DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

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Del 31 de Mayo:


Primary goals for the next several major patches through early to mid summer (now through end of July~) are:

  • F-14 interior lighting fixes & overhaul (for new lighting system)
  • Digital engine instruments
  • Exterior sound overhaul for F-14
  • Exterior sound overhaul for AJS37
  • F-14B Campaign
  • JESTER LANTIRN (Finally!)
  • AJS37 PBR Overhaul
  • Initial F-14A Release (Beta, with some -B-isms remaining!)

Primary medium term release items (~late Summer) are the Forrestal class, full completion of the F-14A and new in-cockpit pilots. We decided to push the Forrestal class release and prioritize the F-14A, as this will allow us to correct remaining SC carrier issues, and to tweak the Forrestal to be better compatible with changing carrier code in the DCS platform. With the launch of the F-14A and Forrestal class and campaigns, we will be close to feature complete on the F-14, with the exception of the A-6. Our goal, as stated previously, is to be done and dusted by the 2y anniversary of the F-14 launch (Mar, 2021).

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