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Propuesta de participación en batalla organizada Sábado 22:00CET

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Hola bebés!!!


Ayer estaba hablando acerca de cosas del mapa con el norteamericano Booyaah y nos propuso participar en una gran batalla el Sábado a las 22:00CET que no sé ahora mismo que hora exacta es aquí. Os pongo la conversación completa para que quien quiera asistir lo haga:



Sent Yesterday, 09:01 PM

Would RAE be interested in participating in a large arranged trafalgar this Saturday around 2200 CET?

We have been doing them for the last few weeks and would like to grow it to 20v20.





Sent Yesterday, 09:23 PM

I will transmit your proposal at my team mates. Lethal or non-lethal combat?












Sent Today, 02:56 AM

Siegfried, on 13 Jul 2015 - 9:23 PM, said:

I will transmit your proposal at my team mates. Lethal or non-lethal combat?


probably lethal, we just buy cheap 2 module ships for this (I know ppl don't want to sacrifice their 5 module ships obviously). Read the rules tab on my sign up sheet for more info.


Please see this thread:



Copy of my earlier post:



Here is the TLDR version:


Have all your fleet mates sign up here ASAP: https://goo.gl/Tf6GBf (other nations need to know what ships to bring)


All who sign-up then show up at Plymouth @ 2200 CET on Saturday with whatever ship they want to fight in. We figure out exact teams on the spot and each side forms a line, we start the battle, and then we fight to the last man standing.


It is important that you show up on time as lots of people waiting tend to get bored and leave. Please plan ahead accordingly. If someone is late it is not the end of the world, we plan to do 3 battles in a row hopefully, they can join in on the next one.


Much fun was had by all sides this past weekend. It was definitely worth the cost of admission in my opinion. It was about 75% 1st-3rd rates and 25% frigates for each side was just the way it ended up working out. I wouldn't mind doing a frigate only Trafalgar if people are interested (lower cost of entry) but I'll just hold off on that for now.


Ahora que los Señores Ministros chupatintas se ocupen de toda la mierda de papeleo y esas cosas lol...

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CET: central european time, usease, la hora local de aqui mismo.... en la práctica, porque en teoría, como estamos en verano, la hora en España, Francia, Alemania etc... sería CET+1 (aka CEST)


Vamos, que siendo puristas están quedando a las 23h, hora "Madrid", pero es mas probable que se refiera a las 22h, hora "todo Europa menos los hijos de la gran bretaña" (Me perdonen Portugueses, isleños varios y otras gentes de reloj díscolo)

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