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Hi! This is a message of owner of REPLIKA SIMULATION GEAR:
Hi fellow virtual pilots!

My name is Hrvoje, from Croatia. For the past 5 years I've been working on designing and engineering replica WWII hardware for a better, more immersive flying experience.

It all started years ago as just 3d models, and few prototypes ordered from 3d printing companies. It took a few years for the technology to catch up so that these beauties could be manufactured on affordable CNC routers, Laser cutters and 3d printers.

Now, we have a convergence of technologies that allow me to completely manufacture these units in-house.

I present to you, my babies. 3 prototypes that I have been personally testing for the last 6 months. Electronics are arduino clones, programmed as generic windows joysticks, no drivers, plug'n'play. If you want, you can even program your own firmware. They come with a metal desktop stand, trim boxes, flaps and gear levers, and complete set of switches that are not in these pictures but will be presented soon.

Here are the photographs I took in my newly assembled studio. As I get familiar with the camera I will present many more and of course, a youtube video of them in action. Here are the first few photographs (short usb cables only for photo shoot) :


There will be no pre-orders or sales, until my local, Croatian squad of 15 pilots finishes the beta testing.

I am in charge of communications for Croatian =VARP= squad. 15 of us will be doing the beta testing for these products,given by REPLIKA SIMULATION GEAR, and will report back our impresions asap!
our site: www.2ndvarp.net



Yo can track news here:https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62313-replika-gear/

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