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F4BMS 4.33 AMVI Mix

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Good evening and Hi! to all my old friends.

It is a long time since my last contact; job committments took me away for a long time but I am back again with AMVI.
We are now testing BMS 4.33 in order to organize our usual "campaign" with foreign groups.
So, we would like to invite your pilots to a mix which will be carried out on: 30 Nov 2015, 20:00 Z (UTC) / 21:00 A (Italy)
You can check for more details and update on AMVI forum, External Group Area (register for free)
Some details:
a) sim F4BMS 4.33 64 bit
b ) Korea default theater
d) Be sure to have Online Squadron Collection installed; Validator (pilots) and F4Awacs will be used by Human ATC and AWACS.
e) BLUE TEAM be sure to have charts on board because takeoff-landing procedures may vary and depend to meteo conditions (IFR/VFR rules)
f) Some General Procedures:
f1) Connect on TS3 AMVI server and wait to be credited of the rights to move yourself inside the rooms.
f2) Join the Briefing Room for general istructions.
f3) When ready, RED team will move to their TS3 channel for own briefing; BLUE Team vill move acordingly to Mission Commander's instructions.
f4) Only after all the leaders have communicate "READY TO GO" to AMVI Mission Commander, the mix will start.
g) RAMP START MANDATORY for BLUE Team; RED Team: depending to your choice.
This will not be the first time you participate to AMVI Mix so my reminder may not be necessary.....
Hope to hear from you.
Best Regards
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Hi my dear friend!!! To much time without news of you!! Im very happy to read you again and to know you still flying with your sqn...


We dont know if we will have available pilots for this date, but be sure we try it. We contact you on you forum in next days to let you know if we will participate ;)



Regards from an old old friend Hawk!!!

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Hi DRAKKO, me too am very happy to get the opportunity to meet you and yous friends.

About the mix, we consider a number of pilots around 20 units, organized as follows:

14 BLU (4xstrike 2xescort 4xstrike 2xescort 2xsead)
4/6 RED (2xdca 2xdca 2xdca)

We appreciate your contact on our forum.

Kind regards ti all of you.


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