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Actualizaciones (Betas y RC)

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Aunque el lanzador del simulador tiene una opción para actualizar a la version estable mas actual, nunca está de más poder catar las betas públicas y las candidatas que van colgando.


Aqui ya tenemos la primera:


Command v1.10 Release Candidate 1 - Build 775.10

Descarga aqui


Se debe instalar encima de la v1.092.





* MAJOR NEW ADDITION: Steam Workshop support.

To upload a scenario to the Steam workshop:

First of all this functionality is available only when running Command from within Steam (the Steam client must also be running).

First, make sure that the scenario has a title, that you have saved the scenario at least once to disk, and provided a description. Then on the "Editor" menu, click on "Publish scenario to Steam Workshop". This window should appear: http://i.imgur.com/kMgYhGG.png

You can use for the image thumbnail either a screengrab of the scenario map or a custom image. Press "Publish New Item", and after a few seconds you should receive the notification that the upload was successful.

To download scenarios you must first subscribe to them. Navigate to the CMANO Steam Workshop page (http://steamcommunity.com/app/321410/workshop/) and individually pick out and subscribe the scenarios that you are interested in: http://i.imgur.com/Swce6lJ.png
(Note: Currently the workshop page is accessible only to registered Steam customers. It will later become publicly accessible.)

On the next CMANO startup, these scenarios will be downloaded (or updated) to the "\Scenarios\Steam Workshop" folder, and be available for loading through the normal "Load Scenario" window: http://i.imgur.com/Ukk2IYg.png

To upload an updated scenario: Load the scenario in ScenEdit and click on "Publish scenario to Steam Workshop". Change any of the text fields or the image if necessary, and click on "Update Existing Workshop Item". A new window will appear, listing all scenarios you have already uploaded. Select the scenario that corresponds to the update that you have made and click on "Upload".

* NEW: You can now perform a missile strike with waypoints. For an example of such a strike see here: http://www.warfaresims.com/?p=4043

The procedure is:

1) Initiate a manual attack (Shift+F1)

2) Allocate weapons as usual

3) Click-selecting a salvo with weapons that support waypoints, the "Plot Course" button is enabled: http://i.imgur.com/8vPDNjw.png

4) Clicking on the button switches to "salvo course plotting" mode. The manual alloc window is temporarily hidden, and you see the current planned course (at the beginning this will be a straight line from shooter to target) and by clicking anywhere on the map you add an extra waypoint. You are constrained by the number of waypoints (10 max) and the overall plot distance (you're not allowed to plot a course that exceeds the weapon range).

5) To exit this mode press Esc or F3. Afterwards you can re-enter this mode with the same button or erase this plotted course with the "Clear Course" button.

Once the missiles are launched, they should follow the course you have specified.

* NEW: Nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles can now be set to detonate at high altitude (for maximum EMP effect) instead of directly attacking a ground target. To do this:
1) Target the missile at a target or aimpoint as usual, and create the salvo.
2) Right-click on the salvo and from the context menu click-select on "Special: High-altitude detonation". (Doing this again you can disable this)
3) The missile(s) in the salvo will launch as usual, but instead of descending on the target(s), the missile(s)/RV(s) will remain at high altitude and detonate over the aimpoint(s), maximizing the EMP effect.

* New game option: Allow automatically switching to High-Performance power profile. (Accessible through "Game Options" window). Default is ON. When this is enabled, upon startup the game will attempt to switch to the operating system's "High-Performance" power plan (if it is not already the selected one). This is very similar to what the "Process Lasso" app does (although only for the lifespan of the game rather than OS-wide), and can provide a useful performance boost. When Command shuts down, the original power plan (if different from High Performance) is restored.

* The "Unit Orders" top-level menu and the Unit Context Menu (aka unit right-click menu) have been streamlined (grouped related commands under sub-sections) to make them easier to navigate.

* New map display option: "Show mission area/course". Available choices are All, Selected (mission), and Do Not Show.

* UI tweak: the message log (and its canvas, if enabled) "grow" from the bottom of the map instead of rolling dwon from mid-height

* When the selected unit is ship or submarine, the cavitation speed is displayed on the Throttle/Depth (F2) window.

* TWEAK: Give focus to formation editor window if it is visible when selecting one of group members.

* TWEAK: Contact Report window gives better contact description depending on ID status.


* NEW MAJOR ADDITION: Aircraft kinematics & evasion agility are now affected by the aircraft's weight fraction; essentially a fraction representing the AC's current weight against it's "airshow" weight which forms the basis of all nominal kinematic & agility values. See here for example: http://www.warfaresims.com/?p=4091

Factors affected:
* Climb & dive rate
* Acceleration
* Turn rate
* Evasion agility

* NEW MAJOR FEATURE: Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC).

CEC takes many forms. Examples:
- SM-6 ERAM can be launched from a surface ship and switch its datalink parent to another ship or to an orbiting E-2D.
- AIM-120D can be launched from an aircraft and guided mid-course from an E-2D.
- Heavy Soviet anti-ship missiles like the SS-N-3/12/19/22 can receive mid-course updates from Bear-D MPA and Hormone-B helo.
- Weapons like the GBU-15, AGM-130, AGM-62 Walleye II ER/DL and AGM-84E SLAM can switch datalink parent in-flight.

In order for a weapon to switch datalink parent platform, both the weapon and the candidate platform must support CEC (apart from the standard requirement of having a compatible datalink). For example, an old F-15C may be able to launch an AIM-120D and provide mid-course guidance to it but is unable to act as CEC platform for other shooters.

* Tech generation is now taken into account for noise jamming (OECM). Older jammers are less effective against modern radars and vice versa (see here for example: http://www.warfaresims.com/?p=4091)

* Electronic-scan radars (PESAs but especially AESAs) have strong resistance against noise jamming.

* New weapon feature: SAM/ABM warhead modifiers.

Several modern SAMs with ABM capability have advanced warheads (directional-frag or Hit-To-Kill) optimized for ABM operation. These warheads were developed as a result of the Desert Storm experience, where Patriot PAC-2 missiles (with normal continous-rod warhead) would frequently impact incoming TBMs but rarely actually destroy them, usually just causing them to deviate from their trajectory. The new warheads, and especially HTKs, provide a much bigger probability of physically destroying the target missile or RV.

These characteristics are now reflected in the simulation. This is what happens when the SAM impacts the incoming missile/RV:
- A conventional warhead has a 15% chance of outright destruction of the target, and a 30% chance of significant trajectory deviation (CEP increased by 3x). If none of these happens then the target missile/RV suffers only a minor deviation (CEP increased by 1.5x).
- A directional-frag warhead has a 30% chance of outright destruction of the target, and a 60% chance of significant trajectory deviation (CEP increased by 3x). If none of these happens then the target missile/RV suffers only a minor deviation (CEP increased by 1.5x).
- A HTK warhead reliably destroys the target every time.

NOTE: Trajectory deviations are cumulative, so an incoming missile/RV may be impacted multiple times by non-HTK ABMs and still survive but impact far away from its intended aimpoint (this happened in a few instances in DS).

AAW weapons with advanced warheads are also favored by AI crews in "best weapon to use" calculations, as their warheads also make them more lethal on anti-aircraft engagements.

* AI-controlled units can now perform cruise missile attacks with waypoints (where applicable). See this screenshot for example: http://i.imgur.com/PJCsVy8.png .
Generally the closer within weapon range the target is, the more "wide" the doglegs will be, so a unit shooting at the "edge of envelope" may not do a dogleg at all (this also means the player can indirectly control the dogleg behavior by manipulating the weapon-range WRA for the weapon in question). The entire salvo follows the same course, to maintain concentration of fire.

* Mine-hunting vessels on mine-clearing mission will now deploy their ROVs/UUVs (if any) only when they actually reach the mission area, not while they are still in transit.

* NEW: On multi-engine aircraft, engines are now treated as discrete components instead of a single "Powerplant" entity (for example a B-52 will now have 8 separate J57 engine entities). This doesn't affect anything ATM but will be necessary for the aircraft-damage improvements in the future (incl. damage from EMP). Existing scenarios have to be deep-rebuilt in order to feature this.

* Miscellaneous tweaks to reduce RAM usage, and significant performance improvements.


* NEW MAJOR FEATURE: Special Actions. These are very similar to TOAW's "Theater Options", in the sense that they allow the player to execute a number of pre-defined special actions that may bring favorable results (or not - often the best way to model such actions is as high-risk gambles that can spectacularly backfire). Contrary to TOAW, Special Actions can range from the strictly tactical ("Host this SOF squad into the building") through operational ("request nuclear release") all the way to grand strategic ("The Assad regime requests assistance from the Russian Federation and makes Latakia airbase and Tartus harbor available to their forces").
Special Actions are created and edited through ScenEdit (Editor -> Event Engine -> Special Actions) and are made available to the player in normal play mode via Game -> Special Actions (disabled actions are hidden). Such an action may be one-off or repeatable (through Lua it can also be made active for only a finite number of calls, ie. "you may request this 3 times"). From a technical standpoint, Special Actions act as containers for Lua scripts so they can be very powerful. Once an action is executed a message (generated by the script) is shown to the player as to what happened as a result of the action, so scen authors are encouraged to be elaborate in their explanations.

* Major new EE feature: Lua scripting on Conditions. You can combine this with the existing event triggers to create very elaborate conditional triggers.

* The existing "Side Posture" and "Scenario has started" event conditions now have Lua counterparts: ScenEdit_GetSidePosture(SideANameOrID, SideBNameOrID) and ScenEdit_GetScenHasStarted() respectively.

* You can now order a unit to RTB via Lua: Using the existing ScenEdit_SetUnit method, use the "RTB" key (e.g. RTB='Yes')

* You can now host a unit to a suitable parent unit/group (e.g. aircraft to airbase, small boat to larger ship etc.) via Lua. The new method is: ScenEdit_HostUnitToParent(table). Usage example: ScenEdit_HostUnitToParent({HostedUnitNameOrID='Eagle 1', SelectedHostNameOrID='Bitburg AFB'}) . The unit to be hosted is 'snatched' either from mid-air or from its current host.

* The editor textboxes for Lua scripts now have a much larger character limit (tens of millions).

* New EE feature: You can now clone events, triggers, conditions and actions

* New Lua method: ScenEdit_SetSpecialAction. Usage example: ScenEdit_SetSpecialAction({ActionNameOrID="MyAction", IsActive="True", IsRepeatable="False"}). This is very handy if the scen author wants to activate/deactivate special actions depending on other events happening.

* New Lua method: ScenEdit_GetSideIsHuman('SideNameOrID') . Returns 'Yes' if the referenced side is currently under human control, 'No' otherwise.

* New Lua method: ScenEdit_SetLoadout. Usage example: ScenEdit_SetLoadout({UnitNameOrID="Viper #1", LoadoutID=631, TimeToReady_Minutes=45, IgnoreMagazines="False"})

* Scenario authors can now edit a unit's fuel level through Lua. Usage examples:
{ [3001] = { current = 240000, max = 240000 }, [4001] = { current = 3750, max = 3750 } }
fuel = a.fuel
a.fuel = fuel

* Added "Copy unit ID to clipboard" command to the ScenEdit section of the unit-context menu. This makes it much faster to grab a specific unit's unique ID and start using it on Lua scripts (vs. getting it from the SBR template file).

* An extra criterion, “minimum classification level”, has been added to the “Unit Detected” trigger. This allows the scenario author to tailor the desired level of target classification reached (everything from simply “detected” all the way to “precise ID”) before the trigger is actually fired. For backwards compatibility, the default level is “Detected – Known Domain”.


0008917 [Lua] Add aircraft to airbase / add boats to motherships.
0009825 [720] Lua Length Limit
0009490 Lua action request: Add Aircraft to base/ship
0005682 Reported layer is deeper than water depth- Probably needs to report as NA in these cases.
0008170 Command Windows Look funny at 1920 x 1200 Resolution
0007691 Event Editor: Is damaged trigger doesn't fire if target destroyed
0009409 [b678] Unit destroyed event fired without cause
0008739 [b626] Inconsistent damage report in Damage Control Dialog
0008620 [618]Reset Secondary window
0007356 [5170 Need mission termination event that sends all units home immediately
0006396 Abort/RTB via Lua (was: Mark Gellis's EE requests)
0005351 Event Editor: RTB action
0007338 Clone triggers/actions/conditions/events
0007506 Aircraft instant decelleration
0006795 [492] Aircraft Decelarating instantly
0005671 Request to add Cavitate value to speed and altitude so players know
0009939 [build 746]Day/Night Lighting Causes BMNG/Borders to not update
* FIXED: #10036: [757.3] Blank Scenario Database update crash bug
* NI#14 crash at start
* Various edge cases with weight-affected aircraft kinematics
* Blank ABM warhead modifier message
* Spanish Marines with superbinoculars
* SA-12 not detecting MRBMs/IRBMs
* FIXED: Unable to classify very quiet sonar contacts.
* FIXED: Incorrect pre-deletion check for in-use for EE triggers, conditions and actions
* FIXED: Subs ignore patrol transit/station depth overrides.
* FIXED: ASBM Issues: Loss of target and ASBM warheads circle
9913 DB3k: Update Sigint and Elint sensors on RQ-170 and RQ-180
9911 DB3k: Update to Peruvian Mig-29 (ID 4404)
9907 DB3k; Add Taiwanese Patriot PAC-3 (IOC 2015)
9906 DB3k: Add Aim-9X-2 (2016)
9967 [DB3k]SU-34 KAB-500S Loadout pictured in Syria
9960 KAB-500S finally entering RuAF service
9956 [DB 440] A-12 loadout issue
9916 Add Unrep Capability US CVs
9902 US Navy Designation Changes
9969 G550 AEW for Italy (2x)
9959 Refueling issue
9973 Early French ballistic missiles
9922 DB3k: France transferring LPD Siroco to Brazil (G40 Bahia) 2015
8032 DB3k Update: Add Algerian C28A Corvettes (2015)
Add Ship 2977 G 40 Bahia [Foudre] Brazil Navy 2016 ex. Siroco
Add facility 2735 Radar (Cheese Board 96L6E)Russia Air Force 2008 S-400
Add Ship 2978 AT 298 Ivatan [balikpapan] Philippines Navy 2015 Ex .U, x2
Add Aircraft 4539 CH-4B [Rainbow, Predator Copy]UAV Iraq Airforce 2015
Add Mount 2900 VN-16 [ZTD 05] Amphibious Tank 2015
Add Facility 2736 Armored Plt (VN-16[ZTD-05]Amphibious Tank x 4) Venezuela Marines 2016
Add Mount 2901 VN-18 [HJ-73C ATGM]IFV Chinese Export, ZBD-05, ZBD-2000
Add Facilty 2737 Mech Inf Plt(VN-18 [HJ-73C]IFV x 4)Venezula Marines 2016
Add Mount 2902 Vehicle(Truck, Armed Technical) -23mm
Add Facility 2738 Vehicle (Truck, Armed Technical) Generic 0 0
Add facility 2739 Mortar Plt (120mm Mortar)
Add facility 2740 Armored Plt (M1A1 Abrams MBT x 3)Egypt Army 1992
Add facility 2741 Armored Plt (M60A3 Patton MBT x3) Egypt Army 1985
Add facilty 2742 BMP-1 [AT-3B Sagger B]Egypt Army 1970-1995
Add Mount 2903 EIFV IFV 1997
Add facility 2743 Mech Inf Plt(EIFV x 4) 1997
Add Aircraft 4540 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Japan Air Force 2017
Add Inf Plt (Egyptian Army) Egypt Army 0
FIXED: Special-mode detection (e.g. presumed sub because of detected torpedo) fires the "unit detected" trigger
FIXED: #9977: Torpedo impact causes large explosion icon
FIXED: Helo on ASW mission (dipping sonar) stuck over land
ADDED: #10140: List folders "naturally" in Load Scenario window
FIXED: #8442: DB3K: Growler jammers may be too effective
FIXED: Helicopter throttle mission crash
SPEED TWEAK: Non-AAW datalinked weapons reset and check their datalink every 1-15 sec (random) instead of on every pulse. This should provide a significant speed boost in scenarios with lots of TACTOMs in the air, lots of sonobuoys deployed at sea etc.
FIXED: "Pick new random destination" for random-ferry mission was consistently favoring the first candidate
FIXED: Aircraft on cycle-ferry mission takes off and lands again immediately
FIXED: AAW weapon diving to low target very late
#10175 - DB3k: Israeli Arrow 3 Corrections
#10143 - DB3k: Add German Heron (2010) Leased
#10125 - DB3k: Add KC-46 Japan (2020)
#10122 - DB3k: Text fix for AS-4 loadout
#10164 - DB3k: Add Type 901 Tanker (China 2017)
#10130 - DB3K: Shivalik Update
#10104 - DB3k: Kamorta Updates
#9884 - ZTZ-99A main battle tank
#9881 - Add Chinese Type 59-II Tank
#9857 - DB3k Update: Egyptian Army Equipment
#9743 - [1.08 RC5]Minesweeping area should be marked on a map like patrol missions
#9946 - post 1.09 request: "Unit is classified" event trigger
#4614 - Event Editor: Unit detected/classified/identified" trigger
#9485 - Add "minimum classification level" criterion to "unit detected" trigger (Was: Event fired by premature detection)
#9785 - Lot of Goofy behavior with Ferry Missions
#10186 - [b757.12] - afterburner crash?
Add Ship 2977 G 40 Bahia [Foudre] Brazil Navy 2016 ex. Siroco
Add facility 2735 Radar (Cheese Board 96L6E)Russia Air Force 2008 S-400
Add Ship 2978 AT 298 Ivatan [balikpapan] Philippines Navy 2015 Ex .U, x2
Add Aircraft 4539 CH-4B [Rainbow, Predator Copy]UAV Iraq Airforce 2015
Add Mount 2900 VN-16 [ZTD 05] Amphibious Tank 2015
Add Facility 2736 Armored Plt (VN-16[ZTD-05]Amphibious Tank x 4) Venezuela Marines 2016
Add Mount 2901 VN-18 [HJ-73C ATGM]IFV Chinese Export, ZBD-05, ZBD-2000
Add Facilty 2737 Mech Inf Plt(VN-18 [HJ-73C]IFV x 4)Venezula Marines 2016
Add Mount 2902 Vehicle(Truck, Armed Technical) -23mm
Add Facility 2738 Vehicle (Truck, Armed Technical) Generic 0 0
Add facility 2739 Mortar Plt (120mm Mortar)
Add facility 2740 Armored Plt (M1A1 Abrams MBT x 3)Egypt Army 1992
Add facility 2741 Armored Plt (M60A3 Patton MBT x3) Egypt Army 1985
Add facilty 2742 BMP-1 [AT-3B Sagger B]Egypt Army 1970-1995
Add Mount 2903 EIFV IFV 1997
Add facility 2743 Mech Inf Plt(EIFV x 4) 1997
Add Aircraft 4540 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Japan Air Force 2017
Add Inf Plt (Egyptian Army) Egypt Army 0
Add Aircraft 4541 RQ-4B Global Hawk Block 30 UAV Japan Airforce 2019 3
Add Aircraft 2542 Heron UAV Germany Air Force 2010
Add mount 2904 Type 59-II Main Battle Tank 1983-2010
Add facility 2745 Armored Plt (Type 59-II MBT) China Army 1983-2010
Add Facility 2746 Armored Plt (T-62 MBT x 3) Egypt Army 1971-2010
Add facilty 2747 Armored Plt (M1A2 Abrams MBT x 3) Egypt Army 2005
Add facilty 2748 AAA Plt/2 (23mm ZSU-23-4 Shilka x 2) Egypt Army, 1970
Add facilty 2749 SAM Sec (SA-7a Grail] 1969 1991 Egypt Army
Add faciltiy 2750 SAM Sec (Stinger Manpads x 5) Egypt Army 1990
Add facilty 2751 Art Bty (BM-21 Grad MLRS x 6) Egypt MLRS 1966
Add facilty 2752 SAM Sec (SA-18 Grouse [9k38 Igla] MANPADS x 3) Egypt (Army) 2005
Add facility 2753 (130mm/52 Towed Howitzer x 6) Egypt Army 1986 400
Add facility 2754 Arty Bty (155mm/23 M109A3 Self Propelled Howitzer x 6) Egypt 2004
Add facility 2755 Mech Inf Plt (M113A2 APC x 3) Egypt Army 1980
Add Aircraft 4543 CH-47C Chinook Egypt Army 1982 x 15
Add Aircraft 4544 C-130H Hercules Egypt Airforce 1979- x15
Add Aircraft 4545 Mi-8T Hip C Egypt 1971
Add Aircraft 4546 Mi-17V5 Hip H Egypt 2010 24
Add facility 2756 Arty Sec
Add facility Arty Sec (BM-30 Smerch MLRS x 2)Syria Army 2014
Add ship 2979 Type xxx MLP[868 Donghaidao] China Navy 2016. x1, +1
Add mount 2905 Oshkosh NLOS Launch Vehicle ROK Marines 2014 5 8
Add Facility 2757 SSM Sec (Oshkosh SPIKE NLOS x 1) South Korea Marines 2014
Add SSM Sec (HMMWV NLOS Launcher Israel Army 2007) Few
Add mount 2906 HMMWV NLOS Launch Vehicle 4,
Add mount 2907 M113 NLOS Launch Vehicle 5 6
Add facility 2758 SSM Sec (HMMWV NLOS Launcher x 1) Israel Army 2007
Add facility 2760 SSM Platoon (M-113 [spike NLOS x 2} Israel Army 2005
Add facilty 2759 SSM Platoon (Exactor Mk.1 [spike NLOS x 3])UK Army 2007
Add facility 2761 Inf Plt (VPA) Vietnam 1975 Army 1975
Add facility 2762 Sam Sec (SA-18 Grouse [9k38 Igla]MANPADS x 3) Vietname Army 2002
Add facility 2763 SAM Sec (SA-7B Grail[9k32M Strela-2M]Manpads x 3) Vietname Army
Add facilty 2764 Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-60PB APC x 3) Vietnam Army 1973 many
Add facility 2764 Armored Plt (PT-76B x 3) Vietnam Army 1982
Add facility 2766 Arty Bty (122mm/38 D-30 2A-18 Towed Howitzer).
Add Facility 2767 AAA Plt/2 (23mm ZSU-23-4 Shilka x 2) Vietnam Army 1978
Add propulsion 2712 Type 901
Add ship 2980 Type 901 [AOE] China Navy 2017
Add facility 2768 Arty Bty (155mm/39 109 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer) 2001
Add facility 2769 (203mm/25 M110 Self Propelled Howitzer x 4) Taiwan Army 1972
Add facility 2770 Inf Plt (ROC)
Add faciltiy 2771 Mech Inf Sec (AAV-P7/A1 IFV x 2)
Add SSM Plt (FGM-148 Javelin x 3) Taiwan Army 2007 ATGM
Add SAM Sec (Redeye MANPADS x 4) Taiwan Army 1976-2000
Add SAM Sec (Mistral I Manpads x 3) Taiwan Army 1995
Add SAM Sec (Stinger Manpads x 5) Taiwan Army 1986
Add propulsion 2713 KN-01 Rocket Boost/Sustainer
Add weapon 3351 KN-01 2007 Guided Weapon KNO-01
Add mount 2908 KN-01 TEL
Add facility 2776 SSM Bn (KN-01) North Korea Coastal Artillery 2007
FIXED: Crash when trying to parse settings for unknown log-message type
FIXED: Incorrect calculation of insta-kill radius for overwater nuclear detonations
FIXED: #10217: Ship surviving nuclear SSM hits with no damage
Minor fixes: Radar on facility at sea, No Nav Zone checkbox
FIXED: CEP was not shrinking by diminishing distance for anti-land gunfire
FIXED: "Rigid tether" with Remus 600 and other tethered ROVs.
FIXED: Engage opportunity target weirdness
#7668 - Range Ring colors listed
#4927 - Beta Tester wants to able to show all patrol zones on the map. Not just the active ones.
#5783 - Turn on/off display of patrol zones
#8071 - Request for toggle for mission zones: All, selected, none
#8829 - User would like mine patrol area marked/highlighted like the others
#7362 - [517]OOB Dialog: Unit listed under missions and tasks can be clicked an the map will center on them
#10212 - Formation Editor Request: Stations marked as Relative or Fixed
FIXED: TALD decoys should be identifiable as 'weapon' visually
FIXED: #10244: Remus UUV being dragged and facing is weird
FIXED: "Save scenario" dialog not always pointing to the scenarios folder by default
ADDED: #10246: Boats Dialog needs links to database viewer
TWEAK: Grouped all unit-related operations on ScenEdit menu under "Unit Ops" menu item
FIXED: #9447: Lua: Add facility. Some inconsistency when adding south of the equator
FIXED: #10249: Rockeye is doing no component damage
FIXED: #10184: Event Editor Dialog Fix




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Alguien que haya jugado la misión April storm tiene algún consejo para darme?. Primero he intentado eliminar el awacs ruso pero me ha sido imposible y ahora estoy intentado hacer seads con tornados, pero a mi encuentro salen enjambres de Sukois.


Abre un nuevo hilo y explica un poco el briefing del escenario, qué estás haciendo y cómo responde el enemigo, así quizá podamos darte algún consejo general. O incluso podrías animarte a hacer un AAR.


Reconozco que no he jugado a este escenario, a ver si le doy un tiento esta noche.


Dicho lo cual, dejemos este hilo para los sucesivos Builds, Patches, RCs, Betas, las cosas que arreglan, y las cosas que estropean :icon_mrgreen:

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