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Para los Backers de WW2 sobre el Fw190D9 por Wags:


How this relates to DCS: WW II backers…

This pre purchase is targeted towards non-DCS: WW II backers. Although we are still tuning the rewards program, any backer contributing $40 or more will get the Dora as part of their rewards. Backers will get their keys prior the Dora release.
In the July update, I hope to have a clear explanation of the changes coming to the reward system.
As a pre purchase, this only provides a key; it does not make the aircraft available to fly prior to the August release date. The sole advantage of doing the pre purchase for non-DCS: WW II backers is the 20% discount.



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Video del arranque del Fw-190D-9


Video del arranque del Fw-190D-9
This is a video tutorial on how to start up the DCS: Fw 190 D-9.
Recorded using DCS World 2.0.0 (unreleased)
To be released as a pre-purchase with open beta access on August 5th, 2014 from:
Product page:
If you like this, you may also be interested in our DCS: P-51D Mustang:


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Lo que tienen son unas normales como dios manda, que el otro motor me da que no sabia ni lo que eran o se usaban bien poco...


El parallax no se usa para esos detallicos, mas bien para generar las montañas, que no digo que las esten generen asi en el edge, dios me libre.

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