de ED ha puesto varios Checklist para el UH-1H.

Hi guys,

since the UH-1H module is nearing beta release, I am sharing some of my (unofficial) checklists/guides I created and used for testing. Some of you liked the style of my A-10C checklists, so maybe these documents are also useful to you.
Please note that I am not a real life pilot and have no experience regarding the real aircraft. I have gained all my knowledge only by reading manuals and technical documents and listening to discussions with experts. So I may have it all wrong
Credits go to Krebs20, HuggyBear, Furia, Vibora, PilotMi8 and others who helped me a lot understanding the UH-1H.
The documents are not always 100% finished and will probably contain errors. Let me know if you find any, so I can correct them and provide updates.
Here is my "startup checklist" which is more a small "study guide" with a lot of additional information than a simple checklist. I will share more of my documents in the future, for example "Autorotation" and "Shutdown".
Please leave feedback!
Thank you and happy flying,
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Si nos fijamos en el e-mail de marzo.....




DCS 1.2.4 Development

With version 1.2.3 now available, work is underway on version 1.2.4. The primary focus of this next version will be:

1 - Further improvements to
network play and stability

2 - Coincide with the release of
DCS: UH-1 Huey

3 -
Improvements to air-to-air missile performance

4 - Changes and adjustments to
beyond visual range combat systems

5 -
Further GUI improvements



Me imagino que tambien va ha haber mejoras tanto en FC3 con en algun otro modulo, lo que pasa es que en esto ultimo, no han dado ninguna publicidad ni noticias al respecto, pero seguramente estan trabajando detras de bastidores.

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We've posted one of the video lessons to be included with DCS: UH-1H Huey on the Belsimtek YouYube channel. The lesson covers the "pickup" from the ground into a hover. Please note the video lessons were originally recorded some time ago on a much older build and there has been significant work done on both the cockpit and the flight model since then. The lessons will be updated for final release to make sure they correspond to the actual model at the time. Nevertheless, the demonstrations and instructions remain very applicable.

Also note the voiced-over lessons may not make into the initial open beta build, depending on what the "gold" build ends up consisting of. They are ready however and if not included initially will be added with the first update.
The training is very much open to feedback, so don't be shy.
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