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[Misión] Pachangueo con el A-10

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Miércoles 24/10/2018  21:30h

Lunes 29/10/2018 21:30h (si nos juntamos un mínimo de 6 pilotos)

Miércoles 31/10/2018


Continuado con las prácticas del A-10, vamos a subir una misión con objetivos de diversa dificultad.


Aparatos disponibles:

4x A-10C (Hawg Flight)
4x A-10C (Boar Flight)

4x AV-8B (Uzi Flight)

4x KA-50 (Flight 100)
4x SU-25 (Flight 400)
4x SU-25T (Flight 500)



4x Mig-29S (Flight 200)
4x M-2000C (Flight 300)

4x F-5E (Pontiac Flight)



Dejo aquí el Briefing de la misión para los masocas:


=The Flying Circus=

proudly presents:

Doctor's Operation Piggy In The Middle v3.00

Air To Ground, Air To Air & SEAD Mission
A-10C, SU-25, SU-25T, M-2000C, Mig-29S, F-5E & Ka-50


Remaining mission objectives can be checked by using the radio menu (F10.  Other... ).


I. Communication Plan &  Flightplans

Vaziani                     : 140.000   MHz VHF AM / Channel 02
Soganlug                  : 139.000   MHz VHF AM / Channel 09
Tbilisi-Lochini            : 138.000 MHz VHF AM / Channel 18
FARP "Skala"            : 129.575 MHz VHF AM

AWACS "Overlord"    : 255.725 MHz UHF / Channel 14

JTAC "Darknight 1-1" : 33.000 MHz VHF FM


WP0 = Homeplate
WP1 (TGT #1) = SA-3, Cargo Train & Shelters
WP2 (TGT #2) = SA-6 & Factories
WP3 (TGT #3) = SA-3, Comm Tower & Helicopters


KA-50 PVI-800 NAV/TGT:

1 = WP1 - Cargo Train & Shelters
2 = WP1 - SA-3
3 = WP2 - Factories
4 = WP2 - SA-6
5 = WP3 - Comm Tower & Helicopters
6 = WP3 - SA-3


II. Forces Management

4x A-10c  (Pig Flight) --- Vaziani
4x A-10C (Hawg Flight) --- Tbilisi-Lochini
4x A-10C (Boar Flight) --- Tbilisi-Lochini
4x KA-50 (Flight 100) --- Farp "Skala"
4x Mig-29S (Flight 200) --- Tbilisi-Lochini
4x M-2000C (Flight 300) --- Soganlug
4x SU-25 (Flight 400) --- Vaziani
4x SU-25T (Flight 500) --- Vaziani
4x F-5E ( Pontiac Flight) --- Vaziani

III. Situation Report

Enemy ground troops have crossed our border and advanced deep into the country. They secured three positions by establishing bases there. Those are:


Waypoint 1: A train station at the Tsalka Plateau , south of the local water reservoir. This is the main junction for the enemies’ resupplies. A large part of this war material is stored in the local shelters. ~4 nautical miles northwest of the train station, a SA-3 site has been established.


Waypoint 2: A total of four chemical and ammunition factories for manufacturing war material have been fallen into the enemies’ hands. ~2 nautical miles northwest of the business park, a SA-6 site has been established.


Waypoint 3: A well equipped FARP with two start and landing platforms. This base serves as main junction for the enemies’ reinforcements, which are transported by helicopters. The outlying base can only communicate with the outside world by using a communication tower. ~4 nautical miles north of the base, a SA-3 site has been established.


We get more and more information about enemy troop movements in the west of our country - eyewitness reports of local citizens indicate modern air defense units.


We also have secured information, that the enemy possesses fighter planes of the types F-86F Sabre, MiG-15, MiG-21Bis and F-4 Phantom II. We don’t know the total number of those machines, as well as the number of the machines, which are ready for combat at the moment.  Barrier Combat Air Patrols (BARCAP) have been sighted in the north, south and west of the country.

IV. Tasking

1.1. Destroy the SA-3 site at waypoint 1
1.2. Destroy the cargo train at waypoint 1
1.3. Destroy all shelters at waypoint 1

2.1. Destroy the SA-6 site at waypoint 2
2.2. Destroy all four factories at waypoint 2

3.1. Destroy the SA-3 site at waypoint 3
3.2. Destroy the communication tower at waypoint 3
3.3. Destroy all helicopters at waypoint 3

4.1.  M-2000C, Mig-29S & F-5E, provide Combat Air Patrol (CAP)


Como siempre, la entrada es libre, no hace falta apuntarse. Se puede entrar a cualquier hora. Durante la misión se resolverán las dudas que surjan.




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