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Ifly 737NG Service Pack 3.2.2 publicado (ultimo parche)


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Se me habia pasado y me enteré hoy via Avsim. Hace un mes, Ifly sacó el paquete de actualización 3.2.2, el que será el ultimo gran parche para el 737NG.


La lista de mejoras y correcciones es grande:


SP 3.2.2 Additions and General Improvements:


1. Improvements and optimizations which should result in smoother and more stable fps.

2. Added CDU ACARS RTE Data and DES Forecast Wind requests.

3. Adjustment to the CRT style CDU font.

4. Wind sound now starts at about 60KIAS instead of the previous 10KIAS.

5. The aircraft is now about 2% more “slippery” at altitudes above FL200. The approach must be planned well. However, airspeed increasing 15-20kt over CAB speed is not a problem, so around 300KIAS is OK. Typically, the aircraft slows down nicely to meet SPD or 240/10000 restrictions. Of course speed brakes will be needed at times. Fair Warning: don’t slow the aircraft too aggressively thereby causing IAS to fall behind CAB speed – a large thrust application will result. Stow the spoilers when the IAS is 5-10KTs above the CAB speed, and then use the speed brake again if needed. Not every flight, STAR, and approach is the same, so you will need to relearn and adjust to the aircraft.

6. Improvements to the Autopilot during climb/descent phases in turbulent weather and/or when wind speed and direction change drastically in relation to the aircraft.

7. Adjusted aircraft tendency to aggressively pitch up/down during turns with VNAV/LNAV engaged.

8. Corrected tendency of the aircraft to nose down excessively when using speed brakes.

9. Further improved RTE drawing on the ND. There could be some situations where drawing is not 100% perfect.

10. Updated SDK to v1.10


SP 3.2.2 Fix List:


1. Air file adjusted for better single engine operation.

2. RWY heading angle navdata anomaly

3. VHF Failure

4. RWY ALT issue with Negative values

5. Configuration Tool seating

6. VC static yoke imprint


8. RTA improved. Note: if the waypoint is at CLB/DES stage, the speed will not be reliable. RTA is greatly dependent on proper wind entry.

9. FSX/P3D APU BATT charge and Panel switch position settings.

10. IAN barometric path.

11. Turn back after Exec MOD RTE

12. Offsets for WXR

13. T/D & E/D calculation and display

14. CPFlight WXR Panel

15. VOR DME approach with hold

16. MFD C/R Button

17. VECTOR approaches

18. HDG SEL when in VOR/LOC Approach mode


In addition to the above for the CBE:


1. SDK pushback command

2. Export flight plan file when pressing EXEC


4. Drift down speed on CDU ENG OUT page

5. Navigational beacons missing on Client ND.


7. Client Aux Fuel gauge added

8. Resolved Win10 compatibility issues.


Como siempre, parche disponible en su foro. Pesa unos 570 mb si no recuerdo mal. Requiere del SP 3.2.1.


He hecho un vuelo de prueba tras varios meses sin tocarlo, y a primera vista, parece que han mejorado los FPS realmente como indican.



Probando el SP 3.2.2

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El 10 de agosto volvieron a publicar el parche acumulativo 3.2.2 ahora renombrado como SP 3.2.2 (revised). Toca volver a bajarlo.


1. For FS9, FSX/FSX-SE, P3Dv2/v3, FSX Pro (CBE) and P3Dv3 Pro (CBE) – SP3.2.2 fix for the FD + ELEV issue reported in this post:
2.For FS9, FSX/FSX-SE, P3Dv2/v3, FSX Pro (CBE) and P3Dv3 Pro (CBE). – Compatibility for the Windows 10 Anniversary update
3.P3Dv3 – Compatibility for FS2Crew
4.FSX Steam Edition – WXR Compatibility for ASN-Steam Edition
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