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Call of Duty: Warzone, el nuevo fortnite llega hoy

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Activision yesterday announced that its next Call of Duty game, called Warzone, is launching today. At around 8 AM PST, owners of Modern Warfare will be able to experience the Warzone couple of hours before everyone, while the rest of the players will have to wait until noon PST to play. The game itself is a massive, free-to-play, battle royale style game that can fit 150 players in the single match and is cross-play enabled, meaning that folks with PCs can join forces with Xbox and PlayStation players. The download size of the game is going to be around 80-100 GB alone, so players will have to free up some space on their disks for that. Below you can watch the trailer and see how the game looks before it officially drops today.







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8 hours ago, Zaz0 said:

Me lo descargue ayer, aun no lo he probado, a ver si nos vemos por ahi... se pueden agregar amigos o algo asi?


Yo aun no lo he podido probar, creo que si está lo de añadir amigos porque por lo visto hay un bug que si juegas tú y un amigo tienes vida infinita o algo asi.



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4 hours ago, D.Falcon One said:

Brisafresca me estás comparando el cod con el fortnite ??? Hay que me da un jamacuco... 😝


Zazo si que puedes tener una lista de amigos y por ahora los grupos máximos para jugar son de 3 jugadores eso lo quieren cambiar.


Es un mata mata....

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