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DCS F/A-18C Hornet


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12 minutes ago, Zaz0 said:

Segun un nuevo miniupdate, la siguiente minucia que van a implementar del SA va a ser el boton STEP




lo tendremos "pronto"....disfrutarlo! a este ritmo puede ser que acaben el SA en nuestra generación!

No te ha dicho Matt que el TGP viene el 17?

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Hey everyone,

Probably the the most anticipated new feature of the Hornet is the targeting pod. As mentioned earlier, we will start with the Litening pod due to it being used by the USMC and similar to what we already created for the A-10C (hardly a cut-and-paste though). Attached is an image of it in action.

It is important to understand that this is neither an ATFLIR or Litening pod ala A-10C. It is a Litening pod that uses standardized Hornet Mission Computer (MC) data export.

Most of the core AG functions are in the game and working, with the big ones still being worked on being the setting a Target Point via the TGP (critical for AUTO and TOO mode attacks) and, AREA vs POINT tracking . After the initial release, we will continue to flesh out the pod to include AA mode, control pages, and additional functions/symbols.

Our engineer assigned to the pod is working very, very hard on this and we are pushing to release it as soon as possible.




Un saludo.



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No no,  antes de que acabe Junio dijeron.... estamos a 56 de Junio, no?


Total, esta gente usa calendarios especiales, con semanas que empiezan cuando les parece bien, por que no iban a tener meses que empezasen cuando quieran?


ED time rulez!


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El hace 11 horas, Typhoon dijo:

Teneis que ver sus cosas buenas....


....cuando salga el radar A/G la tecnologia VR tendrá una resolución y unos gráficos cercanos a la realidad y llevará incorporado chips olfativos para simular el olor a queroseno.

Hay un notas que, en su cabina del Ka-50, empapa un algodón en queroseno y con un pequeño ventilador lo difumina. Inmersión y realismo a niveles Dios.



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Update, y video.



DCS: F/A-18C

  • The initial release of the AA/ANQ-28 Litening Targeting Pod (WIP). Other modes like air-to-air mode, INR tracking, additional HUD symbology, and slave to target point, and other functions will be added later in early access.
  • Marking a target on the SA page with PLID now is shown correctly on the radar page.
  • Sharing PLID info in Multiplayer displayed correctly to and from donors.
  • STEP data now matches Radar Data for a selected target.
  • SA page STEP marker doesn't pass through all displayed contacts - fixed
  • SA page EXPAND option added
  • JDAM TOO mode does not respect WPTs loaded as TOO MSN 1 or TOO MSN 2 - fixed
  • Radar shows target as hostile even if DL and NTCR are turned off - fixed
  • MSI: donor HAFU not displayed on RADAR page - fixed
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to restart AUTO at the end of a WP route.
  • Fixed disabling AUTO in mid-route could break AUTO sequence.
  • TDC movement now shuts off STEP.
  • Radar altimeter is now set correctly at zero before Hornet start-up.
  • Updated the Hornet Guide.
  • Fixed CTD when setting bomb interval.
  • After this Open Beta, the next big system to add will be the AGM-84D Harpoon anti-ship missile.



Un saludo.

Edited by JOSETI
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27 minutes ago, Ce_zeta said:

No han tenido huevos de hacer el video de la barquilla en el Caucaso. :risa-2:

Lo dices por los famosos árboles de sangre caliente del caucaso? No es un bug es una feature. Tras Chernobyl aparecieron estos adorables seres vivos en la región, parte ya de la economía local, aunque hay que regarlos con vodka regularmente para que tengan el suficiente aporte calórico especialmente durante los meses invernales



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