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Noticias de la salida de Falcon 4 Gold


Nota de prensa de G2Interactive:



Greetings from G2Interactive



This post is to provide an update to the Falcon Community and to express my many thanks for your commitment, devotion, loyalty and patience. Consistent with continuing the Falcon tradition, we are entering a new era in Falcon's history and its development.



Falcon Gold: Operation Infinite Resolve is near completion and will soon be ready for shipment nationwide.



We are in the final stages of testing and expect Falcon Gold: OIR, to be available for your enjoyment this holiday season!



It has been a long road with a lot of hard work put forth by all involved and I am confident you will find it worth the wait.



Falcon Gold contains too many updates, features and enhancements to list them all here but I would like to share some of my favorite with you.



• New Graphics Features that take advantage of the latest video card technologies

• New Flight models for the F-16 and the A-10

• Scalable Cockpits

• New Sounds

• New Campaigns

• New Smarter AI Wingmen

• New Tactical Engagements

• New Avionics

• Enhanced UI

• Upgraded Physics and Flight Dynamics on all aircraft

• Low Level Turbulence

• New realistic weapons and matching avionics zymology

• New Enhancement for Cockpit Builders

• Easy flight options that actually work

• 1 Step 1 Click Easy Installation

• And many more



I would like to publicly thank the team members for their unrelenting dedication and invaluable contributions in creating the most advanced real time non-classified military combat flight simulator available (without a military commitment) on planet earth. In addition, to the community, thank you for the encouragement and good wishes, we could not have done this without it.



As Falcon has done from the beginning, Falcon Gold will continue to set the standard for all other flight simulators and prove to be the true benchmark to beat in the “Hyper Realistic” military flight simulator environment.



I hope that everyone here is as excited about this project as the team and I are. We have worked long and hard to make Falcon Gold: OIR the best product it can be and we are sure that you will enjoy it for years to come.



As it always does, I expect this posting to generate an abundance of questions in reference to this project; as such, Stang (Tejay Beauparlant, stang@g2interactive.com ) and Robert Hughes (narphous@g2interactive.com ) have convinced me that it is time for the community to start getting regular updates and information and screen shots. They will be posting an announcement message within the next 48 hours with all the details concerning this.



Again, thank you very much for your patience and loyalty in helping to keep the Falcon Series as the yardstick of which all other military flight simulators are measured.





Shadow 817



Claude Cavanaugh



Puedes ver todo lo relacionado con esta nueva versión de Falcon 4



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