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DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations


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Al fin, esto ya es otra historia y con la burble ni hablemos. 


Buen detalle, que al final puedan modelar, que con las luces te lancen en horas nocturnas. Ed para cuando ah?


Venga que sigan trabajando, que quiero el A-6 soon tm. 


Un saludo. 

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Parche interesante y eso que lo bueno viene en Octubre



DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Added several engine failures for the mission editor:
    • Engine Fire
    • Engine Seizure
    • Engine Turbine Failure
    • Engine Oil Leak (slow, moderate and severe)
    • Engine Compressor Stall
    • Engine POP Stall
    • Engine Supersonic Inlet Buzz
    • Engine HPT Overspeed
    • Engine AFTC PRI Failed
    • Engine AICS Ramp Fail (open, closed and in pos.)
    • Engine Exhaust Nozzle Failure
  • NEW: Added a second readout row to the TID (including target aspect angle) as per updated software tapes in the real F-14.
  • Fixed freeze on slow speed ditching.
  • Fixed rare crash on speed brake extension.
  • Reverted fix for flaps back to their original non-binary control state, following further SME feedback.
  • Fixed AIM-54 missile desync in Multiplayer (fixed by ED).
  • Fixed AIM-54 TCS silent-radar launches.
  • Fix for radar-slaved-to-TCS targets not getting radar warning.
  • Removed Heatblur copy of AIM-7 to use standard DCS AIM-7s.
  • Adjusted all mounting points to fit DCS AIM-7s.
  • AIM-7s will now drop and rotate in the air to the correct flying rotation.
  • Explicitly disable lofting for AIM-7M and AIM-7F.
  • Fixed accidentally disabling HOJ for AIM-7M and AIM-7F.
  • Ignore surface targets in PD.
  • Limit the max cow patty size on VDI to avoid clashing and overlapping at steep dive angles.
  • Update TCS angles locally on pilot side to reduce lag in multicrew.
  • Set mech and elec fuze switches to safe for cold start.
  • Updated Quickstart missions by Reflected.
  • Fixed NTTR Quickstart fuel load for BFM vs F16 mission.
  • Fix missing sidewinder on pylon 8B in predefined loadout: AIM-54A-MK47*2, AIM-7M*1, AIM-9M*2, AIM-9L*2, XT*2
  • Plugged a gap in the rear of the canopy frame when canopy open or jettisoned.
  • Ejection seat safety is now properly animated in exterior view / mirrors.
  • Zipped all livery folders to reduce disk space usage and loading time.
  • Added VF-31 Tomcatters NK101 (2004) livery from 59th_Jack.
  • Added VF-32 Swordsmen AB200 (1976) livery from Yae Sakura.
  • Added VF-33 Starfighters AB201 (1988) livery from Yae Sakura.


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Es una pasada lo que hacen los de heatblur, me parece una implementación magnífica, y encima con varias aproximaciones según lo que queramos hacer... y sí, también espero que el Vaicom se actualice, suelen ser bastante rápidos así que ya se estarán poniendo las pilas.

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