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Como solucionar LOS de IA en tierra

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Como algunos sabéis actualmente la LOS de la IA puede atravesar edificios y arboles, un fallo que aun esta por arreglar en la versión actual.


Una manera de evitar esto es manipulando el código de la siguiente manera...


Originally Posted by 609_Relentov View Post
There was a similar thread that discovered a couple flags that appeared to be set to false by default (also after every update they get reset to false); these flags appear to affect the AI ground units LOS vs other ground units (doesn't work against air units). It worked in 1.2.x and I checked it out in 1.5.x and it still seems to be working, so give it a try.

If you look in the following folder in your DCS installation path:

..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Scripts\AI

Edit the following lua script file: Detection.lua

You will see the following section near the top:

visual_detection = {
terrain_LOS_test = true,
Earth_curvature_LOS_test = true,

objects_LOS_test = false,
trees_LOS_test = false,

If you set the last two flags to true, AI units will not detect you if you are behind buildings (objects_LOS_test = true), or if you are behind/within blocks of trees (trees_LOS_test = true). This latter flag appears to treat a whole block of trees as one large object that can't been seen through. It also allows you to hide in the trees and move to the edge of the tree "block" and fire from within. Once you move outside of some invisible line on the edge the AI units will then detect you and fire on you.

Hopefully they will continue to support this "feature" in 2.0 until they fix it the proper way, which I presume would be to treat smaller sets of trees as individual objects that can't be seen through. Until then, this work around is much better when working against AI. Before I found that thread I was very discouraged playing CA vs AI.

Have fun!


Básicamente se cambian las ultimas dos banderas de "false" a "true". Tened en cuanta que en cada actualización se resetearan a "false" otra vez. Para hacer esto mejor un editor como "Notepad++". No se si funcionara en MP cuando DCS hace una comprobación de integridad en los servidores.



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Obviamente te va a dar error de integridad pues estas manipulando uno de los LUA de la base del programa.


Llegue a probarlo en las versiones antiguas pero no me acuerdo porque lo descarté.

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