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DayZ Livonia (DLC)


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With 163KM2, Livonia is the second official map of DayZ.


After 5 years in Chernarus, players will now be able to bring everything they learned in this new challenge.


Based on the Arma 3 Contact Expansion's map, Dayz's Livonia brings a world scarred by the consequences of the virus. 

With its large green areas, heavily forested zones, lakes and rivers scattered across the land, Livonia is the perfect place to scavenge for resources, hunt for food, build your base and scout for unwanted presences. 

But don't let the beautiful landscapes of this new region fool you, there is a new predator roaming the forests of Livonia, bears.
Bears will give you a hard time if you don't know how to deal with them.
Do you have what it takes to survive this new threat?

Livonia also features a lush of late summer with frequent rainfall and thunderstorms. So make sure to be properly geared and on the look out for shelter at all times.

Embrace this new challenge and prepare to get lost in the vast lands of Livonia, either together with your allies or, as a lone wolf.


See you in Livonia, Survivor.





ya hay gente quejándose, pagar dos veces por la misma cosa, arma 3 contact + dayz livonia........, veremos que precio le ponen


PD: No sabia donde poner este post asi que lo puse en el de arma.



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iRacing, 1C o ED también lo han hecho en alguna ocasión y en cierto modo no me parece mal siempre y cuando se justifique bien (sobre todo si no son productos con suscripción de por medio), ya que esto ayuda a mantener vivo su producto y suele ser contenido dirigido a gente que lo utiliza que lo agradece.

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Livonia ya está disponible: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151700/DayZ_Livonia/


Si ya dispones del dlc contact de arma 3 puedes conseguir muy barato el mapa de Livonia para dayz por sólo 10 euros. (sólo si ya tienes dayz y arma 3 contact)








Livonia is OUT NOW on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and is available for 13.99 EUR / 13.99 USD.


This DLC will also bring two new bundles with it – the DayZ Bundle (DayZ base game + Livonia) and the Livonia Bundle (Arma 3 Contact + DayZ Livonia). Those who already own Arma 3 Contact can take advantage of the “complete your collection” aspect of the Livonia Bundle, and receive a 30% discount off the standard price.

Livonia drops at the same time as the 1.06 update, which will apply to both maps and adds more weapons and attachments, fishing, bears, throwing improvements, as well as numerous other additions, fixes, and tweaks. Check out the changelog here for a complete breakdown of what's new.

See you in Livonia, Survivor!



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