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A British Airways Boeing 747-400, registration G-BNLL performing flight BA-34 from Johannesburg (South Africa) to London Heathrow,EN (UK) with 182 passengers and 17 crew, was taxiing for departure and had been cleared to taxi to holding point runway 03L via taxiway B but missed the turn towards the holding point runway 03L (editorial note: watch the relevant caution on the taxi chart below) and continued on general aviation taxiway M until the right hand wing collided with and sliced an office building. 4 ground staff in the building received minor injuries, none of the aircraft occupants received injuries. The building and aircraft received substantial damage.


ACSA, the airport authority operating Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport, reported that the aircraft turned onto the wrong taxiway. About 6 meters of the right hand wing tip sliced through about 20 meters of the building effectively separating the roof from the building.


South Africa's CAA reported that the aircraft had already been cleared for takeoff from runway 03L, when the aircraft continued onto narrower taxiway M and collided with the building. 4 officials inside the building were injured by debris from the building. A fuel spillage from the aircraft was contained by airport emergency services. The occupants of the aircraft disembarked through door #5. The CAA have dispatched investigators on site and opened an investigation, the flight recorders were removed from the aircraft.


The airline reported all 182 passengers were taken to hotels, the flight was cancelled.



FAOR 230100Z 03005KT CAVOK 16/13 Q1024 NOSIG=

FAOR 230000Z 05007KT CAVOK 17/14 Q1024 NOSIG=

FAOR 222300Z 05007KT CAVOK 18/14 Q1024 NOSIG=

FAOR 222200Z 05007KT CAVOK 19/14 Q1025 NOSIG=

FAOR 222100Z 06008KT CAVOK 20/14 Q1025 NOSIG=

FAOR 222000Z 09006KT 040V100 CAVOK 22/13 Q1025 NOSIG=

FAOR 221930Z 13004KT 070V170 CAVOK 21/14 Q1025 NOSIG=

FAOR 221900Z 28004KT 240V310 CAVOK 24/14 Q1024 NOSIG=

FAOR 221830Z 36003KT 310V060 CAVOK 24/13 Q1024 NOSIG=

FAOR 221800Z 06003KT 020V080 CAVOK 23/14 Q1024 NOSIG=


G-BNLL "embedded" into the building (Photo: Harriet Tolputt):



Damage to the building:



Damage to the right hand wing of G-BNLL:



Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):



Taxi Chart of Johannesburg (Graphics: AIP South Africa):


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Un saludo.

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