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F4BMS 4.33 AMVI mix 21 Dec 2015

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Good morning and be ready for a new event with BMS 4.33 64 bit.

AMVI - Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana would like to invite you to join the mix which will be carried out on: 21 Dec 2015, 20:00 Z (UTC) / 21:00 A (Italy)

We consider a number of pilots around 20 units, organized as follows:

14 BLU (4xstrike 2xescort 4xstrike 2xescort 2xsead)

4/6 RED (2xdca 2xdca 2xdca)

You can check for more details and update on AMVI forum, External Group Area (register for free)

Just some details:

- sim F4BMS 4.33 64 bit

- Korea default theater

- Be sure to have Online Squadron Collection installed; Validator (pilots) and F4Awacs will be used by Human ATC and AWACS.

- Takeoff-landing procedures may vary and depend to meteo conditions (IFR/VFR rules)

Hope to hear from you.

Best Regards


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Hello Hawk


First of all, thank you a lot for offering us to participate in the events of AMVI. Personally, I really would like to participate in your missions, they look amazing :aplauso-6: But unfortunately at this time, I will be on holidays :unsure:

On the other hand, for some of us It's a little bit difficult to fly at this timing (20:00h). Work, family and others responsibilities make this timing rather impossible. For example, usually we are starting to fly from 22:00h onwards.


Anyway, thank you again for you offer, I will do all I can to be in the next ^_^


Best Regards

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Hi, thanks for your reply and sorry for the late contact...I was busy at works last days.

Please post your participation to our forum, so we'll reserve you a flight.

Probably you will tasket A-A but specify your preference.

We meet at 20:00 GMT but we are not usually ready until 21:00 because there always is someone on delay.

Thanks again.

Unfortunately I will not be available because that day is my wife's birthday and I cannot miss my engagements....

See you later.


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