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5 minutes ago, Tarres said:


Por algún motivo se me pone la CPU en idle a 800, cayendo las fps.

Hay errores en las radiobalizas (Hz en vez de Mhz) y no hay RSBN. He corregido el archivo por si alguien las quiere.


Me veo Normandia V2


yo, please


Aunque por ahora no puedo instalar nada para decir mi opinion, tengo el disco petado de cosas.....


Por otro lado:





Known issues affecting mission design.

The team have been working hard to find and fix issues that will affect mission design and gameplay, and whilst many have been resolved, some did not make it in time to be included in the release build. Below is a summary of the current known issues in this early access release. We encourage all Open Beta players to report any and all bugs and issues that you encounter to our forum, as you are an invaluable piece of the puzzle, to enable us to move forwards and bring this truly breath-taking terrain out of early access.

Al-Dumayr – AI Taxi route to parking spot 15 & 16 passes through runway leading to possible collision.

Jirah – AI taxi route to parking spots 4 & 5 is incorrect, leading to possible collision.

Beirut – Collison issue when large aircraft (C-17, IL-76 etc) pass over road tunnel under runway 24/16. Small aircraft unaffected.

Eyn Shemer – Possible collision when multiple aircraft land in succession.

Damascus – AI taxi route issue when using parking spots 110 & 302 can lead to traffic jam.
- Aircraft taxiing from southern apron blocks all other taxi activity until in passes northern apron.

Mezzeh – Some aircraft & Helicopter parking spots are missing.
- Incorrect AI taxi routing to parking spots 17,18 & 19 leads to traffic jam.

Taftanaz – Possible collision when helicopter AI is taxiing.

Khalkhalah – Incorrect AI taxi from parking spots 19 & 19 can lead to collision.
- Possible AI collision with hangar 25.

Megiddo – Possible collision on runway when large AI group lands.
- Runway collision when using parking spot 10.
- Taxiway hold point is displaced onto runway.

Ramat David – Possible AI aircraft collision with small building between parking spot 37 & 36.
- 2 parking spots numbered 24.
- Parking spots 37-41 only available for helicopters (correct), but not marked as such.

Haifa – Possible traffic jam when many AI land in succession.

Marj Ruhayyil – AI uses taxiway for take-off and landing.
- Unable to place Flanker size aircraft on ramp parking spots 28-33.

Incirlik – Small chance of collisions during AI taxi.
- Aircraft at parking spots 100-109 are facing the wrong way.
- A-10C cannot be placed on parking 114-120 & 63-69.

Marj as Sulthan North & South and Qabr as Sitt – Helicopter AI touches down short of runway.
Fixed wing AI can be set to land at helicopter only bases.
Visual and collision issues with weapon impacts on bridges.
Some of the prepared SAM sites have uneven terrain, making unit placement difficult.
Fast mission creator is currently not functioning for Syria Terrain.




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Mi-24P Hind
Development Report


  • The cockpit model: Aft Crew Station and Front Crew Station - 100% completed.
  • Animated cockpit objects: Aft Crew Station - 100%, Front Crew Station - WIP (40%).
  • The external 3D model - 100%
  • Animation of external model objects - 70%.
  • The flight model is complete now and will undergo fine tuning.
  • Power plant - 100%.

Helicopter Systems

  • Completed Electrical Power Supply System - 100%;
  • Fuel System - 80%;
  • Hydraulic System -100%
  • Oil Systems - 80%
  • Anti-Ice System - WIP
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems - 70%;
  • Brake system - 100%,
  • Air Conditioning System - WIP - ese ventilador tan mono :xd:
  • Lighting System - WIP
  • Flight control system (including SAU-V24) - 80% (WIP - SAU setting)
  • Completed radio communication equipment - 100%;
  • Helicopter radio navigation equipment -> 80% (WIP - the map indicator is being revised).
  • Instruments and avionics -> 80% (WIP - connection of operator's cockpit objects).

Armament and Weapon control

  • Sight ASP-17V and Analog-Digital Computing Device (AСVU), AUTO and Manual modes - completed
  • Pilot weapon control panel (PUVL) - completed
  • Built-in cannon and mounts (30 mm, GSh-2-30) - completed (with all fire modes)
  • Universal gun or grenade launcher container systems (GUV-1) - completed
  • Bombing munitions and racks - completed
  • Guided weapons (9K113 Guided Missile System with 9M114 or 9M120 missiles) - WIP
  • PKI operator's sight - WIP


  • UB-32 rocket launchers with S-5 rockets - completed
  • B8V20A rocket launchers with S-8 rockets - completed
  • B-13L rocket launchers with S-13 rockets - completed
  • APU-68UM3 rocket launcher with S-24B rocket - completed

The RWR SPO-10 is under development
The crew AI (pilot /co-pilot) is currently WIP ¿COMO NO OIGA??? !!!:xd:



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ED Team
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Viper Update – 27 August 2020

Dear DCS Pilots,

The primary development items for the Viper remain the AGM-65 Maverick and the AGM-88C HARM in HARM As Sensor (HAS) mode. These were introduced into our internal builds today, and they will be subject to testing over the next several days. Initial tests are good, but there are several items to still resolve.

We are shooting (not a promise) to release both weapons for the Viper in our September update. However, as always, it will highly depend on testing and how long it takes to resolve issues discovered in testing.

We understand how eager many of you are for these two systems, and we apologize that it has taken longer than expected due to several reasons. However, we are getting there, and we thank you for your patience.

In addition to these two new systems, we are continuing to investigate and make needed changes to the Viper targeting pod, flight model/FLCS, HMCS, and data link where needed.

Kind regards,
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04th September 2020

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,pilotfly.gif

We are on track to release DCS: A-10C II Warthog and are currently working with
operational pilots to ensure small adjustments are made to the Flight Model where
required. See below for more information on the status of work in progress.

In late 2014, DCS: MiG-21bis was the first third-party module released and remains
one of the most beloved fighters in DCS World. We would like to share some of the
great progress made to this wonderful module, especially in regards to DCS: Syria.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics Team

A-10C II


We are doing our best to meet your highest expectations and intensive internal and
external beta-testing is underway. Currently we are working on improvements to new
weaponry (APKWS, laser-guided Mavericks and bombs). We are also working hard on
all current bugs with scheduled fixes coming in further updates.

Development Report


Most importantly a long awaited update to the cockpit mesh was finalised, which
substantially improved the precision of cockpit geometry. This will be particularly
appreciated by VR users.

Visual improvements were followed by a new Flight Model as well as Avionics and
Weapon System enhancements such as the recalibration of all the instruments.
Significant ground clutter causes performance degradation when the RP-22SMA
radar is used in low level flight, this has yet to be resolved. Small corrections to
the lift coefficient at lower Mach numbers were made. Structural damage caused
by exceeding G-load limits is now dynamically calculated depending on aircraft weight.


The addition of navigation data for DCS: Syria has been added, as well as a number
of new missions. An overhaul of almost all air-to-air missiles is also in progress.

We are experimenting with a more realistic rendering technology for the ASP gunsight
and RP-22SMA radar. Magnitude 3 has expanded the Leatherneck Simulation team
who are now working on DCS: MIG-21bis, and two other projects...


Crew - Part One


A new crew campaign from Stone Sky is available for DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight.
Set in the extremes of Northern Russia, this campaign will test your skills at all stages of flight.

Experience the immersive atmosphere of the arctic on Bolshevik Island in the Caucasus
where the Mi-8 helicopter is still a demanded transportation mode. Your base is situated
at the Solnechnaya Polar Station refinery complex, within the territory Severnaya Zemlya.

Complete day and night time exercises still in use by the Russian Army aviation. Destroy
ground targets in combat training flights and lead combat missions, which require perfect
management to enable a safe return to base.

Voiced radio messages in English and Russian give an insight into the civil aviation work
carried out in Arctic Russia. Your adventure awaits!

This campaign requires knowledge of navigation equipment, avionics and helicopter control.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Kind regards,




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