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Últimas noticias sobre la edición especial de LOMAC


Según informan en el foro de la web oficial de Ubi Soft, cuyo texto reproducimos a continuación, existirá una versión de LOMAC con un manual en papel y con la calidad que antaño disfrutábamos en ediciones normales. A continuación reproducimos el texto (en inglés, como es habitual):

We have settled on the final design / number of pages etc etc. These are the final specs that go to Ubisoft for approval this week.



We are cutting it close to the bone on this first run. I was going to cut the number of pages and remove some of the additional features, but decided against it. Instead I have raised the UK/Europe prices very slightly



The way it has worked out is that UK and European customers will pay slightly more than US and Asian customers (about 1.50 GBP more).This is to offset the much higher costs of shipping to the US.



I think this is the fairest way of operating, as 50% of the market will be worldwide..



Usually in the UK we pay pounds for dollars, so I though this was the fairest way to go ahead.



Cost are



29.99 USD plus shipping US and Worldwide outside Europe

19.99 GBP plus shipping UK.

29.99 Euro's plus shipping Europe.





It will be 336 A5 pages (210 in full colour) on 100gsm paper.

136 page manual (draft figure, possibly more)

70 advanced training section

110 page recognition and encyclopedia

20 page Checklists and Reference Section

5 x custom dividers in 450 micron translucent polyprolene, very thick and sturdy (an upgrade over the original 250 micron dividers)

A5 3 way divider in PU leather effect..

deboss front logo

CD Sleeve

4 ring silver 35 mm D ring binder...

Stiched in grey coton

Gilt silver corners

CD sleeve welded into Back

Individually numbered 1/500 etc



We will be accepting Paypal initially, plus CC's at a later date (it costs me 500 GBP to set up a new merchant account in the UK and I'll have to recover those costs somewhere along the line)..



If you haven't got access to a CC, I'll arrange some other methods of payment...



As soon as we get a decision from Ubisoft, you'll all be the first to know....



Ubisoft have been very supportive and I would like to thank the US / French and UK teams who have all helped this project along this far..



Bear in mind Kinko's would charge nearly $80 for the print alone, never mind the binder which is over half the cost, so I still believe it's a good price.



I could run it all in B&W, it would reduce it by about $5, but I think that would be a bit of a false economy..



Your comments and support are also appreciated.



If we get the go ahead we will be taking preorders straight away and booking up the first 500 sales as soon as possible.





Básicamente, será una edición especial con mucho detalle y en color, con 336 páginas en formato A5 y con varios apartados, es de suponer que al estilo de las viejas glorias, y por supuesto muy lejos del manual de Falcon 4, o al menos eso parece. No estará a la venta en las tiendas, sino que habrá que pedirlo por encargo y pagarlo por diferentes medios, tales como Paypal y tarjeta de crédito, y aquellos que Ubi Soft, la distribuidora, permita.



Procuraremos hacernos con una de estas ediciones para comentar su contenido y poder compararlo con la edición estándar.

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