DCS: World 2.5

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update de hoy, ya disponible



DCS World

  • Map coordinates in status bar doesn't changes after format change until user moves mouse fixed.
  • Sound system. Reworked voice allocation to properly handle lots of close objects.
  • Options. Tooltips in cockpit will be set by local options, not server.
  • P-51D and Spitfire don't have a "Customized Cockpit options" - fixed.
  • Removed gigantic bow waves appear at maximum vessel speed.
  • ME. Sound and Message are not played when using trigger "Text/Message for coalitions" - fixed.
  • Added new item 'Wake Turbulence' in Mission Editor (as a checkbox in Mission Options) and in serverlist window (in Server Options box).
  • ME. Cannot move wingmen position when set to ground start - fixed.
  • ME. Added Mach speed in the aircraft group panel. You can set the aircraft speed via either the true speed or the Mach.
  • Tunguska missile has no smoke trail - fixed.
  • Restored the models of Russian railroad cars.
  • Aircraft AI. Added accounting of tyre damage when calculating the point of contact with surface.


  • Removed GBU-16 x 3 from loadout menu (Bombs do not fit on the Racks)
  • Designating a target will save the position as a steerpoint (targetpoint)
  • Steerpoint navigation has been improved
  • Steerpoints (waypoint, mark point, target point) can now be designated as targets
  • Steerpoints and their offsets will change to a diamond if designated as targets
  • Steerpoint offset bug fixed
  • TACAN and TACAN offset navigation bugs fixed.
  • EHSD page bug fixes.
  • TACAN library enabled (5 TACAN stations data is loaded based on selected map).
  • EHSD Data page: TACAN information display is fixed.
  • Added training MIssion 15: dumb iron bombs


  • Fixed Polish Skin

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Resaved instant missions to fix texture errors on pilot harnesses.


DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Completed ES localization.
  • Several fixes to EN localization.
  • Updated CN localization.
  • Added synchronization of TARSYN and Flight Director to multicrew (EB only).

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed issue with bombs in CCIP mode might not release if you used another mode prior.
  • Thrust reverser now kicks up snow.
  • Change to PLAN sight so it takes the aircrafts climb angle into account. Corrected radar ranging.
  • Fixed bomb solutions for CCIP and PLAN.
  • Fix to C++ assert warning when selecting cartridges that are created for another map.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet

  • Added on/off fuse on AGM-154C
  • AGM-154 EFUZ set OFF still causes weapon to detonate - fixed.
  • Added new single mission 'Patriot Express' for the Normandy map.
  • Aircraft explodes if player took control form AI by ALT+J pressing - fixed.
  • Corrected collision model.
  • Minor changes in the external sound of afterburner and distant sounds of the F18 aircraft engine.


  • Co-pilot flexi sight jitters when used with trackIR - fixed.

Flaming Cliffs

  • Su-27. FAB-250 loadouts changed to more realistic.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed potential CTD when TCS scans an object without a 3D model
  • Fixed Jester doing only one action when asked to perform a series of actions of the same type
  • Fixed negative values (formatted as large positive 32bit integer) showing up for TID contacts' altitude
  • Fixed bad limiter input on fuel probe yaw moment
  • Fixed Jester radio tune and similar commands
  • Fix to Jester stuck in the TCS mode (no TID repeater bug)
  • Fixed CMS readiness not syncing properly in multicrew
  • Fix for the F-5 being displayed as 'U' on the RWR
  • Make time less relative (multiplayer clock fix)
  • Small fix to Jester missile detection
  • Fixed AI Wings swept forward on spawn
  • Adjusted AI oversweep collision model
  • Kneeling and launch bar fixes for the AI
  • Fixed nose gear strut collapsing on touchdown for the AI
  • Fixed broken gear animations
  • Retweaked some lights intensity
  • Potential fix to right engine not starting after damage bug
  • Reduced drag in turning situations
  • Reduced rudder roll power from 15-40 units AOA
  • Added more nose down at high ct with flaps up
  • Reduced pitch rate damping overall, but increased pitch rate damping with flaps
  • Reduced pitch with power effect at high Ct
  • Reduced drag vs pitch rate at high alpha
  • Tweaked pitch rate damper fade out at high AOA
  • Increased lift vs pitch rate
  • Added pitch acceleration based damping and AOA rate pitch damping
  • Added narrow limit on pitch rate damper and increased strength
  • Adjusted Phugoid Damping
  • Added slight extra nose down moment with power/flaps up
  • Fix to pitch oscillation induced blackout issue


Un buen parche para el F-14, nada para el innombrable, y muy pobre para el 18, como no.


Lo que mas me gusta es la nueva opcion de forzar las turbulencias por parte del server.

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32 minutes ago, Tarres said:

Estos son los renders del que tenemos, ¿no?

Se supone que es el modelo 3D de la nueva cabina.


Me acaba de llegar al correo:


As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, we are providing a fantastic, free graphical update to the Ka-50 Black Shark. This entails an entirely new cockpit and external model, textures, and the latest graphics technology like deferred shading and physical based rendering. When complete, it will be a radical improvement over the existing model.

The cockpit 3D model is nearly complete and it’s now awaiting texturing.


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1 hour ago, Capt. Zeen said:

tiene interruptores nuevos !


si, parece que el uv-25 ha pasado a la izquierda y en el marco derecho hay una caja nueva.... ¿Donde estará ahora el panel del datalink?

En cualquier caso, a ver si con suerte los cambios que vayan con el modelo base, solución de bugs incluido, los van metiendo poco a poco sin eseperar a que esté el paquete completo de la versión fashion total... por soñar que no quede

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El DL lo pusieron en varios sitios. Podría estar arriba a la derecha del UV-25, entre las luces de aviso. Aquí no se vería.


Dicen que la versión "nueva" será después del arreglo gráfico de la actual.


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Introduced F/A-18C Aggressors BFM campaign by Maple Flag

DCS World

  • AI Wingmen will no longer call out “Tally Bandit” if bandits are within 4km of each other, this is to cut down on the number of “Tally Bandit” calls.
  • Scripting Engine. Function coalition.getAllCargos and coalition.getStaticObjects corrected.
  • Bug with misaligned yellow boxes in tutorial missions is fixed.
  • Corrected Stinger MANPADS guidance.
  • Fixed bug when aircraft with Search Then Engage task attack Air Defenses when Air Defense checkboxes are unchecked.
  • Corrected Linebacker and Avenger SAMs exceeding elevation of missile trajectory that could cause a miss on low level targets.
  • Redesign of the Mission Editor MAP, SAT, ALT buttons in lower information bar.
  • Time setting fields restored in the AVI recording panel.
  • In the Mission Editor, when LATE ACTIVATION is unchecked - VISIBLE bef. ACTIVATION checkbox will be grayed-out (disabled).
  • Reworked Audio Settings volume sliders sensitivity. ’World’ slider now only affects external views.


  • HUD TD box now shows a hemisphere over it when both ownship and donor classify a contact as friendly.
  • Extending the landing gear after a belly landing will no longer cause an explosion.
  • Fixed loss of Gun use after firing off all Mavericks.
  • Zuni Rockets no longer pause after every 4 rockets.
  • Hydra Rockets no longer stop firing after 4 rockets.
  • PLID & STEP functions have been added to the SA Page - Currently WIP.
  • INTERVAL BOMBING in AUTO & CCIP modes has been fixed.
  • Added wing fold function to auto start sequence.
  • Pilot kneeboard is now functional.
  • Corrected NVG graphics artifacts.

DCS Fw 190 A-8

  • Adjusted gun sight glass tint.
  • Increase/Decrease RPM Mouse Tips in wrong place was removed.
  • Control stick connectors and lamp intensity animation added.
  • Clock connectors and animation corrected.
  • Added animation for the CB covers.

Combined Arms

  • Units will no longer fire unless they have a direct line of sight to the commanded target.
  • Adjusted the sound volume of the Igla MANPAD.


  • CTD when entering a new waypoint bug fix.
  • INS Stuck on invalid steerpoint bug fix.
  • EHSD not clearing after un-designating a target bug fix.
  • EHSD does not display range to waypoint bug fix.
  • EHSD Waypoint numbering corrected when using SEQ bug fix.
  • Kneeboard now displays the AWLS channel list.
  • RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.

DCS M-2000c by RAZBAM
PCA/HUD logic modified.

  • Master Arm functionality modified.
  • MAGIC and CAN (AA guns) can only be selected by HOTAS.
  • Special modes switch functionality modified.
  • RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.

Please see notes in ED Forums to learn about new PCA/HUD logic

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Reduced probability Rb15s fired in random group mode will target the same ship.
  • Removed invalid error-warning in dcs.log output.


  • Corrected training missions. For mission progress the trigger wait for specified command (gun trigger 2nd position), so if user have re-assigned Space key, training mission will stuck. This action replaced with "Start Wait User Response"/"Stop Wait User Response" pair for all such cases.

DCS Yak-52

  • Some gauges appear to stay dark even in sunlight - fixed.

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Ni una mencion al TGP del 18? Mi memoria me debe fallar, habia oido algo de Final de Junio...


T_T me pregunto porque tardara tanto... cuan diferente sera del A10C, Tomcat o Harrier.... para que ni nos pongan uno basico para ir tirando. 😥 

Tenemos un radar A/A WIP, el SA WIP, todo el "Habion" WIP pero no se puede el TGP ... aish... seguire llorando en mi rincon. Y no saco el tema del radar A/G.


Quitando lo del TGP, parece que el desarrollo va mas lento que antes o tenemos menos noticias de updates proximos que sean interesantes a corto plazo.


Miedo me da como saldra el F16 a finales de año, se suponia que aprovecharian muchas cosas del F18 pero a este ritmo...

Edited by ozius

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¿Alguien ha tenido problemas con la última actualización?


No ha sido completada, y me aparecen mensajes de que  faltan archivos, como en la foto que adjunto.



También me dice que el problema se soluciona reinstalando, pero prefiero consultar antes


Tengo el W10, actualizado.


El problema se da al pasar de la a la


Saludos y gracias por si alguien me puede dar una mano.


EDITO: Luego de hacer 3 veces repair, pasar el antivirus (360°, libre) y reiniciar el compu, se actualizo correctamente. Ni idea cual fue el problema :blink:. (Entre medio del 2° repair,solo borré unas libreas de F-5 Chile).


Saludos y buenas noches

Edited by racoon

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Como clientes tendrían que dejar todos, no solo 4. Y en cuanto a los muñecos tendrían que darles 24 fps en movimientos, pero tanto a estos como soldados cuando van corriendo, que parece un anuncio de carros de fuego.

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El En 9/8/2019 at 21:02, BRISAFRESCA dijo:

Newsletter de hoy:






Estas son las preocupaciones de ED en un simulador que tiene tantas carencias y fallos donde este tipo de newsletter hacen que me arrepienta de haber pagado tanto a esta gente,eso si menos mal menos mal que sacan muñecos,no voy a despegar solo por estar adorandolos...



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El hace 36 minutos, SAFJFA F1 Team dijo:

Los vuelos en formación, y sobre todo los repostajes aéreos prometen ser mucho más divertidos pronto. 😂



Esto ya está implementado desde hace no se... unos tres meses o así. Pero hay que activarlo en las opciones de DCS.

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