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GeoPack FSX/P3D Vol I Iraq/Kuwait


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VRS' GeoPack is a new series of 15 meter resolution IFR (mid to high altitude) pan-sharpened, color balanced satellite imagery designed to cover prolific military theaters of conflict throughout the world. GeoPack is the only scenery currently available for FSX/P3D that covers vast areas of the Middle-East (followed by other areas, including the Korean Peninsula) at this resolution and imaging consistency. Each package also features custom night lighting meticulously crafted by VRS scenery specialist Norman Gibson.

Ideal for Military Ops: GeoPack is perfectly suited to provide maximum performance and visual quality at medium (10K) to high (30K+) altitude over the widest possible range for fast-movers. This scenery is not designed to provide low altitude local (VFR) coverage. VFR scenery can provide higher quality visuals at low altitude, but these are ill-suited to military aircraft which typically travel at faster speeds and higher altitudes than General aviation (GA) or rotorcraft. GeoPack provides "real as it gets" visuals for both solo and multiplayer flight exercises over some of the most historical and currently active military combat zones in the world.

Volume I: Iraq/Kuwait will be the first package available, and covers the countries of Iraq and Kuwait with partial coverage of the Syrian, Jordanian and Saudi border regions as shown here in pink. Total coverage for Vol I (Iraq/Kuwait) is 862,725 km2. Other Middle-Eastern regions, coming soon in Vol II, will cover areas including Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and the remainder of Syria.

GeoPack Volume I is licensed as a universal FSX/P3D package (10.2GB). 
For a limited time, use priority code BAGHDAD at checkout for $5 off (regularly $24.95)!  Note that we cannot give retroactive discounts. If you snooze you lose!



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