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DCS Mi-24P, El carro del diablo


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April 24th, 2020


Dear fighter pilots, partners and friends,

We would like to reiterate last week’s launch of our “Free For All” event. From April 18th to May 19th you can enjoy unlimited access to all DCS aircraft, maps, and assets packs for free. For the whole period, a 50% discount is available on all products should you wish to purchase*.

Check out the e-shop

On Steam, a similar, slightly more limited but nevertheless substantial event is also available. Fly the F/A-18C Hornet, F-16C Viper, A-10C Warthog, F-5E Tiger II, Persian Gulf Map and all DCS World War II products for free during a two-week period from April 19th to May 3rd. Between the 13th and 27th of May, a 50% discount on all DCS World Steam products will be available.

We would like to take this opportunity to discuss the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet roadmap and look forward to working with you in a constructive manner to craft an achievable and transparent plan for 2020 and beyond. In this spirit, we invite you to contribute to the DCS F/A-18C Hornet Future Features ranking survey.

Thank you for your passion and support and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

The Eagle Dynamics Team

Exclusions and Comments*

The F-14B and AJS-37 Viggen have elected to pass on the event.

JF-17 Thunder will have a 15.00 USD discount.


Fly Helicopters For Free

Fly Everything For Free

This week we would like to bring your special attention to Rotary Wing Aircraft. Fly the UH-1H Huey, SA342 Gazelle, Ka-50 Black Shark and the Mi-8MTV2 for free and get ready for the Mi-24P.

Check out Helicopters


MIL Mi-24P

Development Report

External model and cockpit texturing

The detail in all respects of the external model is coming along very well.

Aft crew station

Cockpit instrument panels and other control systems animation are being programmed.

Mapping Display

The feature set is in the final stages of the definition.

Flight Model

Good progress is being made. Once the final touches have been delivered on the DCS: P-47 Thunderbolt Early Access, the full focus will go onto the Mi-24P.


Combined Arms

With WWII Assets Pack

Download Combined Arms and WWII Assets Pack to experience the growing realism of our ground combat operations. We are still far away from where we want to be in this area of DCS but you may be surprised with the progress we have achieved. The following units are fully operable with the addition of two new tanks;

  • AC Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma
  • AG StuG III Ausf. G
  • AG StuG IV
  • CT Centaur IV
  • CT Cromwell IV
  • HIT Churchill VII
  • HT Pz.Kpfw VI Ausf B Tiger II
  • HT Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger I
  • MT Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf H
  • MT Pz.Kpfw V panther Ausf G
  • MT Sherman M4
  • MT Sherman M4A4 Firefly
  • TD Elefant Sd.Kfz.184
  • TD Jagdpanther G1
  • TD Jagdpanzer IV
  • TD M10 GMC

Take control of Ground Ops with DCS Combined Arms.


Thank you again for your commitment, passion and support.

Eagle Dynamics


Eagle Dynamics SA

Ave de Florimont 3

1006 Lausanne



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Que bueno noticias del Hind!!!!


Me ha llamdo mucho la atención esto:



A2A missiles (R-60) will be added "later". Another ED team is about to start reworking all IR missiles in DCS, so they'll be able to spot any heated object - not just those airborne. This is required, since Mi-24s in Afghanistan were employing R-60 against ground targets


Afganistan vendra para las proximas navidades seguro....., por cierto hagan sus apuestas, ¿como se llamará la IA del HIND???? :icon_mrgreen:



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La verdad es que la descripcion de la página de producto se queda un poco escasa.

Comparandolo con la lista del primer mensaje, parece que no incluirán la barquila UPK con el cañón de 23 mm. Personalmente no creo que lo heche en falta teniendo el cañón de 30 mm a estribor.



  • The cockpit model: Aft Crew Station and Front Crew Station
  • Animated cockpit objects: Aft Crew Station - 100%, Front Crew Station
  • The external 3D model
  • Animation of external model objects
  • Flight model
  • Power plant


Helicopter Systems

  • Completed Electrical Power Supply System
  • Fuel System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Oil Systems
  • Anti-Ice System
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems
  • Brake system
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Lighting System -
  • Flight control system (including SAU-V24
  • Completed radio communication equipment
  • Helicopter radio navigation equipment
  • Instruments and avionics
  • RWR SPO-10


Armament and Weapon control

  • Sight ASP-17V and Analog-Digital Computing Device (AСVU), AUTO and Manual modes
  • Pilot weapon control panel (PUVL)
  • Built-in cannon and mounts (30 mm, GSh-2-30)
  • Universal gun or grenade launcher container systems (GUV-1)
  • Bombing munitions and racks
  • Guided weapons (9K113 Guided Missile System with 9M114 or 9M120 missiles)
  • PKI operator's sight



  • UB-32 rocket launchers with S-5 rockets
  • B8V20A rocket launchers with S-8 rockets
  • B-13L rocket launchers with S-13 rockets
  • APU-68UM3 rocket launcher with S-24B rocket


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