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DCS F/A-18C Hornet


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Si, la verdad que el Hornet va a recibir un poco de amor en el proximo update (posiblemente la semana que entra) https://forum.dcs.world/topic/165047-hornet-mini-updates/?do=findComment&comment=4948760



Dear all,

For the next Hornet Open Beta update that is planned for late-April 2022, we plan several improvements. While these may change during the testing stage, they will probably be:

  • Addition of the Automatic Carrier Landing System, ACLS.
  • Addition of the Link 4 datalink for carrier-to-aircraft communications.
  • Addition of ACLS On/Off and Beacon On/Off to carrier Mission Editor advanced waypoint actions.
  • Corrected the Auto-Throttle Control (ATC) Approach mode such that it no longer moves the throttles to idle.
  • Addition of donor datalink tracks to the AZ/EL page.
  • Corrected MIDS track ID on SA display.
  • Changed the Electronic Countermeasures, ECM, such that when in XMIT it will use radar in priority rather than jammer in priority. This will allow the radar to operate with ECM transmitting, but at a lower radar detection capability.
  • Adjusted the radar look-down capability that factors in radar sidelobes.
  • Corrected radar slant range.
  • Ground units are now more visible on A-G radar.
  • Corrected “ghost” contacts when using TWS.
  • Corrected AGR message flashing error.
  • Corrected SLAM-ER / DL13 unlimited munitions error.
  • Corrected some HUD symbol overlap errors.
  • Corrected TOO coordinate saving when stepping targets.

Kind regards,



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