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132nd Virtual Wing - Campaña OPAR abierta para externos


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Hola a todos,

El 132nd Virtual Wing va a empezar en abril una campaña realista en el escenario de Siria. Para quien no los conozca, sus misiones suelen ser muy realistas y con personas ocupando ATCs, AWACS y JTACs. Hay un par de videos en youtube por si os quereis hacer una idea.


La campaña se llama OPAR y, aunque empiece en abril, estan buscando JFACCs y VIS (Intel) tanto en pilotos externos como internos. Os dejo la descripción en inglés:


** Operation Active Resolve v2.0 **

By Neck

I am please to announce the start of the new campaign: Operation Active Resolve 2.0 (OPAR) in April.
This campaign will take place on the Syria map, and are open for 132nd members and external organizations.

This campaign will be player led and player intelligence driven. We have spent a considerable time on preparing materials, procedures and necessary documents to support this based on the experiences when we ran 11 missions in OPAR version 1.0 the last year.

The events will not start before sometime in April, but for volunteers that are interested in an extra layer of immersion in the campaign, the Joint Forces Air Component Command (JFACC) will start their planning now in January. We start this early simply so volunteers can have plenty of time to ready up on the intelligence and the background for the campaign so they can create a plan for how to conduct the campaign in time before we start the events in April. I as the mission designer will not interfere and dictate how JFACC plans and executes the campaign and as mission designer I will play out the red force and facilitate for all the events in the best possible way.

Below in this post you will find the overall scenario for the campaign.

**Recruitment for JFACC**
With this announcement I will open for recruitment to JFACC. This position is open for both 132nd members and external members from other groups.
Below you will find the JFACC TTP that is a handbook that will aid anyone in the entire process of planning and executing an air campaign.
If anyone is interested, please PM me, and I will assign you the necessary access to JFACC channels for coordination with rest of JFACC. I will make the necessary planning information available to JFACC members the coming days.


**Recruitment for VIS (Virtual Intelligence Service)**
The campaign will also have options for a player based intelligence organization that will work with the intelligence provided and gathered during the various missions to support both pilots flying on the various events, and also supporting JFACC in making decision during the execution of the campaign.
If anyone is interested in supporting in a role in VIS, please PM me, and I will assign the necessary access to VIS channels for coordination. The VIS role is mostly relevant during the execution and preparation for events, but I want to give the opportunity to start early, as VIS members then have a good time to digest the various intelligence already provided in their own time, so they have a good situational understanding when we start the campaign in April.


I hope this will be a fun and challenging campaign. The experience in OPAR 1.0 showed that this way of running a campaign have a large potential for both immersion and realism, and where actions in all phases actually matter for the outcome of the campaign. I hope people are interested in either the JFACC or VIS role, and that we can work together so that all of use will have a great campaign with many fun and immersive missions.

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