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Hot fix, 

Esto es lo que en un primer momento venia

BIGNEWY has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - DCS World 2.5 Changelog and Updates of Open Beta - in the Official Updates forum of ED Forums.

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Here is the message that has just been posted:
*DCS World*
Rearming at a FARP causes a crash - fixed
MP. Problem with empty server-list - fixed
MP. Added support for systems with disabled IPv6
Added check for SSE 4.1 support
AV-8B spawned on the inside of other aircraft on deck - fixed
Add Portugal as a country to ME and Logbook
ME. Removed some non working effect presets from Effects Static Object
Fixed crash after destruction of leader vehicle, during execution command Following leader
F-14. Possible fix of AIM-7 missile that has broken guidance
WWII aircraft. DCS hangs with black screen after player get certain damage - fixed
MP. Corrected the wrong countries' flags for server table

*DCS Supercarrier by ED*
If an AI unit is damaged on the elevator or inside of the hanger deck, it will be teleported to the flight deck level - fixed
Corrected deck lights
It is possible to overload the Kuznetzov with helicopters, one spawn is to close to others - added limitation on helicopter count
LSO says "you are low" when above glidepath - corrected
IFLOLS indication is wrong if ship is rolling on waves - fixed
Carrier crew:
Fixed cat 3 and 4 collaboration
Implemented delay and message for cat 4
Fixed blocking 3 Cat while 4 in action
Added more messages in case of delay of service
Messages displayed only for players
PLAT camera view corrupted when 'GUI Scale' > 1 - fixed

*DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED*
TGP. Added OFFSET cursor
TGP. Transferring TDC priority to the FLIR page changes the tracking mode - fixed
TGP. SLAVE behaves different for JDAM PP / TOO - fixed

*DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3*
Added VR device tracking support (WIP)
Corrected ASP fixed net and piper illumination levels for day and night operations
Decreased radio-altimeter hot-start value from 200m to 100m
Tuned SAU and autopilot
Fixed landing gear lock sound
Fixed lights' switch axis in clickables.lua by adding 2 new commands for light controls
Added switch operation for air conditioning. (no use in game, visual only)
Phase 1 Livery Template released

Phase 1 External Model Changes Include:
Added overwing vapor effects. (WIP)
Updated GSH-23 muzzle flash, smoke, tracer effects. (WIP)
Updated canopy & windscreen
Updated PVD-7, DUAS-5 pitot tubes
Updated gear bay upper fuselage blisters
Updated dorsal fuel tank
Updated vertical stabilizer
Updated lower wing root covers
Updated SPRD-99 / POMIG mounts
Updated taxi/landing light glass lenses
Added afterburner volumetric light effects. (WIP)
Adjusted afterburner flame to be seen in daylight hours and added shock diamonds
Adjusted landing / taxi light brightness
Fixed AI non-retracting landing / taxi lights
Fixed gear strut lights to turn off when the battery is switched off
Fixed nav lights from turning white at long distances
Adjusted drag chute animation and associated collision shell
Unlinked several parts from Argument 114 dummy to make the whole airframe visible from the cockpit
Fixed TacNumbers from all changing at the same time
Converted all 8K livery textures to separate numerous 1, 2, and 4K textures
Adjusted all livery camouflages to match Phase 1 airframe. (courtesy of Joshua Pemberton)
Adjusted & added RoughMet textures to numerous areas
Adjusted & added Normal Map textures to numerous areas
Corrected Russian spelling of livery stenciling. (courtesy of LazySeal [P61])
Removed Croatian 2014 and Hungarian liveries. (Unable to contact original artist for PSD files)
Merged cockpit textures into atlas
Merged pilot textures into atlas
Updated SPRD-99's 3d mesh & added RoughMet texture
Added RoughMet textures to missile launcher rails
Added RoughMet texture to POMIG chaff & flare dispensers
Corrected size of external 490L drop tank. (courtesy of SVKSniper & GumidekCZ)
Corrected size of external 800L drop tank
Created new drop tank textures
Reduced destroyed 3d mesh's 8K textures to 4K
Adjusted damage table properties

*DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3*
Added VR device tracking support (WIP)
Tuned engine torque characteristics
Tuned engine gyroscopic effects
Tuned propwash effects
Tuned P-factor effects
Tuned aircraft stability to retain previously matched capabilities and performance
Improved suspension code, allowing the aircraft to takeoff and land on some grass surfaces
Implemented instrument panel gauge oscillations / vibration depending on engine state and external factors (related to aircraft movement)
Implemented over-priming the engine with more than 5 pumps may flood the engine

Fix IFR Probe responding to switch command without hydraulic power available
Fixed cockpit alerts (cautions, voice warnings, maneuver tone, RWR alerts, weapon tones) to properly go through headphone/headset source
Fixed incorrect RPM bias due to H2O mode working with Manual Fuel enabled
Fixed H2O dump not functioning
Fixed 2x Right MK-82 AIR incorrectly set as MK-82 Snakeyes
Fixed MK-81 positioning
Overhaul to WCA and Voice Warning logic for better management of fault acknowledgement and priority
Fixed 15 SEC solid vs. flashing logic
Further improved GPWS cues
Improved auto-start sequence to give more time for cues to be heard through sequence
Fixed DEP RES should only show when degraded not when in operation
Fixed SKID should cause CAUTION CAUTION when Anti-Skid is OFF
Fixed required time between BINGO auditory warning to be 60 seconds
Fixed required time between FUEL LOW LEFT or FUEL LOW RIGHT auditory warning to be 60 seconds
Fixed required time between GPWS CHECK GEAR auditory warning to be 8 seconds
Improved JPTL limiter check logic
Fixed WCA for SAAHS Pitch, Roll, Yaw light not properly indicated SAAHS is disabled when paddle switch pressed
Fixed WCA for LIDS when position disagrees with nominal position (either due to retract override switch or hydraulic failure)
Fix voltmeter always stuck at 27.5V - during checklist voltmeter should now change during checklist tests
Fixed logic for DROOP light to go out during full aileron deflection per checklists

*DCS Combined Arms by ED*
Fixed CA crash in case of no CA module and user tries to take vehicle

*DCS Black Shark 2 by ED*
Broken Anti-collision light repaired

*DCS A-10C Warthog by ED*
If player was hit by missile when in cockpit view, dcs frozen - fixed

*DCS F-16C Viper by ED*
Added german Viper manual

F-15C The Georgian War campaign by Baltic Dragon

M8: silenced Georgian EWRs, adjusted F-16 behavior
M10: silenced Georgian EWRs
M11: Added AI AI Georgian GCI during combat
M12: Added AI Georgian GCI during combat. Removed truck blocking the taxiway
M13: Added AI Georgian GCI during combat

*Known issues*
DCS does not work on PCs with AMD processors that do not meet the minimum requirements of AMD FX

There may also be other replies, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again.

All the best,
ED Forums

y al final se quedo en esto


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59 minutes ago, Deliverator said:

De momento tanto la Stable como la Open Beta están en la misma versión. Ahora sólo queda esperar que los nuestros confirmen si seguimos en Open Beta o nos quedamos a partir de ahora con la estable

No creo que se cambie de política, y más cuando son prácticamente lo mismo en este momento.

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