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Team Fusion news 12 Diciembre

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Hi everyone and welcome to what is most likely to be the last Team Fusion update before Christmas...so Merry Christmas from everyone at TF.

Today's video isn't going to need lots written about it as descriptions are given in the footage as to what is being shown big%20smile.gif

This update deals with work on the visible effects in the sim, which are still be worked on ad re-written in an attempt to bring as much realism as we can to what you see. Included are re-writes of the smoke and fire effects (still ongoing) including engine fires, ground explosions, bomb impacts, environmental smoke, flak, engine exhausts, ship wakes...just lots of new and improved effects.

Please note all work is subject to change and is not to be considered the final version.

In other news our 3D guys have been making some great advances on the models they are building and we now have even more shipping and submarines on the way, plus much more. Maybe a future update will give you a teaser about that work big%20smile.gif

The map team have also been getting their heads around some of the more challenging aspects of the creation process, which, even with a long way to go, has added a much easier way to add new features and ultimately a much better experience for those who'll get to fly over it big%20smile.gif

Allied to the map work, the FMB is steadily having new objects added to it, not just vehicles, and one of the features will be very cool, especially for those wishing to add variety to the cargo carried by vehicles or stored in bunkers/factories/hangars. It'll make a difference if you hit the right one.....more at a later date big%20smile.gif

As usual we are looking for 3D modellers to come and help us with our work, so if you feel you have the necessary skills (UV mapping skills essential), please visit this thread:


I'm sorry it's not a long drawn out update with lots of information and news, hopefully it'll suffice as we are all busy with real life as we get near to Christmas and it'll be nice to have a break and chill out, so hopefully the following video will give you a taste of what we have been working on and what they future may hold big%20smile.gif

Cheers, MP/TF

Video here:


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Hola chicos...


Estoy algo confuso....tengo actualizaciònes de la 4.3 y la 4.312 , del 28-04-2014....y estoy leyendo que aparece otra igual ( TF- 4.312 ), es que la anterior la han modificado ...o no...? ,esta ùltima se puede actualizar..?


No me gustarìa meter la pata y tener que desisnstalar todo ...


Gracias y saludos

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Si es la 4.312 es la correcta. Independientemente de que pueda haber varias, con varias fechas, etc.


Como bien dice Siegfried prueba a entrar al Atag (server multijugador). Selecciona bandera, base y avión. Y dale a "crear avión" cuando lo hayas seleccionado.


Si te rula así, debería ir todo ok.


En cualquier caso, aquí tienes el enlace a la descarga de todos los parches. No te líes:



Y pregunta cualquier duda, hombre.


En este hilo he tratado de recopilar parte de la inforación básica -en el primer post- http://www.escuadron69.net/v20/foro/index.php?/topic/60845-ave-jaggo-4-promocion/ .

Porque hay cosas tales como por ejemplo, desactivar el steam cloud, que suponen un incordio si no se hacen.



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